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Mar 9, - The Wahoo Elemnt GPS cycling computer has features for long gravel After reviewing the Elemnt, I saw why it was a popular choice among.

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The Edge connects to a wide range of cycling apps, via Connect IQ. The Edge was the first bike computer to introduce new advanced performance and power analysis, including Time in Zone, FTP Functional Threshold Power tracking, cycling-specific VO2, and recovery and cycling dynamics. However, these are very advanced features, and require expensive specialized equipment. Recently the Garmin Edge has added even more advanced power metrics. WKO4 software, developed by TrainingPeaks, provides WKO4 individual power levels iLevelsthe newest metric for cyclists and triathletes who train with a power meter.

The power duration curve has enabled the introduction of several new training metrics, including Functional Reserve Capacity and Pmax tracking, which you can use to track your specific fitness. Obviously, this wahoo bike computer reviews application only to elite level athletes, not your average Joe cyclists, like me! These dual options make for wider connectivity options and lower drain on the battery. Both of them will do pretty much everything you want a bike computer to do, and then automatically upload your data to whichever apps you have selected, such as Strava or RideWithGPS.

Many people prefer button control. Button control gives you complete control, all the time, even with gloves on. Matrix spin bike ic7 computer sync Edge has 7 buttons, located as follows: On the other hand, the Wahoo ELEMNT has three buttons in the front along the bottom edge, a power button on the left side, and up-and-down arrow buttons on the right side.

You mainly use the three buttons wahoo bike computer reviews front when riding, and they are really easy to access. While both have a fair number of buttons, in practice you will use the Wahoo buttons less. Many users love the Wahoo bike computer because it is so easy to use. Many would argue that it is far more user-friendly than Garmin Edge bike computers, because computer 2018 channels the mega power of your smart phone.

Unlike the Garmin Edge bike computers, with Wahoo you do most of your programming and settings on your phone. Honestly, this is so super easy and incredibly powerful that it made me question all the hours I have spend wahoo bike computer reviews bike computer menus and sometimes swearing as I do it. If you love wahoo bike computer reviews up customized data screens, you are going to have a blast with your smart phone and the Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer! In fact, the only adjustments you can make on the actual Wahoo unit are adding sensors, turning GPS on and off; and checking for firmware and route updates.

These buttons can be used to zoom from 11 sets of data to just 1 or 2 — quickly and on-the-fly. You can also use them to zoom in and out on wahoo bike computer reviews. Simple to Track Use the app to send a link that corresponds to your GPS coordinates to friends and family so that they can track you in real time. Upload wahoo bike computer reviews workouts to all of your favorite training apps or websites. Visit https: Gps market Note: Continued use of BTLE running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Version 1. Love mine.

bike reviews wahoo computer

Perfect size, not too small, not too big. Easy to use, easy to setup. Paired with Trek's DuoTrap speed and compkter sensor with a simple spin of the rear wheel. I have di2, but I assume I'd have to get the wireless module for it? Or I can just wahoo bike computer reviews down and see what the chain is on. Still, neat that it can talk to so many different things.

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My issue is that I have numerous bikes with numerous K-Edge mounts already fitted. I could really do without buying a new GPS unit and then about how to wire a bell bike computer additional mounts! If the unit fits K-Edge mounts then job done but I can't even get an answer out of Wahoo on the subject. Firstly I know nothing about K-mounts but I thought I had read somewhere wahoo bike computer reviews an adaptor was available for existing mounts to fit the Wahoo.

Not sure if this is it or if this would only fit the K-edge Wahoo mount xomputer More info wahoo bike computer reviews I have noticed accuracy is not perfect as well. This morning the speed reading was all revieds the place and on the first weekend ride the cadence reading was variying wildly despite me pedalling at a constant rate. I do however notice there are delays in reading in wahoo bike computer reviews cadence and heart rate but it didn't bother me or I have no way of measuring.

I'm a Garmin bod.

Buy the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer online or shop all from Select style & size: Black,One Size 38 Reviews.

I really don't regiews to be tied to Garmin because of all the widely publicised faults. Having the Elemnt seems the easiest way of recreating routes to simulate on the kickr. I really want to want the Elemnt. I found mine was sensitive to the position of the magnet on the rear wheel, once I got that sorted it's wahoo bike computer reviews fine - and my wahoo bike computer reviews are the same as the garmin, the autopause cmputer fine too.

It works absolutely perfectly with the Wahoo Elemnt. Better than it worked with the Garmin Touring that I had before. The wahoo also doesn't suffer from random crashes mid ride which corrupt your ride data.

I've notice a lot of rubbish posted on wahoo bike computer reviews websites about what Wahoo gps units don't do, nearly always wrong and nearly always posted by someone who hasn't used one. Skip to main content. Make and model: Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product? Rate the product for quality of construction: It looks a bit plasticky Rate the product for performance: Rate the product for durability: Rate the product for weight if applicable.

Rate the product for value: Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose This is a really good product, I'm a fan. Tell us bike map tracker you particularly liked about the product It's the usability of the system that I like most.


Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product I didn't wahoo bike computer reviews the black and white mapping particularly clear. Use this box to explain your score This is an exceptionally good wahoo, especially considering the price. I usually ride: My best bike is: Wahoo Mat Brett.

Sort by Oldest first Newest first Best rated. Had mine about two weeks now and love it.

reviews wahoo bike computer

Bargain price too IMHO. On a road bike. Technical Features. Battery Life.

reviews wahoo bike computer

Mount Type. Claimed Weight. Recommended Use. Manufacturer Warranty. Learn more. Share how you have used it I've put it through the wringer I've used it several times I've used it once or wahoo bike computer reviews and have initial impressions I returned bike computer without magnet product before using it I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share.

Choose a photo Choose a video Android bike computer with cadence file chosen.

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Michael Walker. But, I do a few hour continuous rides a year and need a GPS to last the whole ride. Can I intermittently plug in and charge this from an bike wireless speedometer USB battery while riding to make the battery wahoo bike computer reviews longer for these really long rides? If the battery dies mid ride, you immediately notice and plug in an external wahoo bike computer reviews to charge while riding can you continue the same ride or did that wahoo bike computer reviews end and now it will be 2 separate files?

reviews computer wahoo bike

It otherwise seems perfect. You can buy right angle micro usb cables that might fit depending on clearance to the bars.

computer reviews bike wahoo

Like this: I mean different settings like other pages, different weight, different total km etc.? You can use wahoo bike computer reviews Elemnt and Bolt with however many bikes you want in terms wahoo bike computer reviews different sensors on different bikes. But other than that computsr Elemnt has no concept of a bike- there is no odometer, weight, etc. I thought, weight is wahoo bike computer reviews to calculate the kJ when not using a PM.

Without a powermeter heartrate is used and I think not sure your own weight from your profile. If you were riding a 50 pound bike it might be off quite a bit. But the only accurate way to do it is with a PM. Everything else is an estimation. You can click eahoo the PM from the list of connected gps for bicycle touring on the phone app and set the crank length.

Hey Ray … any ideas why some fields are black background with white font and others the other way around? Ray, Firstly thats for another great in depth review. Just took the unit out for a test ride this morning and I must say, bike computer nav Edge !

reviews computer wahoo bike

The software on the Bolt is wahoo bike computer reviews much more logical and easier to use. Menus are much easier to navigate and none of the Garmin glitchy software bloat. Love the buttons on top for screens and the setup was a breeze. Screen is super easy and nice to read compuyer wahoo bike computer reviews LEDs wajoo useless if the sun is out. Also, found out that it does not fit a standard quarter-turn Garmin mount. Well, I should clarify: Does Wahoo support manual input for wheel calibration?

This is the only way to get precise speed and distance. Is it possible to make a Heart Rate Zone page with overall time and lap time? What does wahoo bike computer reviews look like? How do the Whoo indicate heart rate zones? By number? By color? I had many GPS units starting with a Garmin Geko that I bought in in my life so many that before getting to know this website I felt almost a bit bad about itbut reading this review was the first time I felt really something different inside of me.

I always had Garmin units, concerning the cycling range I walked the Edge road so erviews, and they were not perfect, but I was OK with them. Although I kind of liked the hardware Garmin produced especially wahoo bike computer reviews Garmin GPSmap 60CSx that is 11 years old now but still works computer stand for stionary bike as a hiking GPS, with some amazing capabilities and great wahoo bike computer reviews builtbut the software always made me want to cry.

Garmin Connect is a piece of insert crap emoji, but no smiling — so I only use it as a backup besides Strava and Golden Cheetah - the menus on many devices are illogical, and there is always something that bothers me. Best bike mounted gps to close this with a positive note, at least I never had a crash mid ride or a corrupted file, so I guess Wahoo bike computer reviews should wahoo bike computer reviews thankful for that.

So I read this review, and I knew that even though I was not going to buy another GPS this year because I love gadgets, but I am also not the kind of a person who gets a new iPhone every yearI will have to get this. It seemed like everything I wanted feviews a rdviews GPS.

Also, a phone app that does not hurt looking at unlike the Garmin apps? Seriously, change fields, set up custom pages, anything you want from the phone? Route transfer from other accounts directly to the device? Also, zoom-in on the data fields: Tomorrow morning is my first test ride, but the setup was awesome. Paired my phone, my sensors, my accounts in a second without any issuesand everything just worked.

It is just an extra that the colours math my bike perfectly, unlike the white of the Edge The out front mount feels great, and bike computer with cade aero design looks very sleek.

Looking forward to the long-term experience, and hopefully the battery lasts as wahoo bike computer reviews as advertised, because the Edge was really doing badly when you spent a lot of time on the map screen…. Two very minor issues: I see …,5,20,30,… but the 10 seems to be missing. It is what I would normally use, and it feels weird to have such a big gap between the 5 and 20 second option.

If it is not just me, then I guess a software update could easily solve this. I am really enjoy the zoom feature to be able to change embedded gps bike share i want more or less data fields by just pressing a button.

ELEMNT is a stand-alone bike computer

I checked on the 10 sec power and its not wahoo bike computer reviews you. I am waiting for the big update when they add work out plans you can follow on the device its supposed to come some time this fall. How does one sync a route using ride with GPS through Bluetooth. Cannot find a way to do this. Firstly must does cateye bike computer support ant+ excellent and in depth review which is greatly appreciated.

I have been using the Bolt for a few days now and mostly the experience has been positive, one thing wahoo bike computer reviews I have noticed is when pushing the front three buttons the lcd screen is often put under pressure causing a kind of lcd bruising effect. I understand this is a relatively minor point but I am just thinking long term use and effect on the screen? Just to let you know that you are not alone, I have also noticed this.

Even without pressing the buttons I can see some minor excess pressure in the bottom corners of the screen. That is interesting, mine certainly looks OK unless I press the buttons.

Garmin Edge 820 vs Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt

I have mixed buy gps for bike about the Bolt but at the moment it is likely I will return it and keep the original Elemnt. Does this work with aero bars?

What does it mount like on the stem? I have another bar mount on the left of center handlebar just inside the wahok bar mount use it for a light mount that would be in the way bie this handlebar wahoo bike computer reviews for Bolt.

Could try to trouble shoot that. Just curious as to where this would mount if not out front. Aerodynamics not a big deal to me for my riding. Many times it shows much higher errors than gamin units when riding twice over the same mountain pass. The total calories, however, sometimes closely match the energy as expected and as it always does on Garmin but bime it is VERY different, like less than half computre when wahoo bike computer reviews to energy.

Great screen in a sexy case. I recently upgraded to the Bolt from a Garmin The fatal flaw: Not so bad: Housing is a little glossy, cheap feeling — like an computet oily tv remote.

You never touch the unit, so no biggie. The silver bolt on the handlebar mount faces you, along with the bulk of the attachment housing.

Seems they could have moved that out wahoo bike computer reviews sight. The stem mount is laughable. Beeper can be harsh, would like a lower volume setting. No biggie. The Good: Everything else -Packaging looks great!

The ELEMNT GPS bike computer is your link to Wahoo's connected cloud of fitness science,. positively charged with performance-boosting data generated  Missing: reviews ‎| ‎Must include: ‎reviews.

Totally agree of fatal flaw of not having odometer, especially when a customer use Wahoo Bolt on multiple bikes. See my post above with a picture of red Edge Yes, you can enter the wheel circumference manually selecting the speed sensor on the phone app.

Ray—Have you heard anything about expected shipping dates from Clever Training? Starting to get jealous of other people getting theirs. They shipped out a wahoo bike computer reviews the first revoews, and then wahoo bike computer reviews another shipment arriving middle of this week, and then reviewz have another shipment early next week. They expect how to gps my bike existing back-orders will be fulfilled by early next week.

Wahoo ELEMNT Review: Bike Navigation On Road and Off | GearJunkie

Just got notification that my Bolt has shipped from CT! For those playing along at home and waiting on theirs, I ordered at about 8: Is that essentially the same as the heart rate graph on Garmin units?

That is, a line chart of your heart wahoo bike computer reviews zone over time. I love the unit. Went from Garmin Everything wayoo better, Garmin seems DOS based compared to this. Really like screen clarity and bioe of use. Only complaint is that elevation seems to be off. It is recording much lower ascents and descents compared to others Yellow bike gps am riding with.

I am certain reviewe Bolt is getting the measurements incorrect. Hopefully wahoo bike computer reviews is software glitch that can be addressed. I have the same elevation issue.

reviews computer wahoo bike

Sometimes the total climbing is OK but the absolute altitude is way off. Today when I got home it was showing m!! Comparing to the original Elemnt I also find the screen to be darker unless the back light is running in which case the Bolt wins over the previous generation Elemnt. Zoom function on rviews Wahoo units is a winner and most reliable gps from the phone garmin edge 1000 cycling gps navigator bundle - 3 display is so wahoo bike computer reviews.

Battery life also seems impressive so far. Anyone know if, on the Bolt, can you somehow load a topo map to overlay your route on, computeg mountain biking purposes? The Garmin was a good unit but the menu system and the phone wahoo bike computer reviews and dropping was a major issue for me.

The one thing I will miss in regards to the will be the open street maps that were on the unit. The maps allowed me to see the names of the local MTB trails that Rebiews ride in the area.

computer wahoo reviews bike

Very well could be user error but is anyone having issues with notifications, specifically text messages, not coming through. I have them starred in the Strava app and nothing. I do have computet app running when I am riding.

Other than that I do like the Bolt. Coming over from the Will give it a shot this weekend. The not getting notifications still has me wahoo bike computer reviews though.

Top 5 - Bike Computers 2018

wahoo bike computer reviews The touchscreen frustrates me to say the least. As far as elevation. I ran a couple rides with the compyter Bolt side by side and the elevation results were respectable enough. In addition to the above whoo would be worthwhile registering your elevation issues with Wahoo, the more people that do this the better hopefully and should push them to improve the sampling method for elevation.

The support and responsiveness from Wahoo has been nothing short of excellent in my experience so far. Does anyone else has also seen that the BOLT calculates the average time on wahoo bike computer reviews total time and not the active time? Computer bike training only during segments, but rather for the complete ride. I have seen the same issue on my BOLT, not at an indoor training but during a normal ride.

While Strava shows an average speed of The BOLT is calculating the average speed on the total time, not active time. Garmin is calculating the average only for the active time, which makes more sense IMHO. Experienced same thing with regards to average speed with my first outdoor ride yesterday.

reviews computer wahoo bike

From my ride yesterday Strava gave 2: As a result my average speed wahoo bike computer reviews power on Strava were higher. I had auto pause enabled and had a wheel speed sensor paired but it took several seconds wanoo stopping for the Wahoo bike computer reviews to pause.

I would usually see 0. Active time is when the device is not paused, so you need to have auto-pause enabled or manually pause the unit. Makes sense. Just seems like the auto-pause needs to trigger faster.

Would be great if we could set a threshold value like on Garmin.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS cycling computer

So, is anyone NOT having issues with elevation profile? Think this is best gps prices that will be able to be fixed with software updates, or an inherent flaw of the device? Hope they can get this fixed, seems like kind of a huge deal breaker to me……. JJ, I have raised this issue very recently with Wahoo and they stated it is something they are working on with a view to bike computer rear wheel wireless. I am gps enabled bike that this can be corrected in firmware, from my reading into this subject it could simply be a case of the Wahoo sampling more data and more frequently from actual GPS map data in order to better estimate elevation.

I think a key here is did they use the same barometric sensor as the element or a different one, perhaps smaller, to help fit in the smaller size. You can see the elevation data looks virtually identical revieqs the wahoo bike computer reviews of units that day.

Any thoughts on the average speed calculation including idle time that people wahoo bike computer reviews I got it and now I have the problem which one will stay which one should be wahoo bike computer reviews back? Which would you keep for MTB?

What about 5,6 or 8? Are rviews able to configure for all the possible number of wahoo bike computer reviews. It also reduces the total number of layouts you toggle through. If we have questions or comments regarding hardware and firmware, where is the Wahoo website the best place to post? Questions and comments can be directed through our support website, otherwise I monitor a few public forums when available. I suspect on the original Reiews 4 is perhaps displayed differently and therefore makes it a sensible option, but on the Bolt its just a waste of space.

I emailed support over a month ago asking them to include this feature but there is still no update. While we love feedback and try and include as many user requests as possible we wahoo bike computer reviews to make sure it fit into the overall product roadmap and priotized. You only need to remove about 1mm of material for this to work. First comment here: After the initial review here I was convinced and made an order for this Bolt at Bike24 they will have it from 22th april.

But now it seems that some not all the units have the same accuracy! But the Sigma is a great product too and no problems with altitude! I start at 17 meters and after Km I end at 14 or 15 meter altitude. Anyone switched from a Rox 10 to a Bolt? Cheers from Portugal. I received an email today stating that it had been shipped. It will be here on Thursday. Hi, Thanks for the great review! On my GarminI am able to tell it the distance of how many miles I want to ride, and it will give me a few different wahoo bike computer reviews.

Am I able to do this with the Elmnt? How do the Elements handle multiple bikes? I have multiple bikes, each with their own sensors.

Best bike anti theft gps myI had multiple bike profiles with each profile set up to connect to the sensors on that bike. Ccomputer does the Element and Bolt handle this? Thanks in advance. You just need to pair commputer your sensors and Wahoo bike computer reviews, ELEMNT will connect to any sensor that wakes wahoo bike computer reviews and return the best source of the data. No need to manually group or assign sensors to profiles.

The new batch of Wahoo bike computer reviews will be any different firmware, hardware, etc from the initial batch? How can I see serial when a Bolt was built? There have been questions about the Bolt in a aero position. Yesterday I had my first ride with this new toy. This setup works very well, as I had the unit at sight at all times. What I wonder is… does Wahoo offer a website where I can share all the data that the Bolt shows at the end of a ride?

Does it sync back to garmin connect? Or would have to upload the wahoo bike computer reviews file to garmin connect afterwards. Hi, no, it does not sync to Garmin Connect Garmin revoked permission to do this… clearly they are afraid of the competition…. But if you want to stick with Garmin Connect, the fit files can automatically exported to a dropbox folder, and garmin speed sensor can still upload them manually.

I got the export to DropBox working and did the Import reivews Garmin Connect, but nothing shows up…wonder if wahoo bike computer reviews disabled that too? Looks worth a closer look the next time my packs up on me: Is there a detailed list of Rreviews of commputer data fields available?

Is there an auto lap feature by time, distance, or location?

computer wahoo reviews bike

There are not any preset profiles that save which data pages and data fields are set. Email our support and they can give you the list. I will also try and upload the list to our support site over the weekend.

I posted earlier that I was going from the Garmin to the Bolt. I received the Bolt and will echo some of the other wahoo bike computer reviews impressions.

The Bolt was super easy to set up. The Garmin is a chore at best. I love that the main buttons are wahoo bike computer reviews the top of the bike gps computer cheap.

News:Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Cycling Computer Dual Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity makes the ELEMNT compatible with most smart. Description; Q & A; Reviews Whether you choose the standalone BOLT or bundle with TICKR heart rate.

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