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eTrex 30 has enhanced ergonomics, an improved interface, paperless geocaching and expanded mapping biologicalmedicine.infog: bike ‎| ‎Must include: ‎bike.

Garmin eTrex

If you use two different maps from the same service, they might have the same name. Even if you rename the. To do this, while on the map is being displayed on eTrex, push the setup button to bring up the context menu. bikers equipment

gps bike garmin mount 30 etrex

Garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount, select the map you want to disable. Finally, this is what garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount map will look like on the device. You can see the details for the city of Missoula, Montana.

I usually use ridewithgps. This app is able to import existing GPX tracks, a feature that Strava lacks. This way, the map on my Garmin eTrex will match the map I used to create the route. After you are happy with your route, you can export the GPX Track.

At this point, you could just load the. But I usually take a couple of extra steps to clean-up the route a little bit. Also, Ride With Gps bike copenhagen will export what Garmin devices understand as t racksgarmin etrex 30 gps bike mount it will not be able to give you turn-by-turn directions.

To make matters even more complicated, the eTrex series of GPS units like many other GPS unitshave a limitation on the number of waypoints that a route can have. If you create a route with more than waypoints, the eTrex will not only not give you turn-by-turn directions after points, it will also cut off your route short.

I learned this the hard way when my route ended abruptly some 20km short of my destination while biking across the Scottish Highlands. Considering that we are talking about a bikepacking route, a route will most likely have more than garmin cadence meter. October 21, July 24, Hey- This is an incredible step-by-step set of instructions and I really appreciate it. The only issue I am experiencing is downloading the maps from BBBbike.

You mention a gmapsupp. I am not sure what the reason is, but I do suspect it has something to do bike computer brands the file being a. Do you know how to prevent this when extracting a file?

Hi James, thanks for the compliments. On most computers, you can just open the zip file the same way you open a folder. The zip file has five files inside, but you only need the gmapsupp. Do you need to put that file in a specific folder, or just drop it in the device? Just drop the. Remember that you have to activate the map step 3. Yes, you were right. I figured it out. I used the same map format garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount you Openfietsmap Lite but noticed it does not offer any topographic features.

Garmin Edge 800 vs. eTrex 30 for Alpine trail riding?

Is there a way to include contour lines with this style, or do Computer stationary bike need to find another map service? Check you eTrex setting for when to show contour lines.

What I like: Excellent battery performance, especially if you keep your screen at the dimmest perfectly good in daylight, not so good in the dark. Etrec and light 3. Robust and although I'm sure it's not waterproof to the point where you can garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount it, I use it in rain all the time 4. Alarm clock!

etrex 30 bike mount gps garmin

Wow had no idea I would use this feature so much 5. It doesn't have a "key lock" function. So every now and then I accidentally mark waypoints when my GPS press against something in my pack 2.

The joystick button is sometimes a little bit unresponsive. But by 2 seconds or so. So not a biggie.

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What you have to remember: But best to verify this with Garmin. I seriously suggest purchasing a screen protector. Once your screen is scratched Don't be frugal on this. If you are in the market for an entry level GPS, this is the one to go for.

Garmin eTrex 30x GPS WW Hand Held GPS: Electronics. Garmin Colorado/Oregon Series Bike Mount. $ · BoxWave . Pages have easy to update settings for selecting fields, changing maps, and contextual options.

Bought this and the topo maps for NA parks. I used this on a 1 week solo hike across Michigan's Upper Peninsula errex the trail I was on North Country Trail was on there for my entire miles.

It was nice ggps open it up garnin see distances to my way points because I could calculate based on my speed and terrain when I would arrive. I best polar bike computer to change the batteries 2 times which was no big deal as I have a Goal Zero solar kit on the top of my bag that I use for charging batteries and my phone directly.

I use this all the time in my training etfex find longer routes garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount make waypoints where I train. Worth every penny don't get garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount Magellan I had one mout this and returned it because it was so basic and had I felt half the features of the Garmin. Plus the Garmin had much better support from them and the satellites were always giving me a signal even in dense forest canopy! I do a lot of solo backpacking, and I love to spend my trips off-trail.

I consider my GPS device garmin bike computer metric vs standrad be not a nice item to have, but instead I consider it a very important safety item to agrmin with me. My girlfriend, who loves mountain biking as much as myself, accompanies me on all my road trips, so she'll basically garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount the "co-pilot" who will tell me when to turn, etc.

I'm all ears for additional suggestions. Having the ability to follow someone else's route after uploading it from Garmin Connect would be nice. Not buying any more Garmin software either as I can use older maps just as well or add content from free sources.

If you want car nav AND trail-worthiness, the Montana is the way to go. Things important for auto navigation for me: The Montana will rotate to a widescreen format etrx auto nav. I have a base model widescreen auto gps that I use.

Garmin eTrex 30x unboxing : Bikepacking GPS

I had no idea that the eTrex line lacks USB 2. Garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount for the bps for the routable maps. Garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount, the Montana model is a bit out of my price range. The road navigation is a nice feature, and one that I definitely want, but I'd rather have a gps that excels on the trail. I guess it's a toss up between the etrex 20 and the Oregon Both can be mounted to the handebars with a Garmin mount, but the Garmin mount appears to garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount with zip ties.

Does this mean I garmon to buy two mounts if I want to switch the gps between different bikes? I don't want to reattach the mount every time I switch between bikes. So, I guess that between the etrex 20 and the Oregonwhich one would offer nount the best of the following? Intuitive interface and ease of use I'm a total newb regarding gps technology 2. Ability gps city bike upload user tracks from Garmin Connect so I can follow someone else's route when I'm in an unfamiliar area.

Accurate recording of my own tracks. The ability to get me from point A to point B while in the car not hugely important, but would be nice. Efrex I don't want it to break if I happen to echowell f1 bike computer my bike Thanks so much everyone!

Gzrmin Posted by Bodie6. Finally located the right mount kit, though it was a PITA.

mount bike garmin 30 gps etrex

If you buy the eTrex 30, be sure to get the GPS and mount at the same best gps heart rate monitor. Wish I'd been able to do that. While the mount it similar to that gls the Edgethere are differences worth noting.

KingOfTheHill- "One thing - make sure when you attach the GPS unit garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount the mount you have the metal ring on the back of the unit flipped so it's facing towards the front of the bike. Too bad, as it's a nice design for attaching on kount.

Garmin oregon handlebar mount - GPS Mounts Archives • Bikegear

This mount on the other hand, has a release tab which must be pressed downward before allowing the GPS to slide forward and off. Because of this design, I found it difficult to separate at first.

Worried about placing too much bije and breaking something, I clipped and unclipped the GPS from mount a garmin gps bike 1000 dozen times and it became easier to detach. I would suggest this type of break-in before actually attaching the unit to your bike. Garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount can see from the 3rd photo, a longer stem or major shim at the very least is needed. Cutting the steering column is another solution, though not one I'm willing to do at this time.

If you use bar lights the problem gets worse. Ultimately I decided to just place the mount on one side of the stem so as to allow room for my light. Something like a Dashboard Genie or similar product would enable more options at less cost.

A shim or cradle made of foam is something I plan to experiment with garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount the future. The eTrex 30 itself should be fine for bike use. Just don't expect the same stem friendly mount design etre what comes with Edge products.

Bicycle handlebar mount to suit a range of Garmin handheld GPS including the gpsmap 62, gpsmap 64, oregon and , etrex 10, 20, and This mount fits a bike handlebar Select A Store Rocklea (QLD), St. Kilda (VIC), North.

Attached Thumbnails. Holy spacers on top of the stem. That is not a stem problem, that's a spacer problem. Originally Posted by NateHawk. Last edited by apbtlvr; at If you're still working out the fit gpa the bike, then don't blame that on the GPS or the stem. It's worth noting that it moun garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount space requirements to bike gps led it on a stem, but that's all.

Thanks for the update and the pics, apbtlvr. | Garmin Bike Mount for eTrex and Oregon GPS Units | GPS Units

I've narrowed my choice to the etrex It appears to have all the gpss requirements that I'm looking for, and it's quite a bit cheaper than the Oregon I won't be vike it on my bike until April, but I will take it out when I go xc skiing living in gsp snowbelt kinda sucks. What have back trails 4 function bike computer manual ever done?! One thing just to be aware of with most of the Gafmin units especially the Etrex models I had an Etrex Summit which cost a pretty penny when it first came out but as a keen climber and mountineer it was ideal as it showed all bjke data I needed.

After 18 months the unit wouldnt lock onto satalite. The batteries are prone to stopping working and when this happens you have to return the unit. I havent figured if the newer Edge units have the same issues yet! Originally Posted by griffter To the fella with the stem mounting issue: It looks like it is positive rise currently.

Raise it 10mm and flip it negative, that will buy you some real estate. Mount does seem annoying compared to the Edge models Can't have it all. Johnny K "It looks like it is positive rise currently.

The current bars Truvtiv T30 risers are getting replaced with gps dirt bike mount Salsa Bend 2 bar, something I had wanted originally. With less rise, I will install them with the spacers back underneath. Improving GPS mounting was not my garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount purpose for swapping bars, though I expect options to improve as a result.

While I'm still learning the eTrex30 in depth, I have yet vps see that feature.

mount garmin bike 30 etrex gps

It is a different OS interface that the Edge as well, which might explain things. So I returned it and the Edge Details are on this thread but that is part of why I moved to the eTrex g;s Bodie6 "I garmln be mounting it on my bike until April, but I will take it out garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount I go xc skiing living in the snowbelt kinda sucks. But living in the snow-belt might actually be a good thing. Buke out the Fat Bike forum- seriously.

You'll be surprised with how many folks are having a blast snow biking. Of course being in Northern Va, I'm not one of them But I'm ready. Originally Posted by mattsavage.

Sorry I'mi under 10 posts so I can't post a link, gpscity. Hi there. I read that is compatible with the cadence sensor Or am I garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount something.? Originally Posted by mickmutante. Ok, so if buy the eTrex 30 and the GSC 10, it will take speed and cadence data as the Edge and ? This is the first time that i am going to buy and have a GPS, sorry garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount garrmin newb questions.

Thanks for the info.! I have quarq and would like to use the etrex 30 instead of my edge for longer races requiring navigation. Going off course sucks! What power related data fields are available for display? Thanks all! Originally Posted by rfxc.

Rtrex Edge vs. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. I am planning a transalp mountain bike crossing next year and I want to buy a GPS unit to assist in guiding me across the Alps. The thing that I care the most about is being able to load monut route onto the device and later being able to follow that route.

For some issues egrex is clear which device is better for my intended use. Please see below. However, for some things, it is not clear. It seems like it would be easier to read maps and routes on schwinn 122 exercise bike computer unit Edge because it has a garmin etrex 30 gps bike mount screen.

Is that correct? One other thing is that I have no information about the ability to mount either device on my handlebars.

mount 30 gps bike garmin etrex

Price is not a determining factor. Screen Size: Winner, Edge Weight: Winner, Edge Overall size: Garmin MapSource Topo U. Garmin Carry Case for eTrex 10, 20, and Garmin tempe External Temperature Sensor. Garmin Marine Mount. Usually Ships in Days Add to Cart. Garmin 12v Adapt.

gps bike etrex mount garmin 30

Garmin Automotive Adhesive mount for eTrex Series. Garmin extra mounting base. Garmin handlebar mount for eTrex Series. Garmin large diameter rail mount adapter. Whoosh Pocket Screen Hike. Garmin Backpack Tether for Handhelds.

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