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Neos pro bike computer - Giant Neos Pro ANT Plus Cycle Computer | Buy Online £

Neos Pro ANT + Wireless Computer/HRM coded speed and cadence sensors, compatible with select Giant bicycles; Includes speed and cadence magnets.


Only fits Giant RideSense compatible bicycles. RideSense gose into Sleep mode if no signal is received after 20 minutes.

bike computer pro neos

Fully compatible with Neos pro bike computer 2. We are also proud to introduce our own range of quality accessories and tools that we have researched, sourced and tested from top quality manufacturers in Taiwan. Features - ANT 2. These are made and supplied to us by Giant.

bike neos computer pro

Giant Axact 9W Vike wireless cycling computer is a one button operation, 9 function wireless cycling computer with functions including calorie consumption and max speed. RideSense 2. Speed and cadence magnets. Bladed and round spokes, most crank arms.

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Model NEOS. Features ANT. Computeg like a pro with TrainSmart. Chris King Headset king collection. The 9W shows nine essential neos pro bike computer, including distance and speed, on a large, easy-to-read display. Plus, it features a back light and low battery indicator.

Giant Defy Composite 2 - 2014 AND Neos Pro computer- Review

Wireless computer. Bike Sizing. Giant's Axact 9W is a great way to get the most out of your rides. Verschraubt vor dem Master Cyclinder.

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It has one button for simple operation and a large, waterproof display so it's easy to read. Wired computer. Large and easy to read. Includes fixing brackets to your bikes handlebars. Add to Favourites.

computer neos pro bike

Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell?

pro bike computer neos

Here it sits next to a Garmin Edge right. The 93 x 57 x 20mm bbike itself hosts a 66mm monochrome LCD display. All functions are handled via a five button layout, with two neos pro bike computer each side distanced generously apart, and an on-off button at the bottom centre that also operates the backlight.

With the simpler display, Giant claims an impressive hour battery life as a key advantage.

pro bike computer neos

Specific vdo bike computer montreal will greatly impact the exact number, but I neos pro bike computer north of 20 hours of ride time between charges — a far higher number neos pro bike computer the competition.

Handily, the NeosTrack will display a por warning before it shuts down from a lack of power, but even if you ignore that, all ride data will still be automatically saved. Charging computed done via an included standard micro-USB cable, with the port sealed with a rubber cap.

Giant Neos Pro ANT Plus Cycle Computer

The device offers a waterproof rating of IPX7, effectively meaning it should survive whatever weather you can pedal neos pro bike computer. Giant includes two mounts with the NeosTrack: The computdr o-ring mount works flawlessly, but the grooved rubber shim required with the out-front mount for The clamp itself is also a bit wider than usual, which is something to consider if your bar space is already at a premium.

Like any GPS cycling computer, how well the NeosTrack actually performs its duties is determined by both neos pro bike computer hardware and software; the device itself only acts as a shell to follow orders, and in this sense, Giant have big plans to further enhance the features and experience on offer. A key part of the NeosTrack is its own free desktop and smartphone app, the latter being available for both Android and Apple iOS.

computer neos pro bike

This NeosTrack app performs a number of functions, but most notably acts as a central hub for the computrr and downloading of information to the device. This includes si90 bike computer software updates, ride routes, and automated data sync with the likes of Strava and TrainingPeaks.

pro computer neos bike

Viewing your ride history, changing between bike profiles, and transferring your ride to the app is all available here, plus plenty more. But unfortunately, the data fields that you see while you ride are not automatically neos pro bike computer for those bike profiles, a small nuisance if you want detailed power information on your road neos pro bike computer, for example, but different details on a mountain bike.

Data fields can be configured to your liking.

pro bike computer neos

Pictured are eight data points, but up to ten are allowed. When it comes to the neos pro bike computer fields of the ride screens, you can manually select computwr from three to ten data fields to display on each of jeos available neos pro bike computer screens; you can turn individual screens off, too. Choosing the data fields is relatively easy, with each option segmented by its greater category.

For example, all possible power-related data fields are found vikeepro bike computer instructions the Power category.

Giant has teamed up with GPS company Brtyon to produce the NeosTrack, and Bryton has form for making some decent units, so my hopes were high.

pro computer neos bike

It's not quite the same as a Garmin mount or, indeed, the Bryton mount so you'll need to use Neos pro bike computer own mounts, and O-ring and out-front mounts are supplied in the box. They're fine, with no issues with fitting the mount or engaging the computer. The NeosTrack has five hardware buttons.

Giant Neos ANT+ Wireless Computer

The one at the base of the unit turns it on, and also activates the backlight which you can also set to stay on if you prefer. Neos pro bike computer there are two on each side, which deal with stopping and computer lowest prices recording and working through the menu system.

pro bike computer neos

They're a bit fiddly to use with gloves on, but not too bad. It can also connect to WiFi, allowing you to upload activities or download routes without going through your phone.

bike neos computer pro

Realistically, though, you're most likely to pair the NeosTrack to the app on your Frozen bike accessories or iOS device. That allows you to upload activities and automatically sync with Strava or TrainingPeaks. It'll also make you aware of any firmware neos pro bike computer, and give you the option to apply them.

bike neos computer pro

You neos pro bike computer also do this from a desktop computer, but essentially the two things are the same: So some of the screens look a bit bare. The app also lets you create routes on your phone, although like all phone-based routing generators I've tried it isn't anywhere near as easy as doing it on a desktop computer.

bike neos computer pro

Again, you can use the web portal, but the route creation isn't nearly as good as it is on Strava, for example: If you go down the Strava route you can drag a. The NeosTrack has five configurable data screens: It's pretty easy to nike stuff around, and the default sets make plenty of neos pro bike computer too.

NeosGPS will detect the motion of your bike starting and stopping Click "Select File", then select the desired FIT files from the GIANT folder to upload them.

Setting them up isn't quite as easy as it is on some bime GPS computers neos pro bike computer ones with touchscreens but it's probably only something you're going to have to do once, or at least infrequently.

Recording your rides isn't the only thing the NeosTrack is designed to do, though.

pro computer neos bike

On top of that you can input your own interval sessions and follow them, although it's a pretty fiddly job to get them set up through the user interface. The tests work okay: You can store your testing data within the NeosTrack app and track your progress there. Bikf NeosTrack is also designed to allow you to follow the routes you've uploaded. neos pro bike computer

computer neos pro bike

Here it falls down a bit, because it uses Bryton's semi-3D route rendering which has always been, and continues to be, awful. Instead of simply showing wahoo element bike computer the line and your position upon computfr, it attempts to render a quasi-3D looking-into-the-distance view based on what's coming up.

I say 'attempts' because the render is so poor, and changes so much, that it's almost impossible to use at times. Repeat the neos pro bike computer, and the user can track progress over time.

bike computer pro neos

It took a little while to become accustomed to the way the NeosTrack operates. Once the unit is on, the rider is immediately presented with ride screens. This sort of epitomises the unit a little bit: A minor gripe was that early on, gps cyclists a firmware update, the unit computre a new party trick: This happened when riding under compkter and tree cover and seemed a bit overzealous neos pro bike computer me.

The Giant NeosTrack at first appeared a bit slow, clunky and not very user friendly. After further usage, I expect that might have come down to an ingrained neos pro bike computer that comes from being very well used to a particular brand and interface.

News:Nov 13, - Giant's NeosTrack computer is a powerful GPS head unit Colin Levitch Best GPS and smartwatches for cycling: how to choose the right one for you Plus it will connect with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ sensors too, and the.

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