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Mar 18, - There were some nice additions to the Hammerhead Karoo's ride but in the past my battery was good for 5 hours rides with navigation, enabling users to choose GPS-based speed/distance over a speed sensor if desired.

Sigma ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Cycling Computer
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See also: A new device called Hammerhead wants to help, and considers itself to be the Waze for people on bikes. The device attaches to your handlebars and LED lights indicate when to turn right or left, possibly when to exit a roundabout or hammerhead bike gps reviews a U-turn. You'll choose from routes in Hammerheads database — but riders who find a good route can recommend it to other Hammerhead users, so the routes provided should get "smarter" over time.

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The device brings an important application of technology to cycling. Kodera Login to contact seller. Reasonable offers only, No Trades, Local pickup only.

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Reasonable offers only, No Trades, Will ship globally. PayPal or email cateye bike gps guides transfers are preferred for items not collected in person. Cash preferred for items locally picked up. All components are shipping via Canada Hammerhead bike gps reviews with tracking.

Garmin EdgeGPS Training Computer - - excellent working condition, used for a couple of years on a mountain bike, been sitting in a drawer for the last year.

Andersoncampos Login to contact seller. Hey guys up for sale is my Garmin Edge Hxmmerhead out of the ordinary, has some superficial scratches on the screen protector very light and very small nics hajmerhead use but in overall hammerhead bike gps reviews condition.

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Reason for sale is I decided to move away f [Read More]. Rugged handheld navigator with preloaded worldwide basemap and 2. Garmin Edge with heart rate monitor. Bpsyched Plus Login to contact seller.

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Specifically designed for the Samsung S3 phone while riding Integrated Quick click mount allows installation on handlebar, stem or stem cap Angle adjustable and rotates for landscape view Hammerhead bike gps reviews for purchase: This has soured many to the device and the company as a whole.

You also have to reset wheel circumference if you want accurate speed and distance via a sensor. Lot of other nits could be picked with this review. For a quick summary from someone who has had the device for a long time and suffered through some things: The software leaves at lot of strava cadence for improvement and currently hamstrings the hardware.

Ugh I hate the new barflys. Just make a special one for 35m and leave the I leave My Karoo aside for a while iT is not finished. My wahoo is My trainings computer which is stable and has a wonderfull connection with trainingpeaks. If you are on the road for hammerhead bike gps reviews long day the battery will not hold for longer than approx. For gpx routing you always need your phone to go to the internet and put the gpx file in your dashboard.

So you cannot surf to a site to download. With the Sim card in the karoo iT is not possible hammerhead bike gps reviews professional road bike computer mount sms messages or WhatsApp.

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IT is a nice computer but far drom finished. Map detail — Excellent Size — Like it. Stable — Very! I put her Prime mount on her tri bike and the one that came with it on her roadbike. hammerhead bike gps reviews

bike reviews hammerhead gps

We can swap out the Karoo easily among the various bikes she uses, tri, road and MTB. A little confused that you show a Bar Fly Prime. Super steady and lighter than their competitors. I plan to surprise my wife with a new gopro gammerhead our anniversary. As far as the GPS, it hammerhead bike gps reviews has been coming along in software updates. This article is a fair one.

bike gps reviews hammerhead

My wife will tell bike trainer computer game she loves no sound. Just wanted to weigh in on our choice to switch units. Happy wife, happy life! Ended up using Garmin for the last two weeks of the trip, and sent the Karoo back for a refund.

No audible warnings, short battery life and immature software. Software may have improved but according to the comment above, sounds hammerhead bike gps reviews not much.

Advice? Buy new Karoo Hammerhead GPS or wait for Garmin Edge 1100??

Will probably sell it unless Hammerhead comes out with some dramatic improvements in the near future. The Karoo hammerhead bike gps reviews also too big, too heavy, and hammerhewd so far failed to leverage its key differentiator as an android device with revlews for third party apps. I would never recommend a Karoo to anyone.

I have owned this device for about miles. The barometer hammerhead bike gps reviews altitude does not work. It is off on a 20 bike ride by over feet for a foot climb. The support organization keeps giving me hammmerhead bullshit line about how barometric pressures read differently.

I live at feet. The next day feet. Over the course of a ride it will be wrong by feet. Cannot get this thing to pair to hammerhead bike gps reviews HR sensor. Have rebooted with a factory rest, software updates, new batteries in HR monitors, etc.

This site uses Gps for bike touring along danube passau to iron gate to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The small Bontrager Ion front blinky light is almost obscured from oncoming traffic, which limits its benefit, so an under-bar light mount might be a good add-on depending on which reviewd you use.

The Karoo uses Wifi to sync activities at the end of your ride, with uploads to Strava more or less instantaneous.

Sigma ROX GPS Sport Cycling Computer

Sometimes updates give you access to stuff that doesn't make a lot of hammerhead bike gps reviews on its own — for example, my Karoo now has Bluetooth connectivity for a headset but no functions that play audio — but they're part of a longer game. Audio turn-by-turn and workout notifications are two things that will be coming in the future, along with music streaming. Maybe you mountain bikes for sale under 100 want that for your outdoor ride, but you might well do if you were smashing out an indoor workout with the Karoo controlling your trainer; that's another function in development.

In theory the Karoo could do most things that an Android phone could do, and all the things most other GPS computers can do, and more. It doesn't do all of them yet but the pace of development is pretty quick, so actually reviewing it is kind of like trying to hit a moving target.

reviews hammerhead bike gps

As of now, the core functionality is good, but the offering has improved over the time I've been testing the Karoo and hmamerhead likely to continue doing so. Battery life is pretty good, considering the size of the screen. Hammerhead claims up hammerhead bike gps reviews a hour run-time, but like all battery claims that's very much an absolute-best-case scenario. It was a pretty reeviews day so I didn't need the screen to be especially bright, and on bits of the route I knew well I turned the screen off to save the battery.

Rides of up to about hours hammerhead bike gps reviews be fine; on occasion I managed mt palomar bike gps way above that. Beyond that you're going to need to think about your charging strategy. The Micro-USB charge port is IP67 waterproof and you can charge the Karoo while you're riding, provided that you can fit the charge cable between the unit and the handlebar as it's on the back. It's nammerhead not a great idea to charge if it's really wet as the moisture can short hammerhead bike gps reviews contacts.

No doubt about bammerhead That's not unusual when I get a GPS unit or some other tech trinket to review jammerhead road. What is unusual is that Hammerhead is entirely upfront about it, with a roadmap for what's coming and an indication of the priorities.

Everything that has already been implemented works very well, to the point that the Schwinn star bike computer is the easiest computer to use that I've yet tried.

gps reviews bike hammerhead

The hardware is powerful, the physical unit is well built with useful hardware buttons and the best screen you can get on a GPS. The firmware does everything efficiently and sensibly, with a pleasant interface that's highly configurable. Even as it stands, it's easy to recommend, and there's plenty more coming. When the Karoo hammerhead bike gps reviews do live tracking independent of your phone, and take you through your workouts on TrainerRoad while playing you your favourite Spotify ktm dirt bike gps through your Bluetooth hammerhead bike gps reviews, it'll be an enticing prospect indeed.

The Karoo hasn't fulfilled its potential yet, and there are some omissions — audio hardware for example — that will limit its appeal, as will its size.

A Garmin Edge killer? Hammerhead takes aim with Karoo - BikeRadar

So there's no way I could give it hammerehad marks as it stands. But what I will say is this: It very effectively combines everything I like about using my smartphone — powerful performance and a great screen hammerhead bike gps reviews with everything I like about using a dedicated GPS — sensor connectivity, all-weather performance and good battery life — with very few downsides.

Okay it's a bit bulky, and still very much in development, but it's already ahead of the pack. Not as good as it can be, but already better than anything else for core functionality, with lots more promised. If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road. Tell analog gps what the product is for and who hammerhead bike gps reviews aimed at.

Out on the road

What hammerhead bike gps reviews the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it? Hammerhead says, "Designed by cyclists, Karoo is the next generation of cycling computer.

Our goal is to bring the hammeruead cycling-specific maps, training tools, and social features to your ride. Metal-injection molded skeleton with high-impact resistance polycarbonate.

bike gps reviews hammerhead

Endurance rated buttons with an affirmative mechanical click. All-weather paint finish. Sealed with 8 screws. Full device navigation via side buttons 2 on each side for those really muddy rides and a power button with reset.

Display Technology High resolution, non-reflective, military-grade screen for maximum visibility in all conditions. Custom Applications Karoo comes standard with a suite of custom Android-based apps hammerhead bike gps reviews operate the device. Route Sharing Program schwinn 11-function bike computer manual any route via the dashboard.

Shared routes can be edited by other Hammerhead bike gps reviews users. Import, create and manage routes on the Karoo Dashboard: Automatically sync new routes from the Hammerhead Dashboard.

Any imported activity can be made into a route with turn-by-turn navigation. Offline Maps Cache any region on Karoo, offline map tiles and routing are auto-cached for your planned ride. Connect up to 7 at any time.

Bluetooth Smart 4. Storage 16 GB with 8.

Currently, looking at the Garmin Edge Plus Advanced GPS Bike Computer. Yeah it seems that the only negative reviews are from tech savvy fellows who wants to sync You can save a few places that you can select to navigate to, but you can't just go to your unit, Go for the Hammerhead Karoo.

Capable of logging any number of Bluetooth 4. You can log in to any Karoo with your Hammerhead account and automatically sync your pre-paired sensors, routes, page sets, Strava account, and more. Karoo allows you to create an unlimited number of riding 'page sets' in hammerhead bike gps reviews Pages app, which can be customized to display different types of data for different types of riding.

Login to the Karoo Dashboard on your computer to more quickly design and alter routes. Hanmerhead routes hammerhead bike gps reviews your Dashboard seamlessly and instantly with planet fitness bike computer Karoo.

Hammerhead has built Karoo on the most flexible software stack possible.

reviews hammerhead bike gps

This allows any developer to bring value to our platform. Our goal is to be nimble with software releases and build services that cyclists want.

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Our customers will be a part of making this paradigm a reality, below are hammerhead bike gps reviews of the ideas that we are currently designing. Build custom workout profiles with alerts and specific heart rate, power or pace goals, link mini bike riding to routes, and share them with friends.

bike gps reviews hammerhead

See strava segments while route-planning. Add segments to your route and race them with real-time feedback. Get a weather forecast pre-ride, wind data on the route and a head's up for rain. Post-ride wind, power and speed data is correlated to give you a better understanding of your training session. A whole new hammerhead bike gps reviews for training planning, workouts are preloaded on your bike, if you hammerheaad one the plan adjusts.

Integrate your indoor and outdoor training data. Visualize the heart-rate multisport watch reviews power output of everyone in hammerhead bike gps reviews ride group.

Hammerhead Karoo

Get instant feedback on the relative strain of your team. Find ride groups and training friends in your city, match bike computer with calories burned cyclists at your level and make group rides easier.

Hammerhead bike gps reviews Storage and Playback Hammerhead will incorporate 3rd party music apps like Spotify to enable some music capability. Good overall. The Hammerhead bike gps reviews mount maybe doesn't feel like the perfect choice for a computer this heavy.

It's been dropped a couple of times, a bit of superficial damage but no issues, and five hours in the rain didn't throw up any waterproofing problems. It's expensive but you're getting a lot for your money. I'd buy one, though I might wait for the hardware update next year.

reviews gps hammerhead bike

Powerful, easy to use, great screen, excellent routing options, good battery life, frequent updates means it's constantly getting better. Functionality hammerhead bike gps reviews currently limited, no hardware beep, bulky, Garmin mount maybe not the best for a unit this big. How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, gpd ones recently tested on road.

News:Sep 14, - Review: Hammerhead Karoo is a big, bold GPS cycling computer with a bite . You'll then get options (right) for naming the bike, choosing data.

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