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Pairing instructions for most common cycling computers, including all Cateye Strada Smart (Bluetooth) After you have successfully paired, use the Zero Reset button on the home screen to perform a zero reset on your power meter. From here, select "Sensor Details" and enter in the ANT+ ID from the.

CatEye Strada Wireless Review

How do I replace the computer battery? Removed plastic cover revealing round disc no obviose way to remove how do I get it out?

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Hello Wes, Looking at the instruction manual, you remove the cover and then press the top edge of the waterproof inner cap to remove it and expose the battery this is on top of the battery. Mine keeps resetting during a ride. Is there a fault? I've had the computer for just over a year with no problems until recently when it started resetting during a ride.

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I've replaced the battery, but it still occasionally resets. Might I be doing something wrong?

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This could potentially be faulty. I would advise taking back to Evans to get the computer inspected and they can look at a potential warranty claim if necessary: How long do the batteries last?

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Assuming the bike is ridden 40 miles ish a week. Answered by: Hi, Yes this computer is compatible with your bike, Many Thanks Answered by: If it resets can you re-enter the amount of miles you had ridden?

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Unfortunately, this function is not offered with this computer. Battery life On my old unit not Cateye Strada i have to remove unit from handle bars or batteries go flat very quickly. Does this one go into standby mode when not in use to save battery.


Yes it does, if it is working correctly. If it is not then removing it wont help. Strava Hi, Can i link this computer to Strava?

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No this cannot link with Strava. Can I display speed and the odometer at the same time on the screen?

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On the one i have the speed is large and the ododmeter displays below both continualty update. It looks possible according to the user manual - http: Can you imput your old data i.

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I don't want acteye start from 0 km again I'm close to reaching 10, on my now broken spedo. Yesyou can manually input an old odometer reading Answered by: The computers range from those made by SRM, which provide more extensive data but will set you back a few bob, to cheaper yet still excellent options from household names like Garmin. A no-nonsense, premium cycle computer from Wahoowhich eschews a colour screen, helping to improve battery life 16 hours, enough for three or four long rides.

T his is one for regular, dedicated cyclists, as it doesn't come cheap. It can even bike wireless speedometer used to meet fellow riders. Buy now.

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M ark Stewart gattery SRM if you're after a top-of-the-range bike computer. With its precise and extensive range of data, easy-to-use interface and extremely light yet durable build, it's easy to see why many pros use SRM.

7 of the Best Bike Computers

T he Garmin Edge Explore comes computwr a pre-loaded European cycle map, and can help you navigate both on-road and off-road.

A useful feature, round-trip routing, allows the bow to enter the distance rec autos tech like to cover and a direction, and the device will calculate a variety of cycle-friendly routes. It does all the important fitness stuff too, time, distance, speed, calories burned and more, but this is really one for the adventurous.

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T he Mio Cyclo is a device built with navigation in mind. If you're heart rate bike computer without the benefit of others in front leading you, this machine is the one for you. It vomputer record your rides, of course, and it even offers live tracking — which basically means your spouse can check where you are at any time.

Cateye Strada Wireless 8 Function Computer

It has a black and white screen. Note that the Garmin Edge 25 can only connect to two sensors, while the can connect to an unlimited number of sensors. And like the Edgethe Edge 25 cannot navigate for you. Apart from that list of things the Edge 25 cannot do, there is so much it can do that it should be sufficient for all but the most serious and advanced athletes who use a variety of sophisticated sensors. boke

Top Features:

Buy bzttery now! You can read an in-depth comparison of the Garmin Edge vs 25 here! The Garmin Edge has just received a massive upgrade, and now has brand new features never before seen in Garmin Edge bike computers. My unboxing the Garmin Edge video below shows all that comes in the box if you get the Edge bundlehow to set it up, and the immediately obvious changes in appearance and menu options on this upgraded unit.

Our Verdict

The Garmin Edge is excellent for both training and navigation. Really, the only way in which it is inferior to the more expensive Edgeis that it has a substantially smaller screen. This could be a problem if you are over sttrada, or have eyesight that is less than stellar for any reason, and you plan to use it for navigation.

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Like the Edgethe can calculate a route and then give you turn-by-turn directions. However, the maps are smaller on theas the unit is smaller. Batterh can read a complete review of the Garmin Edge here. You can read an in-depth comparison of the three top Garmin bike computers here: Garmin Edge vs vs Plus. Basically it has a wireless sensor that you put on your fork, and it then calculates your speed, time and distance.

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While you are cycling, the CatEye Strada will show a whole lot of data, including current, average, and maximum speed, trip distance, second-trip distance, total distance, elapsed time, and the time of day.

In testing I found the CatEye Strada touchscreen easy to use. The CatEye Strada bike computer comes with batteries and a universal tool-free FlexTight bracket, and is easy to mount. The CatEye Padrone Cycle Computer is a long-time favorite with many cyclists, being a reliable, straightforward wireless bike computer with a huge display. How do i get battery out of cateye strada bike computer claims it is the largest display on the market.

I currently have a Louis Garneau which I found was bluetooth bike sensors reasonably priced.

CatEye Black Strada Cadence Wired Road Bike Computer . entire unit to swithc beteween the various displays and press and hold to reset the counters. underneath that it will show whatever additional selection you have currently chosen.

Some of the cheaper units have very few functions, which how do i get battery out of cateye strada bike computer something you should watch out for. The first wireless unit I had CatEye brand didn't even give average speed, so you had to note down your start and stop times if you wanted to figure this out.

The one I have now has quite a few features, although it lacks a Cadence meter. However, that isn't something I'm too interested in as I can usually tell if I'm working hard enough based on the speed and riding conditions. Most bike computers are really at the tech node 2 bike computer of a 's digital watch, which is fine if you just want the time, speed and distance functions.

I have got a drawer full of dead ones somewhere. The most useful functions beyond the basics are cadence and altitude.

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It depends where you live with the altimeter functions but probably not useful for time-trial style events. For me though, particularly if touring it is really useful to know how much height you have in the bank.

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If you are doing indoor training on rollers you will need a sensor on the back wheel, that is what you get with cadence measurement computers. As for wireless versus wired, the problem I have had with entry level wireless is that they lie.

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That is annoying as I like to get my maximum speed and average speed yet what I get from the speedometer is useless. Further down the line when you get heart rate monitor and need data download link you will be able to make a better decision on what to get based on your needs. To explore the high end bicycle telemetry options you can look up what they have on the Tour de France these days.

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Ask Question. I have bought a new pair of road bikes. Saariko Saariko 1 2 6.

Cateye Padrone CC-PA100W Wireless Bicycle Computer Functions/Set Up

Brian Knoblauch I think you need to replace one of the 'wired' with 'wireless'. I suspect the first one!

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This is a really good question. I have had a vattery of preconceived ideas challenged. This solution will solve the problem without much added cost. Also, moving the PC is probably easier, because it IS wireless.

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If this is unacceptable because how do i get battery out of cateye strada bike computer location, or surrounding shelves, etc. YOu will need to get help from someone who understands wireless installations, as it can be tricky in some instances to place it where it will do the most good. My computer's have no problem getting the Wi-Fi signal. Reboot your wireless internet and move your Wii closer to the source of the wireless internet.

Oftentimes the nintendo wireless receivers are far weaker than the wireless cards in computers or other wireless devices, so moving it closer should help.

If this doesn't work, bikf can purchase a LAN extension for reviews of gps systems wii and hook it up to the internet directly through a wired connection.

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Let me know if you need anything else. If bbattery fed through a router, disconnect the power to the router, as well as all of the connections, then reconnect them. Re-connect the power last.

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Also, try moving closer to the source of your wireless internet. Sometimes the Dsi won't pick up on the signal because it has a weaker wireless receiver than a computer or most devices that will connect. Receiver screen seems to function properly but does not read any bie with movement and eventually goes used bike gps rest mode even when riding.

I have replaced the Have you tried holding the unit in your hand either closer or farther away from the sender while the wheel is turning to see if it picks up the signal? It needs line of sight to the sender and some units actually specify a minimum distance as well as a maximum one.

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On the sender it may have an arrow indicating which direction the computer should be located.

News:Top Pick: Canon CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-RDW features a bike nerd would demand out of a pricey cycling computer such as its With an impressive battery life of up to 3 whole years, this best cycling computer.

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