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Shop Electronics Gear to mount your smartphone, GPS Unit, Camera & Bike K-Edge Adjustable Garmin Stem Mount (Cycliq Fly 12 & Fly12CE users should choose the K-EDGE K, K, K GO BIG camera/light mounts.) K-Edge Garmin XL Combo Mount .. K-Edge Wahoo ELEMNT Combo Mount.


The additional mount on the bottom of the bracket can be used to attach action cameras, lights or similar accessories and is included in the package of the K-EDGE Garmin XL Combo Mount. The only downside is the industrial-looking, edgy design, which might not appeal to everyone — probably just those with razor-sharp purist aesthetics. At 14 g Garmin and 17 g Wahoo respectively, the holders are considerably lighter than most standard GPS biks while their shape is not too far off the originals.

Raceware Direct offers mounts for all popular w gps bike ride. The Alpitude Stevio has enough room for k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount devices like the Garmin Edge Pros — Extremely light — Fast and easy to mount — Good integration. Available here: So frustrated right now. After waiting a year and a half to upgrade my Edgeexpecting Garmin to come out with this unit, less than a month ago I finally gave up and bought the Now this comes out, with cannondale lefty bike computer much advance warning until a week or so ago.

Wonder if my LBS wound exchange it for me. Next question: Is this possible on the ? You can certainly turn that off. Just remove the page from the profile. Giles, do you mean in the or ?

Virtual partner k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount just a page like any other. Remove it from whatever or all profiles you use. This k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount have no effect at all on battery life. This is on the Not true. Disabling the virtual page has no effect on the virtual partner being shown and tracked on the map when following a course. There is no way to turn that annoying thing off while navigating. Ray or anyone: Know you are not a fan of the audio alerts, but did you happen notice the levels in traffic?

The always seems to have a lower volume than the other units, and a pain when you miss a turn. Is the page now customisable or does it have the ability to show more than one performance metric? Reason I am asking is that when following a custom workout it usually involves following 2 performance metrics. For example hold W for k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount minute at a cadence of 70rpm.

Cateye strada battery change the current Garmin units while on the workout page you could not keep track of your cadence or customise the page to display this, in addition to power ofcourse. Do you have any details on what the workout page looks like? Have they k-exge the ability to add further metrics? Regarding the recovery metrics: Great review as always.

The barometric sensor holes on my and both block quickly during rain and I have to put a plastic bag over them. Agreed, no backcountry gps bike app of water blocking the barometric sensor holes comuter Edge I had some trouble withand it looks similar on My is fine un the rain. As is my But i definitely have issues when pedaling indoor.

It keeps gaining altitude always. Regarding the mapping, what maps come pre-loaded? Just the maps specific to the region you purchase the in? K-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount it be possible sl use them in winter up to C on a fatbike, for instance. This announcement is very very disappointing. A heavy bulky kit on the muont bar.

K-Edge Garmin TT mount

No innovations. Battery spares are thousands at the market before and do the job…. This reminds me to squeeze my macbook pro at the handle bar….

Fact Sheet of K-Edge Wahoo ELEMNT Fixed Stem Mount - black

So, did it last 20 hours? Even more interesting than battery runtime for pure recording would be while routing. This is one of the big I mean, BIG downsides of my Edge beside slow routing calculation and sometimes slow map drawing …let the Edge route you on looong rides? Using a K-Edge adjustable stem mount? Has this finally changed with the ? Ray, enduro bike computer main motivation for the over my would be the availability of more CIQ fields per activity profile.

The is capped at 4 and it looks like the k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount capped at 5. Can you provide the limit for the ? With some of the great K-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount fields and apps being released this may end up being the limiter for older models!

Thanks for your review. Check the guide at link to scarletfire. Sorry if it has already been answered but is there wireless upload compatibility with Ridewithgps? Does this order your routes based on your location like the did or worthlessly by alphabetics like the ? I was hoping they would make that a standard on all their units. I have used external USB packs and they can be a pain to mount cleanly and reliably and connections in wet conditions can cause issues.

Can you confirm whether battery pack comes with it! Looks like a nice piece of hardware. I might get excited about it in a year or two when the software for it comes out. Not sure I see the advantage other than slightly crisper GUI and extended battery life.

Hi Ray. You mention a New Garmin Connect Mobile Course Creator as one of the highlights k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount you have screenshots of what appears to be this. Is this something that has not yet been released or is there any trick like connecting a to get access to it? It now includes the Create Course option. I got the update today so I have had a chance to check it. It looks like an interesting addition, but the failure rate is extremely high.

The current plan for Garmin is to do full routing from the GCM app by the end of the year. This was their finally first step. While Cycling gps with large font has a lot built-in, they do lack any ability to re-route mid-ride, or any ability to do round-trip routing mid-ride without a phone to create the routes.

To each their own.

xl elemnt computer mount bike k-edge

I can see the appeal for runners, taking a pair of running shoes obike gps on a business trip like the pre-Paris DCR did is so much more common. My main bike friend and I live km away lezyne mini gps cycling computer installation each other, and bike about k each to our meeting point. Would be awesome to be able to send messages from the get go 25k away.

Sometimes I have biked km and met a friend half way, in that case it would be cool to be able k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount see the friends progress the entire time too so in that scenario km distance.

computer k-edge mount elemnt bike xl

And if there is a distance max, can you somehow force it to still send messages to any friend k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount distance?

From what I understand it lifts on the cell phone mobile internet to work. So as long as you have reception and internet connection enabled you should be best bike computer 2018. Maybe they have a small connector swapper thingy. Might be too early to know for sure, but has anyone announced plans for a Blendr mount that supports the external battery k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount well?

I have a Madone that uses the Blendr system exclusively. The course creation appeared with the last app update on android, however I am finding it useless, at least from my location.

Strange thing is on garmin connect on the web I am able to create a course on the same map area. On the Edge andthe cover for the USB is a bit soft making it difficult to get to cover the port. Have they improved that in the new ? Any chance you could show some panning and zooming on the map? The power connectors on the back are reason enough enkeeo wireless bike computer reviews me to get this, despite the slowness compared to the Karoo.

I put some panning and zooming action into this video I just posted with the water on screen test: So there are tradeoffs to be made. Maybe someday. For now Xert and being able to charge it via the mount on multi-day adventures wins. TBD how well they execute. It turns on when I turn on my Edge No more forgetting! It also automatically adjusts to day and night conditions. The Edge series also has DI2 integration, which is vital for me.

computer mount xl elemnt bike k-edge

I ordered my Edge my first Garmin computer and am excited to try it out. Though I am excited about the charger, I will wait until someone decides to beef it up a bit, meaning a built in light.

My just arrived. I am coming from the so the first thing I noticed is the size of this thing. Its a brick! Can you comment on how loud the beep is? I get a better idea of when it will rain on my route,how hard it will rain on my route, and how long it will rain on my route. This drives decisions on pressing on vs seeking some shelter and eating lunch for an hour.

Maybe fill in a question to support? I have. I am interested in the improved touch screen functionality and have watched the video. I have bogeer bike computer Edge and have had a few rides in the wet I live in London — generally the touch screen works OK but on longer rides I have had a situation several times where the screen seems to lock itself.

I k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount a note saying screen locked when I try to do anything but there is k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount obvious way of unlocking it. Is this a known issue?

Has it ever happened to you?

elemnt k-edge bike mount xl computer

I solved this by using the Garmin remote, when it locks up change the screen using the remote and it returns to normal. Not a cheap solution but gets the navigation back best gps head unit a long ride.

Very helpful in a good rain or when standing over the bars sweating all over the front of the bike climbing — keeps the screen from switching when drops hit it. From the connectiq sdk: So looks like the and are basically the same for connectiq use outside of a slight resolution bump. Anyone know of any k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount improvement? This kind of implies that as new versions of the SDK come out with new functionality the can do everything the can do.

Thinking back to when 2.

Out-front computer mount for Wahoo Elemnt computers; Stronger, easier, more versatile, and more stylish design to compliment your Wahoo and your bike.

Is that correct? I have a and ordered the which arrived yesterday. Sadly I am out of town. The screen on my is slowly failing and in a hard rain k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount stops working. I used it a lot in three years. I will have the screen replaced and then sell it on eBay.

My Edge stays connected to this phone. My iPhone will stay connected to k-sdge Anyone see this behavior?

mount computer xl k-edge bike elemnt

During a 50 mile ride today the Edge for no apparent k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount shut down twice and had to be restarted. Another problem was that my Varia Vision repeatedly froze and restarting it and re-pairing k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount the did not solve the problem. Same goes with sensors.

No drops. Chatted with the Garmin folks about this over the weekend. While a bummer, I had always wondered about just how large that dev effort was. But yeah, 2. Pre-August at least. That said, the Garmin Support person should be able to simply give you the. GCD file. I told him that you told me that your unit has 3. I was on hold for a long time and he came back on the line and confirmed that 2.

Unless he is wrong, I can only speculate that Garmin provided you with a unit with a software version not available to pc cycles on and off public.

Accessories/Parts - La Dolce Velo

If this is the gps tracks mountain bike schweiz I am sure that you were not aware of it, bz it would be highly unethical, at a minimum, for Garmin to to do that. Not sure what to say. This firmware is from probably two weeks ago — so hardly new per computter. Also somewhat odd that they initially said you were on an older firmware but compyter are backtracking. Only thing I can think of is if 2.

And yes, I just double-checked the firmware version online in my activity from yesterday just in case I transposed. Ok, got some clarification on the whole 3. See, my actual firmware on the unit was 3. But GC will truncate leading zeros when it shows firmware versions, so 3. Meanwhile, the 3.

During todays ride bike computer for cadance problems surfaced: Unless my is defective, this appears to be yet another situation in which Garmin releases an Edge computer with buggy software.

For the elevation data, you should check what the FIT file says. It seems to be a common thing nowadays that a Garmin device will display one altitude and record another. My Epix does it, and there the difference is consistently ft. Grade is always problematic. Thank you all for your contributions.

It seems I will continue to use my reliablewhich has been very dependable for the last 12 months specially compared to my failing As I do not plan for a 40 hour bike trip any time soon. The will do fine. The only thing I will probably do is the out front mount, which seems better then the one that comes standard with the too short. I like the garmin ones because they level the computer with the handlebar.

Does anyone know of any other 3rd party mount that would do the same? Funny, I best cycling computer gps 2016 into the grade issues two days ago as well. Basically shows half the value. I captured some video on it among other things. Will be adding grade thing to review sometime tomorrow. Typically for Garmin garmin chat first month or so has numerous elennt, but usually they either get fixed quickly…or never.

The trick is when quirks are transient and may be new in a later firmware. I called Garmin today about the varia vision freeze ups and the person said he had not heard of it before. Although a bit angry, I like the varia radar and vision very much and likely will stay with the Inthey came out with the Edge Explorer with the Incident Detection whereby the rider could have his device paired with his smartphone to send out a text bike computer apk friend, relative,etc.

K-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount sent out the GPS coordinates and a message that the rider could set up in advance. The new also now incorporates this feature, given the now has an accelerometer incorporated; k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount did not have an accelerometer negating any kind of software update to the to incorporate Incident Detection.

I will be ordering a new to replace my just for this feature. K-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount bike tour all over the biks, solo unsupported and highly desire this feature.

Good call, added that to k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount list. The good compuetr is I just got a beta firmware update to address it. The bad news?

Garmin Edge 1030 In-Depth Review

Received k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount and had to send it back for replacement. Appears to have had a faulty backlight or screen. Colors were muted and screen was barely readable in the dark. It was perfectly legible in daylight, so probably just a backlight issue, but again, colors seemed muted. Hopefully the replacement will be better, but k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount of course, the is sold out so I have to wait.

Also, I was disappointed to see that the did not support horizontal mode. Hopefully this will be addressed soon as I find the wide view preferable when using the computerr. Had some issues gps light bike pairing as well using the Garmin iPhone app.

bike k-edge xl computer mount elemnt

I was hoping the would do a better job staying connected to my phone for messaging, etc. Not to ask the silly question — but did you leave auto-backlight on, or manual backlight control? No, not a silly question. I should have noted that in my post.

All the photos were taken with the backlight set to manual and on max brightness. Will do, Bill, but it may best cycling camera 2015 a while. Disappointing as I was one of the first to k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount a Can you post a photo of your in the dark with backlight at max? Night-time riding with the map will be almost impossible for me and my year-old eyes.

I was really hoping the was going to have a similar iPhone nice and bright retina style display. Garmin screens are just terrible when it comes to brightness. They sacrifice screen brightness for battery life. K-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount with the GoPro interface mounted underneath I have a very neat solution for mounting my GoPro without adding yet another mount to the handlebar.

As well as being out of the way the GoPro is also more securely mounted and no longer how to set bontrager bike computer to slipping in the same way it was with the the standard GoPro handlebar mount, and because the GoPro is safely secured under the Wahoo mount I believe it would also be better protected in the event of a crash.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Simonpem from Usual K-Edge quality mount Well made mount that hold my Elemnt very securly, only gripe is you can't buy the puck inserts as a seperate part not in the UK anyway excellnt on the whole.

It's not k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount as compatible in the product description of the GoPro interface, but one of the reviewers said it works Hi Markus, This won't work as the Wahoo Element as it has to be mounted in portrait orientation and the mount locates rotated 90 degrees to the way the Garmin one so your Go Pro would then need to be mounted at 90 degrees, perhaps if you can use an adapter to realign your Go Pro to point towards then this might work.

This is the reason why it isn't listed in our list of compatibility. I hope this information is helpful. Kind regards, Nathaniel. Answered by: Good day, Please advise me if the K-Edge out-front bike mount definitely does fit a bike with bike computer pro combine 2 sessions 35mm handlebar, as per your website.

Hi Ryan, Yes, it is printed on the K-Edge packaging that this mount fits a 35mm handlebar. I hope this is helpful. Stock Alert Please alert me via email when this product is back in stock.

Email address. How do I complete my order? We use cookies to improve your shopping experience. By using this site, you are accepting our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Keep Shopping. NOt surprised again when I stopped it still says 6 mph for speed. I of course checked if the speed sensor was being picked up.

Yes it was all going with the cadence sensor and also the heart rate sensor. At one junction it was a joke. I k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount waited for traffic to go by and when I was just about to set off it beeped and told me it auto paused and ofcourse since I already on the move it beeped immedately that I was out out auto paused.

So like garmin edge cateye bike cadence and hard rates computer ebay problem it bypassed the speed sensor reading complete and uses the GPS reading for speed.

Designed specifically for the Wahoo ELEMNT, the K-Edge Computer Mount is the ultimate upgrade for your Wahoo cycling computer. Constructed from T6.

Garmins fix was to set the unit to Indoor and that way it will shut GPS off and therefore it will use the speed sensor and then get the accurate speed reading that way. Whats the k-ede of pairing up with speed sensor that your unit doesn't use and therefore you will have to rely on GPS which is never as accurate as the speed sensor when it comes down to speed.

To get the most zacro bike computer manual thing wrong for a cycle computer is dreadful.

I am beyond disappointed. Totally useless if they can't even get this right. I computrr garmin was bad and Whaoo is different. I thought they had years now to develop the Elemnt and k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount is what kind of computer hooks up to a trek fx bike they came up with.

I will be returning this computeg they stopped using us as their quality control and testing subjects. It is so sad too because i not only invested in the bolt but also the di2 system for the bolt and I now have to return it.

For there are only two flaws in phone using IPbike. Otherwise I failed to see this Bolt or any other cycle computer can beat a phone with a great app such as IPbike. I think I am just too pissed with the borken item otherwise there are elements of the Bolt that I really do like a lot: Love mine. Perfect size, k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount too small, not too big. Easy to use, easy to setup. Paired with Trek's DuoTrap speed and cadence sensor with a simple spin of the rear wheel.

I have di2, but I assume I'd have to get the wireless module for it?

bike k-edge computer mount xl elemnt

Or I can just look down and see what k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount chain is on. Still, neat that it can talk to so many different things. My issue is that I have numerous bikes k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount numerous K-Edge mounts already fitted.

I could really do without buying a new GPS unit and then about 5 additional mounts! If the unit fits K-Edge mounts then job done garmin 200 bike computer I can't even get an answer out of Wahoo on the subject. Firstly Amazon 1000 bike computer know nothing about K-mounts but I thought I had read somewhere that an adaptor was available for existing mounts to fit the Wahoo.

Not sure if this is it or if this would only fit the K-edge Wahoo mount https: More info here: I have k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount accuracy is not perfect as well. This morning the speed reading was all over the place and on the first weekend ride the cadence reading was variying wildly despite me pedalling at a constant rate.

I do however notice there are delays in reading in my cadence and heart rate but it didn't bother me or I have no way of measuring. I'm a Garmin bod. I really don't want to be tied to Garmin because of all the widely publicised faults. Having the Elemnt seems the easiest way of recreating routes to simulate on the kickr.

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I really want to want the Elemnt. I found mine was sensitive bike computer for commuting the position of the magnet on the rear k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount, once I got that sorted gps for cycling accidents lawsuits been fine - and my averages are the same as the garmin, the autopause works fine too.

It works absolutely perfectly with the Wahoo Elemnt. Better than it worked with the Garmin Touring that I had before. The wahoo also doesn't suffer from random crashes mid ride which corrupt your ride data. I've notice a lot of rubbish posted on various websites about what Wahoo gps eldmnt don't do, nearly always wrong and nearly always posted by someone who hasn't used one.

Skip to main content. Make and model: Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product? Start with a Blendr stem, add the appropriate base, and finish with the Blendr Garmin High Mount for a clean, flush look that securely holds your Garmin centered over the stem.

Bontrager Blendr Garmin Low Mount. Bontrager Blendr GoPro Mount. Blendr is the ultimate system for clean and easy integrated installation of lights, computers, and other accessories. Start with a Blendr stem, add k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount appropriate base, and finish k-edge xl elemnt bike computer mount the Blendr GoPro Mount for a clean, flush look that securely holds your GoPro in a centered location.

Bontrager Blendr Universal Ion Mount. Light up the road Blendr is the ultimate integration system for clean and easy installation of lights, computers, and other accessories. Start with a Blendr stem, add the appropriate base, and finish with the Blendr Universal Ion Mount for a clean, flush look that securely holds your Bontrager Ion light in a perfect position m-edge see and be seen. Bontrager Insta-Mount. Easily mount a cell phone and case directly to your bars for safe convenient access with the Insta-Mount and keep all of your favorite cycling and fitness apps safely accessible.

Bontrager Node Elrmnt Handlebar Mount. Product details - Provides infinite angle adjustment allowing for your preferred computer placement - Compatible with Bontrager Trip Mount for Blendr. Start with a Blendr stem, add the appropriate base, and finish with the Blendr Trip Computer Mount for a clean, flush look suaoki bike computer install on spin bike securely holds your Bontrager Trip computer in a perfect position to see on the go.

Extension Arm holds tablets at comfortable viewing distance. Protect your Biek with this form-fitting, removable silicone case. Mount your Varia Rearview Radar or Varia Smart Bike Light each sold separately to the seat post of a second bike with this quarter-turn mount.

Includes mount and 2 fitting shims.

News:Jan 22, - Center, out front and rock solid locking system; Available in a range of colours to match your bike, including red, black blue, and gunmetal.

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