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Apr 5, - My dear friend Lynda gave a huge birthday present: Garmin EDGE It's an amazing cycling computer! GPS. Location finder. Maps routes.

Garmin Edge 810

Live Tracking Live Tracking lets friends and family follow your races and training activities in garmon time on Garmin Connect. Personalized Cycling With the Edgeyou can choose between cycling, tour cycling, and mountain biking modes to calculate the most appropriate route for the type of cycling you want to do. These metrics measure where the power is being applied throughout the pedal stroke, and where on the pedal it is being applied, allowing the cyclist to understand his or her particular way of riding.

Edge Remote Integration Control your Edge without removing your hands from the handlebar with the separately available Edge Remote Control. Shimano Di2 Integration The Edge can integrate with separately available Shimano Di2 shifting systems to display your current gear on the screen.

Users with compatible and separately available Shimano Dura Ace Di2 systems can directly control their Edge from the small buttons inside the brake hoods. In the Box. Table of Contents. Garmin Specs. Garmin Gps bike computer with percent grade 2019. Be the garmin gps best buy to review this item.

Write a review. Garmin the garmin edge 810 cycling gps finally unveiled the new Edge GPS-enabled cycle computer — the long-awaited successor to its flagship Edge Garmin has packaged the new Edge into the same case as model it replaces, so aside from some new graphics everything looks the same from the outside.

Weight decreases spin bike pedometer single gram, to 97g, but the exterior dimensions are still 93x53x25mm. The power button cyc,ing on the upper left side, which also pulls up the screen lock and garmim functions. On the backside sits the now familiar quarter-turn mount interface, plus covered ports for the mini USB plug used for recharging, the garmin edge 810 cycling gps transfers, and software updates and the mini SD memory card slot for adding optional navigation and topographical maps.

Many riders — ourselves included — were expecting a dramatic redesign of the Edge But, as the name suggests, what Garmin gpa presented is an incremental update, not the major leap forward we predicted. That said, the new interface is a big upgrade from the Previously, Garmin designed all of its Edge computers to present the same information regardless of discipline. In other words, cateye wireless bike computer with cadence you were to laboriously configure everything manually each time, a road century, trail ride, cyclocross race, downhill session, or everyday commute would display the same data screens.

Sure, you could select different bikes only after digging through several menu layers but that was only to track total mileage and adjust wireless accessory settings. For each sub-category you can have up to five screens of data with 10 fields each the cyycling as on theas well as workout, map, course, elevation and virtual partner screens. Similarly, time trial racers can set up yet another category with just power output and speed if desired.

Any ideas? Yes, go cyclinng and only choose the map tiles you need, this will reduce the size of the map. Can you race against yourself on your own route or do you have to select a pre-determined route from Strava?

Yes, you can create a course from your previous rides within the Garmin unit itself — no need to mess about with Strava or GC then ride against the Virtual Partner for that course. I have a How do I remove 81 the garmin edge 810 cycling gps without thhe or interfering with the ride info? Thank you. Hi, just bought the garmin edge and want to chose only off road routes, or only road routes, or maybe a bit of both?

Dont want to load in specific maps, just want the machine to select, say, fhe off road route, using round garmjn routing? I esge bought a EdgeI the garmin edge 810 cycling gps fitted the speed sensor as well as the rotation sensor and hard beat strap. Trying to set up my gsp, I get as far as Cycling Ability, than next is Connect sensors, I say yes, fdge it goes to Add garnin, I say connect ant the connection is happening, but ones I have all sensor connected I can not go further, How do I complete the sensor connection, and how does it go from their, I can not move on.

I have spent hours on it and the instructions do not help either, please help I need to use this unit urgently, I also have to transfer routes I have created on strava to this unit urgently, anybody that can help i would appreciate it very much.

Hi, I have a new Garmin Edge Have loaded some routes but want to the garmin edge 810 cycling gps them in the opposite direction. Is there an option to invert the start — Finish points? Hi Robert, not sure that the Garmin can do this by itself but you can reverse your own the garmin edge 810 cycling gps tracks by following this post: How can I increase the zoom font unit size on map screen in Garmin Edge garminn ScarletFire is hosted by TSOhost.

I cyclong recommend them for their fantastic support cyclng amazing service! Here's why I switched over to them Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. You are here: Want to ask something specific? Post a question in the comments below. Thanks Chris. Hi I have an and it does not have a post code search. Alan, I really best mountain bike computer wireless to turn off my segments as I am a slave to the HR and the segment info gs obscures the HR data on the the garmin edge 810 cycling gps.

cycling gps the edge garmin 810

Looking at a comparison of GPS cycling units on the market today, you can see the is at the bigger range of things — though not quite the biggest:. If we narrow it down to the most popular GPS units around these parts, you can get a better understanding of where it stands:. From the side, the is of course identical to theand nearly identical in height to the new Edge If we put the four Garmin units side by side, the differences are more easily spotted left to right: Edge, The quick mount system found on the Edge is identical to that found on the earlier Edge This mount system was introduced with the Edgeand has been kept the same since the garmin edge 810 cycling gps — for all Garmin Edge units as well as being utilized in the triathlon line-up too.

The Edge comes with a bag of two mounts and a bunch cycling in usa rubber bands of varied sizes. After which, simply turn either left or right to lock it in place. Not too shabby. The Edge includes touch screen technology, which is used within the unit anytime you plan to change display information. The screen found on the Edge is indistinguishable from that found on the older Edge Same size, same resolution, same colors, same screen.

Additionally, while in regular cycling data display mode, you can always hold down on a given data field to go straight into the menu to change that data field:. These range from common cycling the garmin edge 810 cycling gps I have around, to big fluffy the garmin edge 810 cycling gps.

Last but not least, use in the rain. For better or worse, it seems to always be raining where I am here. So this has been easy to test. Note that you can lock the touch screen by tapping the power button left sideand then pressing the lock icon.

This does not lock the two top physical buttons however. Without question the biggest new feature in the Edge is the cell phone connectivity and integration. While Garmin first introduced cell phone connectivity to the fitness lineup in the Garmin Fenixthis is the first cycling unit along with the Edge to support it. Whereas the Edge does all that, but then adds in new features like weather and live tracking with sensor information. Note that this is current as of January 7th, the garmin edge 810 cycling gps This is different from their previous apps including Basecamp and the Garmin Fit app.

Though, you will see some similarities. I think this is just the start of similar connectivity for other devices down the line — such as the running watches. The app is free, and can be grabbed from the iTunes store it should be available in a couple days, a week or so at most. No Garmin Connect account, no go.

Note that you can pair the device to only one phone. However, you can pair multiple devices to a single phone. Live tracking is probably the new feature with the biggest draw. It enables you to transmit your location and sensor data to others out the garmin edge 810 cycling gps the web.

From here you can edit the name of the activity broadcasted, as well cateye padrone wireless bike computer black the recipient the garmin edge 810 cycling gps. Within recipients you can add in either direct e-mail addresses, or pull people from your contacts.

They just click a link and see your live stats. You can also post a notification with tracking information to Twitter and Facebook. This allows creating a bike route ride with gps to validate they sent out. The two of them are tied the garmin edge 810 cycling gps. A second or two later, the Livetrack icon will illuminate photo taken a second before it illuminated, see the icon next to the Bluetooth one on the Edge Now, once you begin your ride, simply start as normal by pressing the start button.

The data will automatically stream to the site. The garmin edge 810 cycling gps my testing it seems the first minute or two may be delayed, but then it catches up. The refresh interval is hard-set for every 30 seconds. Mostly summary information. Often times those laps are more useful in that they define the chunks of my workout. The way I like it. From my testing, the battery life impact here is quite minimal. This is configured within the app on your phone, and then it will save the setting for all future rides.

It will be using your phones data connection for transmission of the the garmin edge 810 cycling gps — but the activity files are very small typically about KB in sizeso not much more than loading a web page or two. The display of any weather information is new to the Edge units. It too depends on cell connectivity. You can also get basic weather information via the Garmin Connect app:. You can then scroll down to see upcoming weather over the next few hours.

Unfortunately though, only three hours worth. It tells you the temperature, wind speed and direction, and the precipitation state:.

Uploading Bike Route Maps in Garmin

edgs These are typically weather events that would impact a cyclist. Let me explain. Currently, this weather information is pulled from a nearby weather station. In many cases, these weather stations may be upwards gwrmin 30 miles or more away. In that case, it means that you as a cyclist have probably already accounted for the weather i. It also means that the weather event might not impact me at all being so far away. For most cyclist doing the garmin edge 810 cycling gps rides i.

This could take hours to complete the miles of mountain cyclnig. In that time the weather would often change quite dramatically. But the key was knowing when — if ever — they might actually impact me. I could well stay the garmin edge 810 cycling gps the sun the entire time. That would have been cool. The biggest drive of that blah-usefulness is that I have to have my cell phone anyway for this to work. Behind LiveTrack, this is probably the second coolest phone integration feature — at least, in potential.

This enables you to grab saved courses and routes from your Garmin Connect account and push them to your Edge They can be roads, trails, or anything else you want. But it does at least mean you can create the course quickly online without connecting your unit garmn to your computer, and then just push it wirelessly to your edge. You can also toggle into map view to view them.

Just a starting point. Note that the course is NOT displayed during LiveTracking, which seems like a strange omission to me. The ability to download workouts works pretty much the same way as courses. You can set these up in advance on Garmin Connect. One interesting note is that you can only send cycling workouts to either the Edge or Logical, but worth pointing out. While I appreciate the ability to download pre-created workouts, I wish there was a workout creator as part of the app.

Bike race course gps calculator watts wind speed humidity workouts on the device is hellish, and the same goes for trying to create workouts from my phone using the Garmin site. From within the app you can then look at the details of the activity, including maps and graphs, and lap and summary information. In the past, the Edge units have always supported multiple bikes.

But the Edge also introduces the ability to create multiple activity profiles in addition to the separate bike profiles. Activity profiles are different in that they control your display field settings. Activity profiles also 801 settings such as which map layer to display as well as whether or not the garmin edge 810 cycling gps lap is enabled. So activity profiles allow you to quickly swipe left or right and change all the display fields to a given preset configuration.

You can edfe up to five activity profiles, each having a separate colored background. This allows you to match the colors to the activity — a critical aspect of any cyclist:. Next up is bike profiles. And a new feature allowing you to specify a small icon as well. Some are for different physical bikes triathlon vs commuterand some are actually for halfords bike computer manual sensor sets that I use during testing.

For example, one bike profile links up to the PowerTap power meter, while another to the Power2Max power meter. Interestingly, bike profiles also contain crank length — a required component for the upcoming Garmin Vector:.

Or more specifically, routable maps. Whereas the Edge supports routable maps, which means it knows that if you missed that turn on Maple street you can the garmin edge 810 cycling gps turn right on Nutcracker street and loop back.

gps the 810 cycling garmin edge

The challenge here is the garmin edge 810 cycling gps the 801 map is about as useful for ggps as a airline napkin. Only a couple of streets in major cities. What defines a region varies quite a bit.

For example, some cover the entire US, yet other only cover chunks of Canada. Those are more useful for hiking and longer mountain biking trips. Below, is the default included Global Basemap for the city of Paris and surrounding areas. Think of them just as a photo on the wall, rather than than something with logic in them.

In addition to traditional maps, the Edge also supports Birdseye Imagery, which is essentially just satellite maps. However, for some offroad cycling, or just other non-cycling uses, the Birdseye the garmin edge 810 cycling gps can be useful. It has major highways in some countries, but not much more detail than that.

I think in New York city it shows a total of about 6 bike race computer download. To do so, just use the zoom button.

You can resize the chunk as you see fit:. Following which, the download will begin. Depending on how much you requested, wahoo bike computer might take a short bit of time:. Especially for cyclists or hikers going a long way. Your Edge unit supports map layers. Think of them as pages in a book.

Note that the menu for toggling the map layers is in a new place compared to previous units. At first I was annoyed by this, but the more I use it, it actually makes sense.

New Garmin Edge 820 VS Garmin Edge 810

Nice touch. If you zoom in more, you can see what I mean. The moral of this story being just download the regular Birdseye Imagery one, not one of the the garmin edge 810 cycling gps funky ones — no matter where you are. In addition to the paid Garmin options, there also exists the ability to use free maps that are readily accessible online.

In past years, loading these maps have been somewhat difficult.

cycling the garmin gps 810 edge

This works for just about anywhere on the planet. It only takes a couple minutes to finish. Each tile represents a given area. Once the install is complete, go ahead and open up Garmin Basecamp.

810 cycling garmin edge gps the

Then click Continue. As I said, might take some time. Note though that you can select just individual chunks — and it goes MUCH faster. Finally, there are custom maps. Custom maps allow you to overlay a custom-made map on top of one of the other map sets. In most sport applications, these will likely be rarely used. Perhaps on occasions like 24 hour mountain bike races with a repeatable and set course.

But this page explains it a bit more. The Edge has the ability to follow a set course. Courses the garmin edge 810 cycling gps you to create a predefined route. Alternatively, you can also access courses at any time via the little map icon while mid-ride. Courses will give you navigational direction based on the predefined route. The Edge supports freeform navigation — unlike the Edge which requires a known waypoint. Within the Edge I can go into the navigation menu to bring up a host of things I can navigate to:.

The database is pretty extensive — but does require that you have the City Navigator maps installed or, have the Openstreet maps installed. You can navigate to set addresses as well as known predefined waypoints. For example, I added in my house as a waypoint, so I could garmin bike gps models navigate back. And, you can trigger the navigation on the fly as your riding.

Just this morning I pulled up a new point of interest across town as I was riding home, and navigated towards that uk bike gps all at a stoplight.

In addition to courses and normal navigation, you can also race against a Virtual Partner. The Virtual Partner is simply a set-speed computerized person. This is similar, except it has knowledge of the course, and you race against a known past effort on the course. Or just against yourself. Workouts allow you to the garmin edge 810 cycling gps predefined parameters to follow while outside or inside. Typically these are scripted against values like heart rate, the garmin edge 810 cycling gps, speed, cadence and others.

Think of it as guidance from coach. You can do this via the phone app, or via the USB cable. I often use these during races as a reminder to keep within given zones, which works fairly well.

Jan 7, - The Garmin Edge is a cycling GPS with built in mapping navigation that .. You can then select to ride a course, which I'll get into later.

I usually take my race plan and then translate it into the workout. The Edge can work inside just as well as outside. Do tthe however that speed indoors on a trainer is somewhat of a useless metric. The garmin edge 810 cycling gps keep that in mind when comparing trainer rides. Plus, the sensor comes with most speed sensors. This comes from the barometric altimeter. Just something to be aware of.

garmin cycling 810 the gps edge

There are two history options within the Edge By default the Edge has about 75 MB of free space on it for workouts. The history menu is located within the little folder icon on the home page. You can select either the Last Ride, or All Rides.

All rides will give you edg date-organized list of rides, and you can choose a given ride to dive into it a bit more. You can also create a course based on that activities route, which hte can then follow for next time. Which kinda sucks. At the completion of a ride, best cheap navigation system PR notification is displayed immediately upon saving the ride. Again, remember these are just on the device hence why mine are kinda wimpy.

Most folks will likely just upload via their phone. To start that process, grab the included mini-USB cable or any one of the the garmin edge 810 cycling gps 30 of them you have around your houseand plug it into the computer and your Edge Then, navigate to Garmin Connect. Otherwise, just go ahead and login. Normally this happens by default. You can also upload just health data from a weight scale. The map at the top can be switched between Bing and Google, as well as between map ccling satellite view:.

The ege side of the page shows you primarily summary information about the ride, while the bottom shows the garmin edge 810 cycling gps graphs and sensor information from the ride. This includes heart rate, speed, ghe, and power. Additionally, you can then expand the graph and zoom into specific cyclinv or chunks of the workout:. Splits are the ones the garmin edge 810 cycling gps you created by pressing the lap button, or, were soleus draft cycling gps for you if you had auto-lap enabled.

Garmin Edge bike computers: buyer’s guide to all the models - BikeRadar

Literally millions of activities I sodlon bike computer once it cyclint 50, per day uploaded. You can then find an activity in an unknown land and save it as a course, and then send it to your Edge via the phone.

Pretty cool. Finally, if the garmin edge 810 cycling gps use 3rd party applications you can always export out the activity files as both GPX and TCX formats, which are widely supported by just about every training log site out there. This value helps to remove environmental variables such as hills or wind, which speed would otherwise be impacted from.

While cyclists will often proclaim how many watts they put out i. This helps to even out the playing field between a heavier cyclist and gaarmin lighter one. There are a few types of power meters on the market today, based primarily on where the measurement data is taken.

Additionally, there are those coming down the line that are pedal or cleat based, such as the garmin edge 810 cycling gps Garmin Vector or Brim Brothers Zone. At that point, click the dumbbell icon, which is for power meters.

The latest Quarq power meter for example actually have it written on the outside of the device four digit number. With that paired, then go tne and check out the garmin edge 810 cycling gps calibration menu. In general, temperature affects most power meters driftso calibration never hurts.

Now personally, I prefer using a 3s and 30s smoothed power arrangement. Below is a bit of a massive look at the best cycling gps watch of all power meter screens not what I use though day to day.

edge 810 gps the garmin cycling

Additionally, I also prefer to set zero-recording enabled on cadence as well. Additionally, one super-critical item to validate configuration of is 1-second recording, you definitely want that, not smart recording. Lastly, if you have a power meter that displays left-right power either calculated or measured yps, the Edge does support that.

gps the cycling edge garmin 810

Of course, remember that gps bike computer with cadence power meters can make for an incredible training tool — they are just that — a tool. Ultimately, you have to put in the work and follow a plan of some sort to make them truly valuable.

The display of the Edge is pretty customizable. Starting bike computer ant the brightness and backlight, you can configure the backlight to turn off after a set time period such as 15 secondsor leave it on unless turned off. Thd wrote up all of the tne display options in the Garmin Fenix review here. Literally about a hundred ways. One pretty cool option in the Edge is that you can configure different metrics with different display preferences.

For example, you can configure distance to display in metric gppswhile temperature remains in fahrenheit. These zones can be set both on the device itself, as well as online at Garmin Connect.

From there, you ccycling set the zones as you see fit. This section instead serves as a table of all bike mileage computer the data the garmin edge 810 cycling gps available on the Edge Note that you can have 5 data pages, with up to 10 fields per page or as few as one field.

Additionally, there are semi-configurable pages such as the map and lap summary page. Just slightly re-arranged from the garmin edge 810 cycling gps category view.

The Edge is firmware updatable, which means that as new firmware releases occur from Garmin, you can echo w2 bike computer update your unit. While the Edge is a bit clunkier than the Edgeyou can still actually run with it. But, it does work from a recording your information standpoint. While you can wear the unit on your wrist, you can also just stuff it into a pocket. Of course, taking both gatmin phone the garmin edge 810 cycling gps the Edge might be a bit silly, cyling there are free apps out there that do this just fine with just the phone.

garmin cycling the gps 810 edge

But, it is an option for those that want it. Then weigh yourself as normal. Check out the accessories section below for details on some models.

Garmin Edge 820: Everything you ever wanted to know!

It comes with two full mounts and enough rubber bands for 10 mounts:. The Garmin forward cycling mount supports both the Edge and Forerunner units. The Edge will display that information both in edgge per minute BPM as well as a myriad of other ccycling see the data fields section. It measures your speed while indoors or outside, such as in a tunnelas well as measures your cycling cadence.

It does this the garmin edge 810 cycling gps magnets that attach to your crank and cycljng, the sensor then sits in the middle. In the event you feel like your Edge could be put in harms way throwing it at passing motoristsyou may want to grab the soft shell case, which might protect it.

Lots of other companies. Some units stretch into the thousands of dollars. Power meters measure your the garmin edge 810 cycling gps output, typically displayed in wattage watts. These tend to be cheaper but more inaccurate. Over the past year bike computer on rear wheel 3rd party market for Edge compatible mounts has exploded. There are now tons gsrmin options, from super-cheap to super-expensive. Check out this monster Slowtwitch thread for all the options, both those on the market, and custom-made.

This includes both those that transmit just weight, as well as weight and body fat. The Girl on efge other hand uses the Bontrager Duotrapwhich is built into a hole in the side of the bike:. Again, tons of options. I outlined four scenarios. Cell phone sits in jersey the garmin edge 810 cycling gps saddle bag and passively provides location info to family and friends. Rider has cell phone in jersey or saddle bag, which communicates erge to their bike computer on handlebar.

gps edge the cycling garmin 810

eedge No inbound communications. Modern smart-phones are also personal audio devices and are forbidden by Articles 3. A bit of a bummer for those hoping to use this in long-distance events. In general, my thoughts on the Strava mtb are pretty much in line with the Edge 8100 will say that my disappointment is just a tinge less with the Edge than the Garmin made the virtually unforgivable selection connecting garmin bike computer to 930 going with Bluetooth 2.

In the garmin edge 810 cycling gps so, the unit will never be compatible with the host of new Bluetooth Smart sensors flooding onto the market — all of which require Bluetooth 4.

Garmin Edge 810 Review

How cool would it have been if you could control resistance on your trainer from the Edge? They could and should have placed a full Bluetooth 4. Small Technology Sidebar:

News:Garmin Edge GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer Bundle The cycling computer with it all; Garmin Edge offers an array of helpful features including GPS  Missing: Choose.

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