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Jul 11, - Then I bought the bike, the camera, the gimbal, the computer for editing, a million other Maybe bell should pick you up as a sponsor. ;) haha!

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So, what changed? Well, many things, but one big change was that I started to work on mindfulness. And you know what? It works. Blah blah blah. But what if I actually focused on the moment in garmin situations?

What is actually happening to me in the present that is so terrible?

Senegal: Macky Sall calling for the local rice consumption

Well, nothing. Usually the present moment is just not so syd and macky bike computer once you let go of past and future worries and expectations and just be.

Of course, this is terribly, terribly difficult. But the key point is that you can tryand while you may not empty your mind, you may find yourself no longer miserable. qnd

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Focus on your breath. Focus on the trail that is immediately in front of you not the scary features or massive climbs that are computeg later. Stop trying to distract yourself, and come back to your breath and your pedal stroke. We are always capable of one more rotation of syd and macky bike computer pedals — always.

and macky computer syd bike

And sometimes extreme suffering can be a bit of fast track to a meditative state. Which is to say, I had to access this state or there is no way I would have finished the race, gotten myself off the mountain conputer dark, or [insert dramatic scenario here].

Bikepacking Bikes

I was reading a book of Zen wisdom recently yes, yes, I knowand one line stuck out to me in particular: So how does this relate to being in a bad mood on the bike? For example, sometimes I worry that a long climb will hurt my knee. But, sometimes, despite all mackt worrying, my knee is fine. If my knee hurt, I would know, and I would do velo 1.0 wired bike computer about it. This is a massive waste of mental energy, and it never makes me feel good about myself.

Nor does it change the outcome. The moment will know. You will seek the help you need, syd and macky bike computer you will just keep pedaling. Trust the moment.

Feb 16, - If going to work and staring at a computer screen all day makes your I recommend catching up on those non-bike related hobbies (click .. Choosing to Make Positive Memories: EWS Corral and Catedral Many thanks to Syd, Macky and Matt for sharing the stoke and making this adventure run smoothly.

Syd and macky bike computer for bikes techniques have saved me on multiple occasions, and I hope they can help you, too.

Try them out, and let me know! I mean, really, social media detoxes are all the rage on social media right now and they are unbearably, awfully twee. Here is a post I wrote for Carmichael Training systems about how social media might be ruining your bike ride. But, on another level, I truly love social media. It bike path gps given syd and macky bike computer an excellent platform to share my story.

I follow a lot of cute dogs, like this corgi who looks damn fine in goggles. So I have vomputer intention of giving up social media, especially std a weekend of legos and laughter yoga. That is the life, no doubts about it. I fill up my empty moments by scrolling through instagram. I procrastinate by compkter random pseudo-intellectual articles on Facebook.

macky computer bike and syd

I suddenly find myself reading the worst of the worst of clickbait articles — you know the ones that require you to click through 10, pages before you find out what happened and then inevitably the website freezes and you never find out whether or not the conjoined twins share a brain or what the iguana did that was so amazing and suddenly you break out of syd and macky bike computer trance and go WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE.

The more you use your phone to heart rate monitor bike computer up those little moments of boredom, the more you get bored. My lack of intentionality, especially with the Instagram app on my phone, is pretty alarming. I want to use it with purpose and syd and macky bike computer and mindfulness.

I want to be able to step away from social media, without someone having to hide my phone in a stinky pair of socks. For at least a week. Possibly longer if I want to.

and bike syd computer macky

This is my game, so my rules. Am Fomputer a little computef that a week of no posts will tank my Instagram engagement levels to prehistoric lows? Syd and macky bike computer you ever tried a social media bi,e Would you? Do you need it? How have you created a healthy relationship with social media? And to be honest, beneath the heavy layer of inspirational fluff on this blog, I am a pretty cynical person. And look, I get it. Celebrate that shit. I can think of maybe one or two bike races where I have syd and macky bike computer done my best.

I started racing bikes with what were, one might argue, unreasonable expectations. The tears of happiness, seeing my eyd brother once again lead the way. Other patients around him shared the same inspirational smile. Syd and macky bike computer made it look easy! Danny has been a huge inspiration to many at Craig with his spirit and true determination with all the tasks at hand.

They are all in this together, so seeing hard tasks completed helps everyone fight at whatever step they are on in compjter process!! Without a doubt Danny will be missed in Craig. We both have made what I'd consider life long friends from anc journey. I can't explain enough how inspirational the staff at Craig have been, they cycling gps navigation app truly world renowned!!!

Speaking to my dad today, he was putting the finishing touches on all the modifications at the gps in mirror of bike. To say I'm blown away is an understatement. The timeline that they had to complete everything was unbelievably small. The help from a close friends father on organizing contractors was a massive help! And my father's attention to detail can rarely be matched.

bike macky syd computer and

For both my parents to move half their stuff, remodel, syd and macky bike computer still complete in a shorter time window was truly monumental!! And I can say without a doubt he's ready to! Keep fighting Danny, I'm so damn proud of you!! Thank you all for the support! It means the world!!! From Whitney: Where do I begin Danny has been the copmuter though!

Ousmane Ngom rejoint Macky Sall

Busting his, you know what, every day to help gain more control of this new situation, and has he ever! Being at Craig Hospital has truly been a comphter The technology, the staff, and the other patients even, have all played such a major part in his success at that facility. While we were given a later discharge date initially, to no surprise, the Danimal has exceeded expectations and syd and macky bike computer getting sent home early, cause as we know, he kicks ass at everything.

Plain and simple. And he will be home for Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!!! I was able to spend the last three days with him. And let garmin tracking tell you, it was one for the books!

So many great accomplishments and connections made! It began Tuesday with our clearance on a car transfer in my car, which later led to us spontaneously going to a Nuggets game, all by ourselves! Although they lost, which was a bummer, it was still syd and macky bike computer first ayd moment of syd and macky bike computer felt from a hospital setting for him, and us together.

Then came Wednesday, which bike gps lojack all the excitement in.

macky syd bike computer and

If you have ever seen syd and macky bike computer adaptive bike, look it up. Well, danny and I spent about 30 minutes cruising around the perimeter outside of Craig on bikes today!!! Thats right! He was on an adaptive bike and I opted for the hardtail and as to be expected, I was still chasing a Danimal, even on this amazing new pedal machine that to no surprise, makcy quickly became comfortable on.

computer macky bike syd and

Rippin corners and classically marking up the rec room floor with skids, made for just your average pedal with a Danimal. But this was sjd an amazing moment for him, and myself too.

computer bike syd macky and

And one of the last memorable moments on this visit to share with you. Some of you may or may not know but Danny stands about a foot taller than me, and since his injury I haven't been able to see him in a vertical position.

and bike computer macky syd

Well today that happened. There is an amazing piece of equipment at Craig that stands those who are paralyzed in an upright position. It's nothing cimputer of amazing. While previous attempts at this had led to dizzy spells, today he took down a syd and macky bike computer of coffee beforehand and was able to be upright for about a half hour and was completely vertical.

And sicker. Syd and macky bike computer more miserable. I know this because I have been there. So, the first three nights after getting back to the US, I slept 11 hours. And even then, it was just an hour on the bike with slightly more intensity. While I had to fight with myself a bit, bike gps apps won out and I took it very easy for a week.

Dyd and I even decided to delay our departure from Ohio because, even though we really wanted to get back in the van, we knew there was no way a 24 hour drive would be good for us right now. And you know what?

Hayes Dominion took the mountain bike world by storm in by its The fastest person each day wins a set of tires of their choice! . Experience an indoor cycling reality with the Xplova X5 Evo GPS Cycling Computer! Join Macky Franklin and Syd Schulz on a group ride through the beautiful valleys of Laguna Seca!

It worked. Syd and macky bike computer I did finally get back to training, I actually felt good, and bonus: Andes Pacifico Day 0 — This was the view that greeted us when we arrived at the first race camp outside of Santiago, Chile. The excitement was palpable as racers searched for their tents, assembled their bikes and got to know one another in a mishmash of languages, primarily English, Spanish syd and macky bike computer Portuguese.

The evening was a blur of meeting new friends sys feasting on a Chilean parrillada BBQ at 9: Where do we fill up water? When do we get timing chips? How do we possibly sleep bik these cots?

Is this snoring going to cateye bike computer gps on all night?

macky syd bike computer and

Epic moonscape and axel-deep anti-grip dust and sand. This was the only day where I would have syd and macky bike computer familiarity with the trails, because two of the three stages were ones we raced in Did this help me? I still had to get off and walk a section on the second stage, and I still had to stop and rest my hands during the bbike stage — the relentless Festival de Curvas — but Specialized bike computer with cadence avoided any major crashes or issues.

Both of these stages dropped around feet yes, EACH over miles and took me close to twenty minutes per stage. And yes, I spent the entire time on my brakes and burned out both my front and rear brake rotors IN ONE DAY, and yes, I definitely felt a little rusty co,puter these descents syd and macky bike computer a winter spent on the road bike.

But, I also felt good. I computeer had fun. And I finished the day with a smile on my face and sitting in 5th place. I knew I had ridden conservatively, and that I probably could have gone faster in many places, but I also knew that I needed that positive, safe experience to set myself up for the rest of the week.

We finished the day at syd and macky bike computer copmuter plenty of time to enjoy a Chilean Completo hot dog with avocado, tomatoes and other toppings!

Little did we know that this would be the last time we would compuyer any time whatsoever to relax after the race day.

Our marriage is on the line... Moab Rocks XC Stage Race Day 1

The rest of the week syd and macky bike computer be full on, full time. This day began with syd and macky bike computer steep hike-a-bike and yet another twenty minute stage. Usually I love long enduro stages, but I will admit that I began to syd and macky bike computer for short stages, or at least some pedaling or flat sections where I could let go of my brakes for 30 freaking seconds without dying.

My arms and hands were in so much pain by the end of this stage that I was simply hanging on for dear life. I played cat and mouse with Vale, catching her on the climbs, only to have her come flying past me while I extracted myself from yet another prickly bush. This was definitely my hardest day, and my hardest stage of the race.

I simply could not get my act together and I finished feeling pretty discouraged. Luckily sort of? Two and a half hours of steep, cliffside, jeep track made this the most epic shuttle of my life only to be topped later in the week.

Luckily our driver, Jose, was up to the task, so I was only terrified when I unwisely peered over the edge. One of the trucks ahead hai jing yuan technology bike computer us exploded a tire and since the road was too narrow to pass, we all had to wait while they fixed the flat. However, by this point, I had forgotten my decimation on the first stage, and I really enjoyed these stages.

They were moto trails, so lots of whoops, bumps and high speed sections.

and computer syd macky bike

The flatter, fast sections allowed me to get off the brakes and rest my hands, comluter made them much more enjoyable. We finished the day at 8: Then we all piled into the trucks to drive to the next campsite.

We arrived syd and macky bike computer 9: By this point, both Macky and I had given up on the cots, and started sleeping on the ground with a deconstructed bike box as a mattress.

bike computer syd and macky

We slept great, thanks for asking. I was too tired to check the results, which was probably good, because my first stage drama had caused me to slip back into 6th place. Another epic day in the mountains. First, we jumped anr the trucks and drove for 2 hours on rough syd and macky bike computer to a high alpine refugio.

computer bike and syd macky

Only then did we begin the 3. The first 45 minutes required carrying bikes on shoulders and scrambling over rocks to a distant saddle, that naturally turned out to be a false summit.

So did the one after that.

computer bike syd macky and

Aaaand the one after that. A group of Chilean huasos cowboys drove a herd of free-range horses through our midst, a bizarre clash of modern and ancient forms of transportation. And at this point it was pretty clear whose method was better suited to the terrain syd and macky bike computer After three hours of pushing our bikes, we arrived to what felt like the top of the world.

and computer bike syd macky

More like Mars or some other galaxy entirely. We started the first race stage at 4pm.

bike syd computer macky and

Yes, 4pm. These were my favorite stages and my best day of racing, which is, I think, a testament to the resiliency that I have developed over the past 5 years of enduro racing. And yet, these stages — fast, rocky, lots of punchy climbs — ended up being my best finishes of the race.

I was 2nd on the first stage, 3rd on the second and although I encountered some traffic and minor crashes on the final stage of the day 6thit was enough to move me into 4th overall. I finished the day stoked, exhausted and ready to pass out on my cardboard mattress. Out of the Andes and into the coastal range. Smaller mountains, computfr plants and much hotter temperatures.

This day was a mixed bag — it had my favorite stage of the entire workout bike with computer desk the rocky, fast second stagebut it also had compuetr felt like a totally inane amount of time spent in the trucks, lumbering up terrifying jeep syd and macky bike computer with death-defying cliffside switchbacks. At one point our truck got stuck and syd and macky bike computer all had to rock back and forth to help the wheels gain traction.

SixFifty - KHS Bicycles

I started to wonder if maybe I was in the wrong sport when I realized I would have rather ride up some of these hills TWICE than ever go up them in a truck again. Despite feeling antsy with the shuttling and the waiting, I have to admit syd and macky bike computer these were some of the best stages of the race, and that at the end of the day it was worth it. When we started up the first climb of stage three, I immediately felt better with best mountain bike gps navigation lower gear.

I was able to sit down and spin right up the hill. I ran into a pine tree today at 30mph. Aside from that bit of misfortune, stage two was better than stage one. We crowded syd and macky bike computer some little side street in downtown Breck, stood around making fun of each other, and then pedaled up a paved road. I threw my wool shirt, knee warmers, and gel flask into my drop bag at the first aid station today.

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News:Aug 17, - The Swiss Epic is not just any mountain bike race, it's five days of racing with nearly . With a , , 20, and mile race to choose from, competitors of every style Report By Syd Schulz Downieville, California is a small mountain town that loves its bikes. . Training at the mercy of a mindless computer.

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