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A GPS running watch is a great addition to your triathlon gear. over the years and can now be used whilst cycling and swimming as well as running. The main things to consider when choosing GPS running watch is: The Garmin Forerunner XT is the newest Garmin GPS watch (available from . Bikes & Reviews.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT Review – Good GPS Enabled Sport Watch

Where to Buy? You can currently buy the Garmin XT with free shipping from Amazonwith the base model, heart rate monitor or for the triathlon bundle.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT

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Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Sports Watch (AU)

Top 10 HRM Watches. With Christmas fast approaching and the colder weather garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review some runners to take a break, benefits and costs of using The Garmin Forerunner XT has all the multisport features you would expect from a triathlon watch, which takes all the The Garmin Forerunner has advanced running analytics, access to Garmin Connect IQ and get xenical 90 pills online or The Garmin Forerunner is an excellent running watch for 20 mg accutane or http: If you are all about the Running Metronome Resources.

Garmin Forerunner XT Review. Garmin Forerunner XT. Garmin Forerunner XT Swimming. Running Metronome Resources Running Resources. The aim of this blog is to provide information, reviews and tips for runners to help improve their running technique, fitness and endurance using a running metronome. Read more about us. All the new Garmins do stuff like step counting, smartwatch features emails, texts, FB notifications, etc on the watchbluetooth connectivity, etc.

forerunner running bike garmin swim watch 910xt review gps

Note that I think the Vivoactive only works for swimming in a pool, but the others will work for open water swimming, which may be important if you do triathlons.

Older models that you could pick up second hand, eg XT, Forerunne, XT won't have some or all of the above fancy garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review. Also, some of the new watches are smart enough to wear as a day to day watch, whereas the garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review ones I mentioned above are not designed to really be worn all day, just for exercise ie the minute you switch them on they go into GPS mode which starts draining the battery.

Dave B on 29 Aug I have a Suunto Ambit 3 vertical as it was the cheapest sensible option was from Wiggle Is not as good as the fenix range in terms of options, but it's reliable. There are some people who seem to have horror stories with different brands, some with garmin, some with suunto and some with other brands.

I'd forsrunner tempted by the fenix 5 if I could a afford simple bike gps and b hasn't had every single garmin product I've bought fail on me. My cycling meter has the Garmin xt.

He is very happy. Look at dcrainmaker. The New NickB - on 29 Aug I'm on my third Garmin and Garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review also had a TomTom, all used almost exclusively for running.

I have a bike specific Garmin. The earlier Garmin running models and in my case were not fully waterproof, I've currently got a mid range model, runnongwhich is. I look for a few things from a GPS watch: My other half has the entry level Garmin Forerunner 10, which does the basic functions of time, speed, pace, distance and plotting a route, but is a bit of a pain to upload and isn't fully waterproof. I don't swim with my watch, but here is some information on using none swim specific watch for swimming, possibly saving you buying a higher end model.

The original was pretty bulky, I had problems with the touchscreen on the and then I dropped it on a tile floor and chipped the corner of the screen off, I just didn't like the TomTom much and after two years decided I could justify something new. So mainly just wanting shiny new things. I do know someone who still uses an old Post edited at tps Stig - on bell bike computer sensor placement Aug In reply to The New NickB: Like Nick I am primarily a runner and my requirements are exactly the same.

I have a Garmin and love it.

Jump to Cycling - Each bike can then store a slew of different saved parameters, such as ANT+ information (pretty much all of them), it'll happily pick that up too. bike computer can do – except now it's powered with GPS and Obviously the FRXT does tons more in other areas though (swim and run namely).

I'd say it's the perfect running watch. Garmin is the Apple of the GPS world — instantly easy to use, with great functionality. Both have great training functionality and are brilliantly accurate in terms of recording your ride. Pay your money gaarmin take your pick. Home Cycling Active. Top gps units watches grouptest.

running garmin swim bike review watch gps forerunner 910xt

Jamie Darlow. Seriously, your reviews set the standard. Thank you very much. And thank you Garmin for delivering.

Get the low-down on the new multisport offering from Garmin, the Forerunner 910XT

Now it just needs to work!!! Now I just have to find the cash for it or hope that Santa is good to me. My thoughts are that the watcu would still record all of the data but on the bike the information would be displayed both on the watch and on the display unit mounted in a more convenient location than your wrist.

The display may have configurable data screens similar to the edge but other than that all the information would be received from the watch. It would be awesome to see Garmin offer some functionality that explicitly allows waatch to work in sync ie when in range, synchronize the clocks and mirror any commands like pressing the lap button.

I use the Garmin for running and was considering getting the Finis swim watch for pool laps. 9110xt this works as well as the Finis it would make sense to just dump my and get an all in one. DC Rainmaker- can you provide a comparison? I would like to runnint a Xperia active, Edge and xt in one device, but the display is the problem… And you have the solution! Maybe it could be called the Edge D, for display. Great Review! What is run pace smoothing?

It seems thats the only thing the has over the XT in your spreadsheet. Just wondering as an avid runner how to choose between the and XT.

Is there something else compelling about the over the XT for this type of user? Thanks for yet another outstanding review Ray! It looks great. I look forward to when Garmin can make the entire thing touch screen though! About the watch. Wow Garmin, you made it! This is what I always dreamed of. Thank you so much for posting such garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review great review. Do you think the xt has what it takes to get prime position in your sport tech arsenal?

Watchh it possible to use the Virtual Racer functionality in conjunction with multi-sport mode? Again, great review. If only they could figure out the garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review HR signal.

Superb review. Finally the all in one device I have been searching ruhning is here! Outstanding review! I was about to get another XT, mine 2 year old XT has been behaving strangely. Thank you so much for helping me to save money on a older model! I need to double-check that again, it was cleaner tonight on my run. Will definitely mention it.

I think also something like what CycleOps is doing would be grmin too — with their HR strap power fairly accurate in my runbing.

It depends. HR underwater is hard to get garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review a number of levels. The real question is the usefulness of it. The swim is still up in the air today I use swimsense.

Unclear at the moment, should have some detail in a few days on bkie. Curious myself actually. The garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review is slightly different than past bands, so it might work — but might not be a perfect fit.

Depending on where the sensor garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review, it would either be affected by body heat, or not as much.

Below erview band, certainly. Much less prone thatn FRXT. The FRXT had the gike top being glass, without a lip. The FRXT has a very slight lip and more protection. Headed up cycle computer Canada tomorrow, will definitely be curious to see how it handles on the hillier terrain. Really wish there were more options in this area.

Thank you very much for an excellent, runniing in-depth review! I think Frerunner knows what a lot of us wants for Christmas! Great design, features, etc… Have to change in the future I noticed that they changed the font on the screen. It is more readable now.

review swim gps forerunner 910xt garmin bike running watch

And now the greatest problem for Garmin to find the way to read HR in water. Excellent review! Or can two devices use the same account allowing me to alternate between devices so I can use both new and historic data.

Just a small thing in the comparision new garmin gps 2016 Polar RCX5 can change recording rate — 1, 2, 5, 15 or 60 seconds. In several sports it would be interesting to log accelerometer data along with the GPS-data in order to improve technique training. One case is orienteering map reading frequency and characteristicsbut there are also several other sports where this would be very interesting skiing, skating etc.

It looks like Garmin now has all the hardware required if the accelerometer bike computer magnet replacement swim-stroke can handle 10 Hz frequency. Do you think they will be interested in putting something like this in firmware in the future? Would be very interesting….

Ray, only five bikes? What an annoyingly low number. I think ten is a more reasonable number, but then again, I garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review a small bike problem.

But I am not alone! I see from the website that Garmin is offering a fabric strap. But the quick change kit includes a plastic strap. Matt, I have a strong suspicion that the swim lap features on the XT are because it has built in magnetometers in order to be able to detect the subtle shifts in arm movement and identify strokes.

I doubt that hardware exists in the xt. How do you think the swim will affect later barometric altitude readings? A will water get in it, and B how fast will it clear? Being interested in triathlons and mountaineering, the garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review altimeter makes this a potentially useful watch on short mountain climbs.

I have a few questions related to that:.

Garmin Forerunner XT

Can you do a test where you turn it on and leave it in the freezer or put iceblocks around it and see how quickly it dies? Or perhaps garmin has some research on this already? Why buy a if you can get the xt? I was garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review going to jump from a Polar RS watch to the for running and get a Edge for biking, but it looks forsrunner going with the xt is superior — even if I also end up getting an Edge or similar later for the additional data fields and mapping features.

You stated specifically that no Garmins record R-R data but I am confused as the folks at Firstbeat have revoew me otherwise. Firstbeat are developing an update that will include compatibility with the link to firstbeat.

Rfview have an email stating that Firstbeat software will be compatible from Firstbeat. Their software only interprets R-R data. Can you clarify this?

Just wondering … If the XT really have accelerometers built-in for the swimming activity, it could also be used as a podometer and replace the foot pod? I mean technicaly at least … I know Garmin is so bad at software developing but revies not hope?! Ditto to all gps bike chip praises on your great reviews. Ray, this is incredible. You do a fantastic job at reviewing this stuff. Watcu should offer you a job. I posted earlier regarding R-R data recording.

Below is the question and responseni obtained from Firstbeat the the reason for my confusion and asking for clarification. Sigma 1200 plus bike computer Sent: Garmin Compatibility. I saw recently in a forum post at Garmin that Firstbeat Althete would be compatible with the Garmin sometime this 9100xt. Is this true? It was my understanding that Garmin devices did not record R-R data.

I garkin like to have route information and am very interested in the Garmin Can you please tell me if there is a planned update to FBA for Garmin compatibility? Yes, support for Garmin Forerunner will be added revlew the next Athlete update, released this summer.

Ray, thanks for these awesome reviews! 910x do rpm once or twice a week indoors, once a week running outside. And irregularly gamin at sea biike times a yearone week skiing, two or three weekends of mountain biking and one week of hiking in the mountains all per year.

The main reason for buying a gps watch is to keep track of my garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review progress specifically in running en rpm and to record speed and tracks skiing, garmjn biking and hiking.

Niether will I use the watch as a normal daily watch. Just a quick question about software compatible with the new swim features. Essentially nothing. From a running standpoint, the FR and share everything. The only diff is the garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review altimeter and the longer runnin of the XT. I do indeed suspect the problem there may be garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review to home.

I did indeed love the old FR fabric quick release strap though…very nice. Cateye vectra bike computer manual water will shake out almost immediately. The hole is located on the side near the lower left edge of the watch — should easily shake out in a couple minutes at worst. My suggestion if if going more than 20 hours, consider the batter extender gike a way to give it an extra day or forever with solar.

Saim, the barometric altimeter on recent runs has been winning me over… Also, the FR is wearable as a day to day watch for weeks at a time, the XT not at all. FIT files to make that consumable. Yes, the FRXT is the watch you want. In fact, during many of my discussions with Garmin I actually use Windsurfing as an example of why they should have waterproofed the FR The FRXT is definitely the watch garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review want.

I plan to do a full shootout between the two — as soon as the aforementioned Connect details are there. However, the site still needs to be updated. DC Rainmaker your are amazing.

Thank you. I have thr XT, but I am not crazy about it, and it is brand new. So if any of you want to buy it. Please feel free to email me: I am going to get the new one!! I am in doubt which watch would suit me best the xt or I do mountain biking twice a week and running once a week.

I am not a professional and I have a Dakota 20 unit but I want to use only a gps watch for everything. I have been waiting for this one to come out since the new polar was released and was disappointed it did not have integrated GPS. I currently have the RSCX and have been happy with it but looking for more advanced features and online data sharing have not made the leap to training peaks yet.

Could you gagmin add a link to Amazon. Same to http: Thanks Ray. Agree completely. SS on the time display. Is this also the case with the FRXT? Hi Great review as usual. A question about Virtual Racer. Is it any different than running against Virtual Partner using a course with FR? Great review as eunning. Is the metal back on the similar to thein terms of a plated cast metal gps bike computer polar m460 Seems this geview not isolated given related posts on garmun Garmin forums.

Hoping you can provide some insight. I was wondering, when you get your updated model can you advise how the firmware is acting? The corrosion you have experienced on your unit is a defect and you should contact Garmin Product Support about it. I am looking forward to seeing how the XT does in the water compared to the Finis Swimsense. In a four-field config once you hit This is what Virtual Racer does. The firmware itself is very stable. The bugs today that I run into are primarily around data frerunner not fully implemented or completed — all mostly known items that are being knocked out by garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review development team.

Built in GPS, Heart rate accross the whole activity and not just the zones, lap swimming. However I foregunner got my Polar RSx, and budget does not included a watch upgrade, so I garmon only think about this watch in a years time. Perhaps Garmin will have another great option maybe less bulky. Great review, sounds like a really cool watch.

XT Triathlon Review | Garmin Duathlon, Triathlon and Running Watch HRM | the5krunner

From what I read I guess the next thing for Garmin to work on would be the implementation of some sort of ECO-Mode, that basically turns off anything except for everyday-watch features and gives you an everyday-watch kind of battery life. VP then runs exactly as you did last time. You can easily verify — on a track, run m fast, walk for m — so you cover the m in say s.

Then reset the watch, create new course and run the lap at an even pace in s. But I do have a question for you, would you recommend pre-ordering it, or waiting and buying it like the day it comes out instead? I was just wondering about the barometric altimeter, to what extent would it be affected by weather change?

I have asked Garmin this question and they wouldnt give me an answer. They told me to try at my own risk but it would void the warrenty. I would hate to try this on my own xt watch once I garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review it.

The xt has become quite popular with kayak and ski paddlers. With the accellerometer the xt has potential for paddlers. Is the accellerometer sensitive enough to detect the stroke rate when attached to the kayak or would it need to be on the wrist. Great detailed review. How do you like the battery life sigma bc 1200 bike computer the XT?

Would it be useful for long distance triathlons garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to top gps cycling watches the reviews and answer all our questions. As your review has been extremely beneficial and would definitely be back to read others to help out with future purchases.

swim gps review garmin forerunner watch bike 910xt running

Is it possible to garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review Metabolic Test data that was done in some other facility varmin New Leaf into the Garmin to be used for accurate calorie calculations? Or, is getting a New Leaf version of a metabolic test the only way? I have done these tests and dont really want to have to dop them again but would like to get my test info in there to be used in the calculations.

Currently I use the XT in my cap and it works flawlessly. What wireless cycle computer with cadence ya think? Nice — but still the oldschool-map. Maybe someone should tell that girl about the swim cap method: But on the other hand, looking to data while swimming ist interesting.

So how precise ist the distance measurement during the workout? So without the postprocessing of the xt swimalgorithm? Dear Ray, I can only repeat what everyone low cost gps cycling computer been writting great review.

Question on the open-water swim: Reviww we swim the same route 3 times per week in the summer, it would be nice to variate the intensity and stroke rate. On the bike: In June when crossing the alps I was quite annoyed to loose that information. I just wonder if the XT could also be used for indoor cycling on a spinning bike with the running foot pod sensor to calculate garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review.

Thanks for the great review. I have one question its a huge pet peave of mine on the XT that I never had on the earlier models. When I use auto lap I would like to see my current forerunenr as well as elapsed time when reviewing the workout later.

With the xt it will show 9100xt example… Foterunner 10 total time 8: I called Garmin and asked about this they said they would tell software to put that on garmi a future update.

review gps garmin running 910xt watch bike forerunner swim

Sure sucks I would like to know if I have a negative split or not with trying to add each individual laps. And this is where I am getting mine from.

910xt garmin review forerunner watch swim running gps bike

Application example: This then tells you your cushion to cutoff. I have a question regarding the TE measurement training effectwill this work with the old soft strap or just the new one? DC, superb as always. I noted that the Training Effect was mentioned in some detail. Polar has used the beat to beat HR in their series watches for a long time and in fact, downloads the R-R or beat to beat HR bikes direct bike computer simultaneously when that option is selected.

What about the Garmin?

swim gps running watch forerunner garmin 910xt review bike

One question: I have had my VO2MAX tested at a testing lab… Is it possible to use that test and manually type it trek bike 300 computer manual my profile in the device, or can I only get the garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review gaarmin right by using the new leaf thing?

Great review as always! Can revirw tell me if the xt has an option to automatically start the timer? Hi Ray, great review, thanks a lot for your time! Does it download on the iPad as on a regular computer to check Garmin Connect? Regards, Pierre. Awesome review as always, Ray. Any chance of getting Garmin to include this basic feature, if not at launch then maybe in a firmware update?

Hi Ray, thanks for another great review.

running gps review bike 910xt garmin watch forerunner swim

How easy to read is gps so dont get lost mountain bike screen on the xt, especially when cycling?

I also have an Edge and fforerunner that screen pretty hard to read with sun glasses on, in fact with revieew data fields and a bumpy road it is almost impossible ewim read and I have good eyesight. The FR had a clearer screen. If so, can you provide some screen shots? Ray garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review thanks for the great review — do you foresee an issue with getting a wetsuit deview while wearing the watch?

One could garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review take off the watch and put it on the bike prior to taking off the wetsuit, but it seems like it would make a faster transition if you could get out of the sleeves on the run to the bike.

Orders from 3rd party companies at this point would have been after the initial announcement date, and thus further down the list based on order date — from Garmin. Barometric altimeter You can see some shifts in barometric altimeter data based on weather, I saw that a bit a week or so ago with a run as a storm came in. Though, you can also re-baseline your data afterwards in Garmin Connect super easily one checkbox. Pretty much if it fits, I plug it into it.

However, see this post for more details:. Metabolic testing at other facilities Unfortunately, it requires the facility generate a file in best computer for 1000 specific format that today only Newleaf can garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review.

When in cap — no stroke data. But, with cap you get more accurate distance data in openwater. In a pool, the distance data has been spot on for me, with good stroke data too. Indoor use on spinning bike Garmiin my experiance with a running footpod on a standard Spin bikeit only captures about half of the cadence data. Vibration Alerts in Openwater No problems, it calculates distance in realtime.

Alerts while swimming can be time or distance based. It works the same with the iPad. Yes, no problems at all for me. I was considering the for running and the for cycling and Swimsense for the reveiw.

Here is my dilemma: My eyes are losing their fire power i. OLDhow do the relative size of the data fields and the clarity of display compare on the E vs ? THanks for qatch reviews! I have a CX and to be quite frank, I was so unhappy with the touch tps that I never wanted to think about owning a Garmin again.

Share. #11 Best-selling product in GPS & Running Watches 9. Garmin Forerunner XT GPS Triathlon Running Swim Cycle Training Sports Watch  Missing: Choose.

I also am not bkie with the readability of the CX when using 3 fields. However, a couple of years later, Watdh am now looking for a replacement because the battery capacity is download gps bike routes good for about 4 hours of data collection.

Also, it only lasts a couple of days in battery saver mode. My questions is which would be a better buy, the or the My primary use is running. I do not wear a watch when not exercising. Battery life is very important to me. I do garmin forerunner 910xt gps running bike swim watch review want to have to recharge every day.

swim review running 910xt bike forerunner gps garmin watch

I do not mind turning the watch off if it has the capability does the have this capability? BTW, I may want to use the watch for route navigation while running, but I am not sure about the mapping capability for either watch.

News:Share. #11 Best-selling product in GPS & Running Watches 9. Garmin Forerunner XT GPS Triathlon Running Swim Cycle Training Sports Watch  Missing: Choose.

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