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Magellan cyclo 505 review - Cyclo HC Review - Detailed Look At Mio / Magellan's Cycling Computer the5krunner

Jul 5, - Review Mio Cyclo GPS bicycle navigation. On the Navigation screen you can choose an address or a track you have uploaded to the.

Review Mio Cyclo 505 [EN]

The mini-USB connector is on the lower back of the unit. After unpacking the box, we plugged it in to fully charge the unit.

Oct 23, - Our experts extensively reviewed and rated the Magellan Cyclo and even out on the road riders can punch a few buttons and select.

While charging, we downloaded the User Manual from the company website. The manual is definitely worth a read.

505 magellan review cyclo

It is clearly written, easy to understand and describes all of the functionality of the Cyclo magellan cyclo 505 review You can also view and share ride information with other registered users. From the app, you can upload results to Strava, as well.

It took about 4 hours to initially charge the device.

505 review cyclo magellan

Mounting the unit to the bike is as nagellan as attaching the included out-front mounting arm to your handlebars and twisting the into its cradle.

Powering it on for the first time, the setup mode is displayed.

cyclo 505 review magellan

Selections consist of options such as profile name, magellan cyclo 505 review of riding, revjew metric, imperiallanguage, wheel size, address for navigating to your homeetc. When the cycoo ispowered up after magellan cyclo 505 reviewit immediately connects to the GPS satellites and displays the main navigation screen consisting of links to all top-level functions:.

When sigma bike computer 1609 values, prompts are displayed, allowing easy modifications.

The Dashboard consists of 3 screens. Cons Quite chunky compared to the magellam Garmins Surprise Me feature is clever but needs to be used with care if you want to avoid busy roads. Verdict A viable alternative to the ubiquitous Garmin computers, with a good touch screen, magellan cyclo 505 review display and easy to use out of the box. A day in the life of Harry Tanfield. Katie Archibald column: In my experience, Garmin has always been at the top of the pile when it comes to user interfaces.

cyclo review magellan 505

In fact thats often the reason I've been prepared to fork out a bit extra for one. I can't really say a bad word about the Mio's user interface though.

Magellan Cyclo HC review | CyclingTips

It works flawlessly. I haven't had a single crash, glitch or frozen screen meanwhile I had my freeze twice in the same month - albeit due to not updating software. Data fields are cyflo in a very cylo manner to any Garmin and navigation between them is facilitated by to arrows at magellxn bottom of the screen.

The only thing to be wary of is that bc16.12 sts bike computer troubleshooting a ride - amongst some other functions - takes a couple of seconds for the unit to process and compile.

If you are used to the instant response of most smartphones and leyzene computer mountain bike gizmos today, this is a bit unnerving to start with but I got used to magellan cyclo 505 review very quickly and it's just how the interface works. When interacting with the Mio, the single push button on the unit works in a similar way to the 'home' button on an iPhone and then everything else is taken care of by the touch screen.

When sizing up the Mio against the competition, there is no getting around magellan cyclo 505 review fact that this is a big unit. It dwarfed mywhich I already consider fairly big. The screen itself is magellan cyclo 505 review at 3 inches. I never ran out of space, though, and all the touch features had a big enough surface area for magellan cyclo 505 review gloved fingers to hit with no real issue.

On the flip side, this big size means some stem set-ups might present problems. If you have a short stem and a steerer that extends much above it, then you might not be able to mount the Mio on the stem. Mine fit fine with a mm stem, but I wouldn't want to go much shorter. On the main data display screen, the set up is very similar to many other GPS units. You computers units customise how many data fields you see, and what data is displayed in each of them.

Magellan Cyclo 505 GPS Cycling Computer

One slight niggle is that the distance fields only display three cateye micro wireless bike computer silver figures. That means if you're riding a route over km, you don't see the tenths magellan cyclo 505 review a kilometre.

It's only a small thing but I actually found it quite irritating. I knew the unit was still measuring the kilometers down to the tenth and possibly even the hundredth, but it just wasn't displaying them. Yeah that definitely happens. While I'm on the subject of the screen - the visibility is good, but its not quite perfect.

In bright sunlight I found that it was not quite as easy to read as some I have used in the past. And for me, this was the Mio's main problem.

The magellan cyclo 505 review mount provided uses the tried and tested attachment method of zipties. As any home mechanic knows, pretty much everything can be fixed with zipties so I had no real issues with attaching the mount to my bikes.

Magellan Cyclo- Unleash Your Ride

However in an ideal world I'd have preferred to have mgaellan more easily interchanged attachment. I ride four bikes with varying levels of frequency - all with a GPS - and having to fiddle about with zipties is a bit of a pain.

505 review cyclo magellan

At this price, I would expect Mio to provide more than one mount in the box. Extra mounts are available, both in standard stem and popular 'out-front' configurations, but for pretty steep prices. Attaching the Mio to the mount also takes a bit of care. It uses a 'twist to lock' method similar to all Garmins nowadays but it is certainly possible to miss engaging one side of the mount to when in a hurry.

It's obvious you've done it wrong when you do and easy to fix, but it didn't fill me with magellan cyclo 505 review. The main reason for buying my first ever GPS was maps.

I loved the idea of being able to get completely lost and then pinpoint yourself on a map when you've had enough of being lost. Mio have done fantastically with their maps.

Mio claim that their maps will magellan cyclo 505 review all roads and, even garmin bike computer reviews impressively, bicycle magellan cyclo 505 review. I found the road maps excellent. Easily as good as Garmin's maps, and in my opinion actually clearer to read. It's a lot harder to comment on the bicycle routes as that kind of depends what connect spin bike to computer consider a bicycle route, and whether Mio agree with that.

My absolute favourite thing about the Mio was how it handled following a planned route that I'd uploaded to the unit. The sheer volume and variation of data available to you as you follow a route is incredible.

review magellan cyclo 505

It's like having a live-view road book. You get an elevation profile showing your progress - like ones that accompany a pro magellan cyclo 505 review race on the telly. You also get the distance to the next major hill on the route, and information about that hill, like its average grade and length. You also get the average grade for the next 5km of road.

cyclo 505 review magellan

This list goes on and on; I was hugely impressed with the Mio's navigation capabilities. Effective, will implanted, but nothing major to write home about. But magellan cyclo 505 review that isnt entirely the best point — on the POI section, which selecting your destinations, it has bike mageplan as an option!

I dont know if there is a conspiracy??

review magellan cyclo 505

Any route that you do request, the Mio can offer up Iota gps tracker bike separate options, although because the configuration of the roads leading out from my village, frequently, I only get two options if I avoid the lorry laden A I do like that you can also look at the routes, and get the various relevant data from the unit, magellan cyclo 505 review topography to decide which route to go.

You can specific different bikes, which is great, as you can load different sensors to each. Maellan actually seeing which sensors they are is cumbersome. But apart from the power meter pairing seeming…variable. Does this matter? Mio includes all the kit you need in magellan cyclo 505 review box, and the Mio is very much set up as a navigational cycling aid, not a stats machine.

If your cycling life revolves around data, save time and money and buy a blue tooth for computers hand Edge If you are planning on doing a lot of cycling tours, and navigation and visiting new places is your bag, this is a great unit. After that, a large arrow west biking bike computer manual at the top left-hand corner of the map screen to advise me of the next turn.

Interestingly, if I ever missed a turn — or multiple turns — magellan cyclo 505 review device was intent on turning me around to retrace my steps rather than finding a way to re-join the route, even though I was closing in on my destination. I found that the Places of Interest POI feature was very handy, especially on longer rides through unfamiliar suburbs and regions. It was a simple magellan cyclo 505 review fyclo look up a POI — thanks again to the touchscreen — where I could scroll magellan cyclo 505 review a list ranked by proximity before deciding on my destination.

One of the best reasons to use GPS on the bike is to design and share routes that help you discover the world around you. In this regard, the routes provided by Bicycling Australia make for a great starting mqgellan.

Triathlon, Duathlon, Training & Tech

They will appeal immediately to newcomers as well as interstate travellers, but experienced bike computer size chart may find a new ride or two magellan cyclo 505 review the selection on offer. All of the rides are listed in alphabetical order which can be reversed to help searching but unfortunately there is no search function.

Inevitably, I found myself scrolling through the list to hunt down a specific ride. Regardless, it is a fine collection of rides that adds magellan cyclo 505 review to the Cyclo When I wanted to design my own ride, I had no trouble installing and following a route designed with Map My Ride. With all of the preloaded routes though, it pays to carefully select a name for your own routes e. Users provide an address, POI or a point on the map, and the device will calculate a selection of routes.

Maegllan, you can select Loop and elect a target distance that geview used to design different courses that will loop back to your current position.

News:May 29, - The Cyclo is a GPS unit designed specifically for cyclists. speed and then uploads them to Magellan's cloud for easy review over a computer. Cyclists have a choice of three different dashboards during a ride: a GPS.

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