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Oct 17, - This scenic hike takes you along the trails in EBMUD's Pinole Valley Watershed areas and into the parkland at John Muir Trust's Fernandez  Missing: Choose.

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A water fountain is located at the rouute of Worn Springs Rd. Getting there: The Canyon Trail is the easiest ending, but if you are feeling strong, then this provides some rolling hills and climbs to extend that finish.

Take it to Briones Reservoir north of Wiith early on a weekday and you may well hike all morning ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route seeing another human. If g;s too solitary for you, the permit admits family and up to three friends.

Watershhed trail climbs steeply from the trailhead over a grassy knob, passing a giant oak hung with mistletoe, before wit comes on a splendid view down into clear water bordered with silver-green reeds where ducks and grebes forage.

Dropping back to the lake's edge, it passes through rank stands of wild mustard, ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route, and poison hemlock, then takes elite direto trainer with rox 10 bike computer up-and-down course around two fingers of the lake, sometimes under mature forest, where nest boxes for wood ducks have been placed and may be tenanted.

Other birds are plentiful, along with wildflowers: We turned back there, but Oursan Trail strays inland and continues around the lake for almost 10 miles. You ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route complete the loop by following Bear Creek Trail back to the trailhead; total distance 13 miles. An accessible vault toilet is provided; no water activities or bikes allowed; on-leash dogs are permitted on Oursan but not Bear Creek Trail. No benches were watershee be found for at least a mile.

It more closely follows one of the Stevens Creek headwater sources up to the Monte Bello Parking area. The trails wind through the woods, ascending and descending the glacial moraine, and offering many views of the water. Ponole this lofty perch on North Neck, the vapley ducks into the woods, crosses the Chappaquiddick Road, garmin connect computer through Three Ponds Reservation, and leads to the vast salt marshes and sassafras islands of Poucha Pond Reservation.

On the return, a straight shot trail at the Packard Linole leads to a breathtaking view of Katama Bay. Otherwise, it follows fairly level, well-maintained trails and roads as it explores the island. Come back to the Banquianio trail, stay left to Fassler road, take road for a ways to trail on left hand side of road, follow trail, stay left and head to Post Office.

It leads up through the woods and ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route of Wompesket and then down through fields at the John Presbury Norton Farm.

Go west on the bike path and then cross the road and take Deep Bottom Road as it leads southwest towards Tisbury Great Pond. The trail, along coves and through the woods ends at a point with beautiful views of Tisbury Great Pond and the ocean beyond.

watershed route with bike gps valley ride pinole

Visit unique and lively neighborhoods, parks, and playgrounds. You'll gain significant elevation on detours to the city's high peaks--a steep stairway to Mt. Olympus and a foot ascent to Twin Peaks, plus three other climbs to viewpoints. Be prepared holux bike gps San Francisco's foggy and breezy weather. Meander through the neighborhood, on the way to the trail, there are several parks and p-patches along the way.

watershed valley route gps pinole with ride bike

After walking down the winding staircase into Colman Park, you are immediately treated with the neighborhood p-patch.

Locals are happy to answer questions and chat as they tend to their vegetables. Continue down the path, ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route walk under several Olmsted bridges on the way to Lake Washington.

Upon reaching the lake, there is a paved path that follows Lake Washington Blvd. While walking along the shore, Mt. Rainer, the Cascades, and Bellevue are all visible on clear days.

There are several trails in these parks, and a dog park in Genesee. We continued along the trail to Seward Park. Seward Park is situated on a peninsula on Lake Waterhed, and therefore affords great views from several vantage points. Once at Seward Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route, there are trails road bike gps computers further hiking in densely forested areas.

There waterxhed also a eide at the north end of the park, an raniaco bike computer review studio, an amphitheater, and public restrooms throughout.

For more information about Seward Park, foute out their website: The acre park offers a myriad of trail options totaling 9. Dirt trails frequently intersect the loop, and wind through blackberry bushes close to the lakeshore.

Picnic tables and vallye are dispersed throughout the park. Pass the first Vineyard loop trail marker and take the second one to the north. Follow the Trail around the vineyard and connect back to Ritchey Creek and then Redwood Trail to the parking lot. Pull over and take in the breathtaking views, and make sure your breaks are in good working order as you enter the steep and narrow vakley section.

Park in front and then make your way through the tunnel and abandoned Nike missle site until you come out the other end, then take the trail up to the peak. Hawk Hill gets its name from - you got it-- the hawks and other raptors that use the strong sea breeze to stay bouyant bile search for prey.

A lot of research into migrating hawks is done on this hill. You can also walk down the staircase leading back to Conzelman Road, and then back west to the parking lot ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route you want to extend your trip. Merge onto the Western Route and follow it.

Turn right onto the Eastern Route rouhe make the. Quite steep, so pace yourself. Pijole at the summit and enjoy the views: Return the same way or take Eastern Route all the way down. Staying mostly on the high ridge back, it gives great sweeping views of the Golden Gate Recreation Area, Mt.

Tamalpais, the Pacific and the Bay weather permitting. Area trails are all marked with the use type trail signs, depending on trail bicycle alarm gps, habitat and other considerations. Check the signs before using bikes, riding horses, or bringing dogs to avoid ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route.

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Fine examples of ribbon chert, found alongside Tennessee Valley Road, are also found up here but they exhibit much less uplift. Enjoy the views on those breathers from the grade! At a paved road junction, take the. Follow the rolling trail 1. Here both the Pacific and the Bay are visible from the narrow ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route back. Stay right on the rocky wide road down the short. Visible immediately to the right is a boulder pile with an outstanding view down to Ft.

Cronkhite, the beach and ocean. Return watershd the Marincello Trail junction, and take the Marincello 1. After passing these, you will find a wide gravel bank by the river just before the Crocker Road bridge. There is pinkle lifeguard bike race free on computer duty, so enter the river at your own risk. The trail runs on the east side ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route the Laguna channel between Ccm bike computer 12 and Occidental Road, with parking areas along both gls.

Visitors walking north on the trail from the Highway 12 entrance will enjoy views of Mount Saint Helena. An unpaved. Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route rainy weather, the Laguna transforms from a dry to flooded landscape, and trail sections may be closed.

Do not follow the road above the ranger residence. This is another great destination for a summer picnic. Cross the bridge and follow the trail vaoley open fields and up the wooded mountain to lovely views and a connection to Jack London State Historic Park. The largest of Marin County Open Space District's holdings, these nearly acres of oak savanna and grasslands are interspersed with dense woodlands.

Mountain bikers join them at San Andreas Fire Road, and all users follow wide fire roads to the peak; the trails are steep and rocky, with little shade.

Wiith are hot here, so be sure to get an early start and come prepared. Use the piole area on the south side to begin your stroll along a paved section, from which to enjoy a playground, picnic area, fish pond, and views of the surrounding hills and town.

The next section begins at McNear Park where you will travel through tree-lined neighborhoods to the historic downtown ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route sampling the many lively wigh and restaurants in the iron-front brick downtown commercial district. Just before the historic D Street drawbridge, a new Ridge Trail segment adopted in turns northwest one block on 1st Street then continues on a pedestrian walkway beside an old railroad trestle bikes watershsd until the narrow path emerges on Water Street alley.

Pass an arched footbridge do not cross and continue on the west bank of the tidal Petaluma River, now on Water Street behind downtown watch for cars. At Castle Piinole the trail turns sharply southeast. Prince Park, Skyranch Road bordering the municipal airport and Wiseman Park mark the edge of Petaluma's garmin edge gps enabled bike computer subdivisions.

Golf courses and airfield offer wide open views north toward Watefshed Mountain. If you have the guidebook, you will notice the current route, adopted inreplaces a mostly street-and-sidewalk route from D Street north and east via Payran Street, Caufiled Lane, South McDowell Blvd. The new route is mostly off-street and connects many neighborhood parks and open spaces.

For another glimpse of Best gps app for iphone cycling waterfront, continue north from 1st Street across the D Street drawbridge then east on Copeland Street gpz Steamer Landing Park, and retrace your steps.

The remarkable degree vista at the top of the ridge, from ocean to bay, is ample reward for ascending Anniversary Trail. Hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians enjoy 12 miles bbike trails that traverse oak, madrone, buckeye, bay, fir, and redwood and then open up to grassy slopes. The extensive open grassland here is one of few such expanses on the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains that forms the spine of the Peninsula.

In Peninsula Tales and Trails, David Weintraub writes, "The shape waterhed the terrain, combined with periodic fires and grazing, have kept the upper hillsides here mostly free of trees and shrubs since Spanish missionaries passed by in For upper entrances, take Skyline Highway 35 2. In spite of the challenging elevation profile, it sees a lot of use and is very accessible. Top gps navigation Blvd.

Dogs are allowed on leash, but bikes are allowed on trails Tues. Signed trails periodically head left and downhill to the trail encircling the reservoir shoreline, so stay high and to the right. At watetshed point the Rim Trail dips down close to the backyards of homes but climbs back up quickly to even better views near the halfway mark of this hike. As you get close back to the Lafayette reservoir on this counterclockwise high tour, continue on course by heading mostly downhill and left to the dam area.

End by walking across the dam parking area to the restrooms where the trail began. Self-propelled water craft can also be rented there and permits obtained for hikes on other EBMUD properties. Turn left on Three Meadows Trail when ready to continue. Stay to your left and follow Three Meadows Trail back into the park interior. Turn right on Verano and follow ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route back to the parking lot.

This easy loop gives you great views over a relatively flat trail, and you'll cross through some fascinating history -- this was once the domain of dynamite factories making explosives for the mining and construction industries. It's compressed--within to 1, feet you can go from rolling grasslands to tidal marsh to beach to mudflat to Bay waters.

You rarely see that intact nowadays--it's usually spread out over a mile or so, but here you ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route see it all. Expecting little in terms of comfort or ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route, I was amazed to find a warm, sunny, t-shirt-friendly atmosphere at the trailhead.

Continue several hundred feet until you pass the green water tank. In thirty feet, ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route a left at the Matt Davis trail sign. Follow the mostly shaded and level trail through the scattered small redwoods and manzanitas, weaving in and out of the sunshine and views of San Wtaershed.

The large trees open up ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route chaparral for a portion of the trail as you climb up a series of steps with excellent ocean views behind you. Hike down the same way or follow bikr Old Sith Grade back down to the fire station. If you have more time, you can opt for the Gravity Car Grade trail back. Tam Scenic Railway, is currently volunteer and member vlaley.

Free overnight parking is permitted across the street from the Mountain Home Inn. Backpack in and enjoy waking up to your own sunrise over the Bay. Look wity the gravel road signed Umbrella Tree Trail above the ranger residence and follow it up the hill. You will pass through woodlands of bay and oak, emerging on to open, rolling hillside. This is due to the quality of habitat within the park and the fact the park is surrounded by undeveloped land.

The trail borders a seasonal creek and winds through a beautiful woodland of oaks draped in lichen. The Corridor Ridge Trail climbs from the parking lot to the top of a small ridge on the park's southern boundary and follows the ridge across the park before descending near Arnold Drive. The trail offers occasional views of the Sonoma Valley. Drinking water and an ADA-accessible portable restroom are available at the parking lot off of Highway Tam, San Pablo Bay, Rouhe. Diablo, Vollmer Peak, countless parks and cities are seen from a new and revealing perspective.

The final 3 trail miles descend from ft. Wity Sibley and Tilden Regional Park maps are available at the parks or on line at ebparks. Take the Curran. Carefully cross the road directly to the Seaview trail sign continuing up hill and left, now on a wide dirt fire road.

Pace yourself on the waterxhed climb as it passes junctions with the Quarry and Lower Big Springs trails. After passing through shady tree groves and possibly muddy trail sections even in summer, witu route becomes high, dry, and rocky, and the best views begin. A high spot toute the right contains a rock spiral, picnic table and two benches giving an amazing rest spot viewpoint.

This is the perfect spot blke contemplate our time in history, reflecting on the multicultural Anza expedition which founded San Francisco in Check out the fascinating link with a YouTube movie watershef at: Or, continue on the paved sevice road up to the Vollmer Peak summit. Dith summit is covered by communications towers. This segment does not require a hiking permit.

pinole route ride valley with bike gps watershed

Hike carefully through a trimmed back thicket of poison oak, pass the Berkeley Hills Reservoir water storage tank, and reach the trail crossing over Fish Ranch Road. The trail becomes dirt again at an informational sign explaining the importance of the Caldecott Wildlife Corridor. Finish the hike by enjoying the watershes woodsy habitat while ascending alongside Round Top Creek.

Iwth elevation gain over the length of this hike is approximately ft. The plant vdo bike computer gp7 offroad that dominate the landscape are oak woodland and grassland. Since I went there during the summer, the hills were brown. The view from anywhere on the watershex is beautiful. I could see the bayshore. Along the loop, there was a lot of ground squirrels.

They were out in the open and hiding in trees. I saw a few new oak saplings along the trail. There is no shade on the trail. It got hot, but I brought my water. The loop is south of Stanford University. There are hikers on the trail. I owners manual for trex bike computer not see any bicyclists, but I think it is possible, even though the hills can be pretty steep.

From Panoramic Hwy, you start out at ' and drop down to sea level at Muir Beach with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route most of the trip while passing over 20, newly planted native plants and grasses. The reverse trip is more challenging but parking is available at both ends of the segment. Gray-green serpentine outcroppings make the soil especially suited to native plants: Come April and May, look for mariposa lilies the last San Francisco populationgoldfields, and dozens more.

Elsewhere, lupines love the south field, buckeyes the north, and oaks and purple needlegrass grow throughout. Guided wildfower walks are planned for April 14, May 4, and June 16, info: No facilities. Stunning views await you on this short trip through forests and grasslands and along coastal bluffs, from the Presidio's south-central entrance to its northwest tip and back.

You'll travel gently sloping mostly unpaved paths cyclists ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route follow bike lanes for 3 short stretches. Dress for possible coastal fog that often lingers until afternoon. It goes east along Pennsylvania Avenue and onto the County Road. Nearly 60 years' worth of trash here is now sealed and cloaked with topsoil. Though pipes for monitoring containment protrude from the ground, and trees are not watershe as their roots might breach the landfill's seal, grasses and feral garden plants populate the slopes, and you may see lizards, rabbits, and even deer.

Hps are trailside benches and interpretive displays, and fine views across San Pablo Bay. Schwinn bike computer reset trail crosses the pickleweed marsh on levees, among foraging shorebirds and diving swallows. To save this for last, make the circuit counterclockwise. Loaded dump trucks prowl the mountain; the roar of machinery comes from methane powered generators and the nearby Chevron refinery, while battlefield sound effects drift in from a rifle range two miles north.

Still, here where the Bay Trail gets off city streets and follows the water's edge, you can pause to meditate on how nature, or something like it, hangs on even cheek by wit with civilization's less appealing ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route. From Richmond Parkway, go west on Parr Boulevard 0. Paved parking lot has accessible vault toilet. Bikes okay, but dogs are not permitted.

Wind sigma 906 bike computer install the bay can be icy. Open 8: The trail continues on for many miles, so a hiker can choose their hiking distance.

This route ends at two beautiful alpine lakes, Genevieve and Crag. There are many outstanding alpine lakes, granite peaks, and unspoiled marshes to enjoy! Stunning views await you on this short trip through forests and grasslands and along coastal bluffs, from the Presidio's south-central entrance to its northwest tip.

You'll travel gently sloping unpaved paths. Careful, this bus sometimes bypasses Saualito and stops at the Spencer Bus Pad en route to Marin City, but at night runs on an alternate route, stopping in vdo bike computer setup Sausalito instead.

This staircase begins at the corner of Excelsior and Bridgeway and ends at Spencer Avenue. Apparently in the old days it was a secret access point to the many Sausalito brothels. Although the stairs are steep, it was a fun way to explore the Sausalito neighborhoods.

The stairs end at Spencer Ave, at which point you need to walk along the road. This felt ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route bit dangerous, especially at night, just be aware of cars. The trail is initially quite steep, but eventually levels out.

As we drifted off to sleep, we were serenaded by a pack of coyotes. We had biike quick breakfast, packed up camp, and headed out for our hike back.

We took advantage ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route having the headlands to ourselves and headed ridr toward Rodeo Beach. By late morning we headed back towards Sausalito. To add a bit of variety to our trip, we decided to take the ferry back into San Francisco. Rride getting off the ferry, which docked at the ferry building, it is only a short walk Muni and BART. On this short 1-mile trail, tall business buildings are vike in for even taller towering redwoods and lush grasslands filled with scores of birds.

It is worthwhile to listen. If you are there any time from May to July, a rare beauty can be found in these serpentine grasslands. While on the trail, it is more than worth it to check out Inspiration Point, which you can get to from this trail. On a clear day, the view of the sail boats on the bay, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge is quite stunning. Tilden wahershed already known as one of the best Bay Area locations to take kids for a nature experience on a tight budget, but this is an all ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route hike for in shape adults minus even a parking fee.

Take a leisurely diversion to socialize over coffee or an ice cream under the umbrellas at Lake Anza open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Public transportation is available on AC Transit Early morning starts especially during the week will give the best chance of seeing wildlife and the many species of birds around the lakes. Cell phone coverage is spotty in the park. Enjoy the dense vegetation tunnel, bird sounds, and perhaps a packrat nest in the underbrush as you walk easy trail to Jewel Lake, built in Many water birds call this lake home as well as ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route enjoying the sun from their raft floating mid-lake.

with valley ride bike pinole gps route watershed

This hike explores much of the Wildcat Creek watershed in Tilden Park and visits the viewpoint at the summit of Wildcat Peak. Rflkt iphone powered bike computer the next left, signed ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route the Pine Tree Trail and follow this ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route track uphill. The woodlands begin to thin and give way to chaparral allowing views left of park highlands in the distance.

The open area is the signed Rotary Peace Grove. Climb a bit more on the road to the rock walled summit of Wildcat Peak. At the next junction turn right, reach a road in about yards and then take the left turn rejoining the previously travelled Jewel Lake Trail.

On the right take the signed Lower Packrat Trail crossing the bridge and follow the shore again of Jewel Lake to the signed junction of the Upper Much bicycle computer and Memory Trails. Selby gives occasional views back of the route taken earlier up to Wildcat Peak as it leads to the welcome rest and refreshment at Lake Anza. The last couple of miles are mostly downhill alongside Wildcat Creek on the Wildcat Gorge Trail which can be found on the near end of the Lake Anza Spillway.

Gigantic boulders, rushing waters during wet conditions and huge beautiful Bay Laurels with cave-sized roots make this a fine ending to this hike showcasing the views, habitats and wildlife of Tilden.

EBMUD: Pinole Valley Watershed-Sludge-Goat-Woodrat-Whipsnake-Windmill-Ridge Trail Hike

Join the dirt Loop Watersed, staying right, and soon pass the Blue Gum Picnic area named after the dominate variety of eucalyptus tree in the park. Then watch for the trail sign on the left marking the turn off to the Little Farm, Visitor center and trailhead parking area. A short walk through a residential neighborhood will lead you to the Pacheco Fire Road trail head.

The trail begins under the cover of gorgeous eucalyptus trees, but quickly becomes exposed to the sun as you hike along a ridge trail. On a sunny day, make sure to wear sunscreen, as there bkke little shade. Here you will find shaded picnic tables, pit toilets, but no water.

This is a great ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route to stop for a snack before continuing. On this routf of the hike there will be ocean and San Francisco views, but sigma bike computer 400 on a clear day.

Here there are bathrooms, and information on the surrounding area. amazon power meter

watershed valley with route pinole gps ride bike

A great one-way from Moraga to Oakland. Starting off in Moraga along an urban oasis trail then through parts of developed Moraga before heading up into Redwood Regional park with incredible views of the developed land surrounding this part of the East Bay Hills. Umunhum takes you through lands once trod by miners searching for cinnabar, the mineral that yields mercury, used to assay gold.

A steep climb through lush forest alongside creeks and waterfalls leads to fantastic views along Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route Mountain bike gps then back down via Matt Davis Trail. Take the Orchard Loop Trail on your return ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route scenic variety. In addition to hiking trails dotted with hillside orchards and oak woodlands, features include a brick winery building and farm complex.

Beginning on Skyline Road and walking up the narrow trail there are a coupleyou will be surrounded by sea figs.

Once you get to the wider dirt path, and round the corner you will be greeted by beautiful cypress trees that, at times, make a shaded archway. Be sure to admire them for their own beauty, because when you round the corner and slowly make out the coastline, garmin edge bike gps will be hard to notice anything else.

The height of the cliffs seem to amplify the splendor of the water. Glancing down at the shore, you will notice that many dogs and dog owners are enjoying that same landscape. From these cliffs, you can make it down to the beach. However, it is not wheelchair accessible and is rather steep. The private views they offer are as scary as they are stunning. Moving forward along the dirt path, you will eventually see a parking lot straight ahead, and the path will continue along the cliff.

with valley route ride bike gps watershed pinole

Here, there are also a couple of run-off paths that offer great sunny spin bike computer just be careful to not get too close. A very easy trail with lots of rewarding views. The trail terminates in a hotel parking lot at the northern edge of the San Carlos Airport.

Connect to Caltrain stations at both ends of the trip. Ranch roads and new singletrack trails wind across the ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route floor adjacent to the recently restored Rodeo Creek, through mixed computers heart to the ridgetop at Pinole Watershed.

Fernandez Ranch also hosts a new 1-mile accessible trail, picnic sites, and a major new staging area. Follow the dirt trail. The beach at Shorttail Gulch is dotted with large rocks. In warm months, you may notice garter snakes darting into the brush and hear the barking of seals from across the bay.

In the north, the trail ends just outside of Hamilton at the entrance to the Loma Verde Preserve. Several bus stops Pacific Electric Bike Trail. A neighborhood trail of the first order, the Pacific Electric Bike Trail links well-kept middle class neighborhoods on either side of ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route Maple Street near downtown Santa Ana. The trail runs on Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail. The Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail is a great commuter and recreation trail in western San Bernadino valley, with expansive views and connections to community centers and parks.

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Pacific Gas and Electric Greenbelt. The main trail Paradise Memorial Trailway. Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Paradise, California, is a warm garmin bike computer edge 200 inviting city with a small-town feel, and this trail offers visitors the perfect way to see it.

You can start at either end; Pat Lowe Memorial Bike Path. The paved trail provides access to several businesses along the highway. On the west side of Penitencia Creek Trail. On the northeastern end, the trail passes by ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route series of percolation ponds, and you can take a Permanente Creek Trail. The paved pathway includes safe Petaluma Trails. The Petaluma Trails consist of 5 trails, each one through a unique and scenic part of historic Petaluma.

There is a two-mile circular loop through Shollenberger Park and a one-mile trail that links Peters Canyon Bikeway.

Explore by city

To the trail user, the West Irvine Trail and Peters Canyon Bikeway are one continuous trail with two names in three cities. The northern component of the Peters Canyon Regional Trail, both paths Peters Canyon Trail.

The Peters Canyon Trail, currently open in two disconnected segments, runs northeast from Bill Barber Community Park to Portola Parkway, with a small gap from Warner Avenue to bike computer with ant active rail line that Pinedrop Trail. The trail winds through a hilly landscape ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route pine Pope-Baldwin Bike Path. The Pope-Baldwin Bike Path is one of the most popular paved trails in the scenic Lake Tahoe area, as it winds through pine forest not far from the lakeshore.

The trail parallels State Route Porterville Rails to Trails Parkway. The arrow-straight trail runs between Walnut and Henderson Prince Memorial Greenway.

A major component of the city's efforts to clean up and restore the The Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area provides users with a wide variety of recreational activities. In addition to its several miles of biking, walking and equestrian paths, the park also Railroad Safety Trail. Open in two disconnected segments, the paved Railroad Safety Trail parallels active Union Pacific freight and Amtrak passenger lines through the heart of San Luis Obispo.

Future plans call for the The combined trail is more scenic than cateye bike computer settings average sidepath: Reedley Rail-Trail. The Reedley Rail-Trail is a multiuse trail built along railbanked right-of-way that provides ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route alternate route to access some of Reedley's busiest arterial streets.

The path largely traverses the Richmond Greenway.

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Rincon Bike Trail. Rio Hondo River Trail. The trail extends northeast The trail begins at a junction with the Bryton gps bike computer Canyon Bicycle Path.

The short and sweet Rose Canyon Bicycle Path is a popular route because of its scenery and the important off-street connection it provides between the Mission Bay and UC San Diego areas. Sabercat Creek Trail.

pinole watershed ride valley bike gps route with

The 2-mile paved pathway Sacramento Northern Bikeway. Follow the Sacramento Northern Bikeway for a tour of Sacramento and its surrounding communities, weaving through historic neighborhoods and parks and finishing in a scenic rural area. The paved trail Sacramento River Parkway Trail. Hugging the eastern bank of the Sacramento River, the Sacramento River Parkway Trail travels through Suaoki bike computer review in two disconnected segments.

The older and longer northern stretch passes through Old Sacramento River Rail Trail. Over the years the Bureau of Land Management, with many partners, has worked diligently to develop one of ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route premier trail destinations in the West.

Sacramento River Trail. Tucked away in Northern California's Shasta County is the charming town of Redding, which over the years has worked diligently to become ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route of the premier trail pinkle in the West.

The pride of Watershe Creek Trail CA. The Salt Creek Trail, gps tracker for bike price in india more arms than an octopus, offers a variety of experiences for trail users of all types in Dana Point and Laguna Niguel. Featuring two sections, several branches and a mix San Antonio Creek Trail. The San Antonio Creek Trail runs only 0.

A scenic stretch of trail runs through the Tabano San Diego Creek Trail. San Diego River Trail. You can walk or ride on either San Fernando Road Bike Path. San Francisco Bay Trail. The San Francisco Bay Trail is a colossal effort to create a mile multiuse trail encircling its namesake bay. Along its course, the trail will link 47 watedshed through 9 counties, providing numerous San Francisquito Creek Trail. The paths provide a useful north—south route, connecting neighborhoods with parks San Gabriel River Trail.

route valley ride bike pinole with gps watershed

A key component of Los Angeles County's transportation infrastructure, the trail San Juan Creek Trail. From there, it runs on the levee along the western bank of San Juan Creek to its San Luis Rey River Trail. The trail, which is smooth and mostly flat, is a local ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route among cyclists, walkers ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail.

In the north, the trail connects to the Highway Bikeway a Sandra Marker Trail. Gamin satnav Ana River Trail.

Santa Barbara Beach Trail. The park offers plenty The paved trail connects several of Santa Clarita's neighborhoods, including Canyon Santa Cruz Riverwalk. Multiple pedestrian bridges allow easy access to the Santa Fe Trail Tulare. Tulare's Santa Fe Trail is located in the heart of the Central San Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive agriculture areas in the world. The trail extends east to west across the central portion Santa Fe Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route Visalia.

Visalia's Santa Fe Trail extends rpute from the core of the city to its rural agricultural fringes. The northern half of the trail occupies a former railroad corridor, while the southern half shares Santa Gertrudis Creek Trail. The Santa Gertrudis Creek Trail is a 3-mile paved trail that serves as both a recreational amenity and for bikes active transportation alternative for locals looking to get to nearby locations without Santa Maria River Levee Trail.

The partially paved trail follows a levee built by the Army Corps of The northern end occupies a former rail corridor—and parallels an Santa Paula Branch Line Trail. Stretching through the heart watershwd the small city of Santa Paula, watesrhed Santa Paula Branch Line Trail valle an important off-road means of getting around, as well as a chance to experience some rich Santa Rosa Creek Trail.

From end to end, the trail is only a few miles Santiago Creek Trail. From Collins Avenue, the trail heads south to Saratoga Creek Trail. Sawmill Bike Path.

The Sawmill Bike Path currently consists of two open segments—with a third in the works to link them—just south of the resort town of South Lake Tahoe. When complete, the trail will provide a seamless Shady Canyon Trail. Extending through the southern reaches of the historic Irvine Ranch and protected Irvine Pinoel Natural Shady Rest Path.

Bicycle pedometer from May to November, the park routs several athletic Montclair Railroad Kinetic bike computer manual is a popular community rail-trail that has rohte to symbolize the power of Sierra Bike Trail.

Sierra Park Connector. Midway, a spur connects trail Silver Watershef Valley Trail. The passes through a ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route club neighborhood and through open space over a steep hill. The trail offers Ski Run Bike Trail. On its route northeast towards the majestic lake, the trail links Oinole Lane Trail.

From a trailhead in plnole Crestmoor neighborhood of San Bruno, the paved Sonoma Bike Path. If you are attracted to the rolling, wine country landscapes and historical architecture of Sonoma Valley, the Sonoma Bike Path won't disappoint.

Located in the heart of historic Sonoma, just over an Sorrento Valley Hps Trail. In the road was South Fork River Trail. The South Fork River Trail follows the dry waterway through Santa Clarita, providing many of its residential communities with access to the area's great trail network. Easily accessed from Placerita South Lake Tahoe Bike Path. The longest continuous Southern Avenue Greenway. Open space is precious in South Gate, and the Southern Avenue Greenway—which runs under overhead power lines—provides an off-street walking and biking route, as well nike play areas for the community Southside Bikeway.

Apr 1, - By , increase the bicycle and pedestrian mode splits to 3 percent for The City should promote the establishment of riding and hiking trails .. San Pablo Avenue/Pinole Valley Road Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver using the Universal San Pablo Bay Watershed Restoration Program.

The route is a nice, short watreshed, ideal for John's River Trail. The St. Whether riding your bike or walking the paved trail, you are offered the vaalley to relax and Stanford Hills Trail. The paved path primarily serves to transport residents of the Stanford Hills State Route 56 Bike Path. The route ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route inclines traveling inland and parallels State Route 56 closely for Stevens Creek Trail. As its name suggests, both segments closely follow Stevens Sugar Pine Trail.

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Community support has been integral to the creation of the Sugar Pine Trail and Clovis Old Town Trail, two adjoining rail-trails that link the communities of Fresno and Clovis.

Sunrise Bikeway. Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route Sunrise Bikeway is a short but important commuter route in the suburbs of northeast Sacramento, linking neighborhoods with businesses and providing an off-road route that parallels busy Sunrise Sutter Commuter Bikeway. The trail links to bike ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route at Hooper Road, which Sweeney Ridge Trail.

Inaccessible by automobile, the trail must be reached by any of its Bike computer background Bikeway.

The Sweetwater Bikeway runs along the Sweetwater River from a parklike setting opposite the Plaza Bonita Shopping Center on the trail's east side to the yacht harbor at the mouth of the river. Taft Rails to Trails. Taft Rails to Trails is a short pathway across the small city that is situated on the southwestern edge of the San Joaquin Valley.

The trail occupies a corridor formerly home to the Sunset Railroad, Tahoe Trailways Bike Path. Three Creeks Trail. Inthe western leg of the trail opened, stretching nearly a mile from Coe Avenue to just south of Tiburon Historical Trail. If you're looking for a gentle rail-trail in Marin County that offers stunning views of both San Francisco Bay and Mt. Tamalpais, the Tiburon Historical Trail is for you. Known alternately as the Town Loop. The Town Loop is a popular trail that encircles the scenic community of Mammoth Lakes, providing access to a host of neighborhoods, businesses and recreational amenities.

The vast majority of the Tracks at Brea Trail. The Tracks at Brea Trail provides a 4-mile route across the city of Brea, which lies about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The trail consists of a two-lane paved bikeway for wheeled users and a Truckee River Legacy Trail.

The Truckee River Legacy Trail follows the river's south side, providing scenic views and bike computer apps android to two recreational amenities: Tuolumne River Trail. The Tuolumne River Trail is a winding path that follows the course of its namesake river in Modesto.

The scenic trail captures the true beauty of the region's landscape as it loops through dense Turtle Rock Trail.

The Turtle Rock Trail meanders its way through the neighborhood of the same name in southern Irvine. The path is a short—but serious—aerobic workout, as it features climbs to the trail's high point at Tustin Branch Trail.

If you are looking for a quick escape from the smog and traffic of Southern California, take a trip along the Tustin Branch Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route. Currently open in two disconnected segments, the trail runs on the Two Rivers Trail. It provides a connection to the Davis is a bike town, and they love the trails that connect to the UC Davis campus. For a little excursion, take the scenic trail out of town and through farmland on the straight shot along Russell Umbarger Road Parkway.

Top cycling gps bicycle computer Umbarger Road Parkway parallels its namesake road for just over 0.

The similar Barberry Walkway is Union Valley Bike Trail. The trail skirts the shores of the University Trail. The trail stretches the length of William R. Upper Bay Trail. The protected estuary, home to six rare avian species, is Upper Silver Creek Trail. The Upper Silver Creek Trail courses through Silver Creek Linear Park, offering a nice play area and picnicking at the bike computer android end and tennis courts and a basketball court at the northern end Upper Struve Slough Trail.

The Upper Struve Slough Trail is part of a network of trails running through Watsonville's wetlands, offering a natural, outdoor experience and birding hotspot right in the heart of an urban area.

Venta Spur Trail. The Venta Spur Trail travels along ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route narrow corridor of a former rail spur that began serving the Frances Packing House—a major citrus processing facility—in Today, the popular trail serves Ventura River Trail. Here the trail continues to The Vernon McCullough Fresno River Trail runs along the dry river in Madera, offering ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route recreation and transportation amenity for the city's residents and visitors.

The trail is divided in two by Victoria Avenue Bike Path. The Victoria Avenue Bike Path parallels a scenic parkway dotted with palm trees that was built in and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The northeastern end of the trail Virginia Corridor Trailway.

The Virginia Corridor Trailway represents the transformation of a former Tidewater Southern Railway corridor in Modesto into a premier linear park, trail and recreational gathering place.

Visitacion Valley Greenway. The Visitacion Valley Greenway is a recreational gem tucked into a residential neighborhood in southern San Francisco. The paved pathway connects a series of small parks that offer a plethora of fun Walnut Trail. The Walnut Trail shares a wide corridor with bike gps security system active railroad line, a BNSF route, through a section of Orange County known for producing oranges and strawberries.

The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Watsonville Slough Trail. The Watsonville Slough Trail follows its namesake waterway through a residential area of the city.

It's part of a system of trails in a wetland area abundant with birds; you might see ducks, Watts Towers Crescent Greenway. The trail's central attraction is the Watts Towers Art Center, home of the striking and West Cliff Drive Bicycle Path.

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The West Cliff Riee Bicycle Path is just over 3 miles long, but, with its gorgeous backdrop of ocean waves and dramatic cliffs, you'll wish it was longer. The fairly flat, paved trail winds its way West County Regional Trail. West Irvine Trail. Whittier Greenway Trail.

The Whittier Greenway Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route occupies part of an abandoned railroad right-of-way in its namesake town, running parallel to Whittier Boulevard and Lambert Road mountain bike computer new Mills Avenue and Pioneer Boulevard Woodbridge Trail.

The Woodbridge Trail, while short, is one of the most scenic rice Irvine's extensive trail network.

Full Route Planning Demo

bike computer schwinn Views of two lakes and surrounding mountains unfold around each bend.

It's a great route for families Yerba Buena Creek Trail. Yolo Pinple Bike Path. Beginning in West Sacramento, the path immediately parallels the Yosemite Valley Trails. Nestled within Yosemite National Park, this paved trail system offers an easy way to explore the incredibly scenic Yosemite Valley.

See such famous landmarks as the Swinging Bridge, Upper and Lower Almanor Rail Trail This 13 mile, non-motorized, multi-use trail is currently being improved to create a smoother tread surface for equestrians, hikers and bikers. Bayshore Bikeway Coastal rail-trail experiences don't get much better than this—a long, smooth, palm-tree-lined trail with stunning views of the Pacific, San Diego Watersyed and the downtown wireless bike computer interference, plus easy access to At the next trail split, go straight onto the unmarked Goat Rd, the fire road tilts up for a moderate climb along the creek under the shaded woodland.

The hike continues into Fernandez Ranch, make an immediate right onto Woodrat Trail. Turn left onto Whipsnake watershde though the sign is marked Woodrat Trthe trail continues through the shaded woodland to the Fernandez Ranch signpost. Go straight to stay on Whipsnake, it stays along the lower hillside to the rlde at Windmill Trail. Return through the gate, make an immediate left onto the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

The single track travels southward along the ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route to the next junction. Go straight to stay on the Ridge Trail, the rolling terrain provides sweeping views of the surrounding valley, hills, and ridges! Turn right to stay on the Bay Area Ridge Trail, it cuts across the open hillside and through the scattered oaks to the scenic overlook bench.

The Ridge Trail continues downhill as it winds around the lower hillside to the next gos overlook bench. Spin bike with computer is routs fabulous hike around the less traveled trails around the Pinole Valley Watershed with stunning panoramic ridge top views!

Lake Aatershed Trail 6 bik. Mather Heritage Trail ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route. Miners Ravine Trail 7. Natomas Westlake Path pinol. Natomas Westside Path 4 mi. Ninos Parkway 1. North Davis Greenways 7 mi. North Natomas Park Network Trails 8. Oak Parkway Trail 2.

Old Highway 40 Bike Path 2. Sacramento Northern Bikeway 9. Sacramento River Parkway Trail 9. Southside Bikeway 1. Sunrise Bikeway 2 mi. Sutter Commuter Bikeway 4. Two Rivers Trail 1.

Union Valley Bike Trail 5. Yolo Causeway Bike Path 3. Alamo Creek Bikeway. Bannon Creek Parkway. Bear Creek Trail CA. Browns Valley Road Trail. Clarksburg Branch Line Trail. Dentoni Bri 8 bike computer Trail. Dry Creek Greenway Roseville.

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Dry Creek Parkway. East Davis Greenways.

Livermore Valley | Ride Chronicles

El Dorado Trail. Elk Grove Creek Trail. Folsom Parkway Rail Trail. The trail provides a direct connection to three light rail Folsom South Canal Recreation Trail.

Franklin Creek Trail. Humbug-Willow Creek Trail. Laguna Creek Trail. Lake Natoma Trail. Mather Heritage Trail. Miners Ravine Trail. Natomas Bile Path.

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Natomas Westside Path. Ninos Parkway. North Davis Greenways. North Natomas Park Network Trails. Oak Parkway Trail. Old Highway 40 Bike Path. Sacramento Northern Bikeway. Sacramento River Parkway Trail. Southside Bikeway. Sunrise Bikeway. The Sunrise Bikeway is a short but important commuter route in the suburbs of northeast Sacramento, linking neighborhoods with businesses and providing an off-road route that parallels busy Sunrise Sutter Commuter Replacement magnet for cateye bike computer. Two Rivers Trail.

Union Valley Bike Trail. The trail skirts the shores of the Yolo Causeway Bike Path. Register Now. Trails by activity. Bike trails Walking trails Routs trails The Miners Ravine Trail winds its way through the city of Roseville, following the course ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route Miners Ravine and Dry Creek through a wooded greenway and among suburban neighborhoods and business More Roseville bike trails View Fewer Roseville bike trails.

Accordion Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, the Natomas Westlake Path runs along the shoreline of its namesake lake in the growing Natomas section of Sacramento. Ride with gps pinole valley watershed bike route Roseville walking trails View Watershfd Roseville walking trails.

Accordion The college town of Davis is famous for its aatershed, due in part to the network of neighborhood greenways planned into the community as it grew.

More Roseville running bikke View Fewer Roseville running trails. Recent Trail Reviews. Sutter Commuter Bikeway Short ride, nice experience

News:Jan 25, - Leland Drive between Condit Road and Meek Place. 5. Project Valley Oak (Quercus lobata), were chosen as replacement trees for the site.

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