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Garmin Edge , GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Performance and Racing Base Model w/ Edge Remote . Whether your goal is to beat yesterday with a faster or longer ride or dial in your training for a race, Edge .. Lust for my that I lost a few weeks back. United StatesChoose a country/region for shopping.

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The Garmin Edge Performance bundle is made up of a heart rate monitora speed and cadence sensor and an out front mount. This one is all about functionality.

performance bike edge base gps model vs garmin computer 810

Routes can pfrformance plotted before setting out based reviews gps distance and elevation. But, the Explore has been popular for its incident detection safety feature that can give alerts to emergency contacts should its owner need assistance.

It also allows instant uploads to Garmin Connect Mobile, gives incoming call and text alerts and has the added safety features of weather updates and live tracking, while Garmin Segments add a spot of healthy competition. Whether for fun, performamce or fitness, a Garmin Edge cycling computer certainly is a handy gadget to have along for the ride.

bike model performance 810 computer vs gps garmin base edge

There is no auto calculating you back on to the neatest point of the original route. This is massively frustrating when touring in unknown areas.

Basw e-mail address will not be published. Think of it as a training partner and coach!

Apr 16, - Garmin's Edge range of GPS bike computers has seven models of Edge improves on the Edge if you'd like to easily choose between different [jump] you want to record external sensor data (such as heart rate or cadence) The basic Edge Touring is only a little more expensive than the Edge.

What are the main differences? The touch screen replaces the tedium of spelunking through the menus with the four buttons.

Especially nice to wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 able to switch data fields with a long press. I wonder perflrmance the MTB stuff like jumps will work on the I imagine it uses some sensors of the and A few questions remain for me: Or did something change here?

The device looks very tempting, just waiting for the Elemnt Roam and then I will decide between the two units.

Biks about the charging port and the battery pack.

bike 810 performance edge gps base vs computer garmin model

In looking at the battery pack it has a unique coupling system that garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance like garmin raniaco bike computer review away from micro-USB. Please say that is so. I have had to send back my 4 times for the Micro-USB port failure.

The charging connection point on the bottom is for the charging pack, so it has a weather-friendly charging dock system while riding. Hope there will be ege party stem-mounts with the possibility to connect standard USB powerbanks.

Great review! Seems like it would be a feature and not detrimental to sales. Chrome Version In the Garmin video ad I saw the garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance flashing red left and right edges along the screen.

I also saw that feature represented on the 4th image on the Clever Training page. On that image I see some dots on the right side.

They seem almost Wahoo-like. Can you how to track how much data you use on computer those features? Definitely not a next week type thing. Great review as always, thanks Ray! I just ordered myself a unit, that is probably just in time for the majority of my riding!

And how does it compare against a much cheaper galaxy entry level phone? Longer battery Life off line mode keeps GPS working. Allow music playback, moeel. One app for recording, perhaps another for Strava Segments, yet another for garmib with proper offline maps, another for structured workouts and so on. Some come really close — like Cycle Meter for example, but none really nail all the features I use day to day.

As phone prices have risen and carriers no longer subside the unit costs in most countries, people are even less and less inclined to stick them on their handlebars.

gps 810 base performance edge model garmin bike computer vs

So, just to be clear, is the Edge able to follow overlapping Strava segments? This was an important feature missing from Garmin devices….

Also, segments you want need to be starred. Strava basically stuffs that into the garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance, and then Garmin can read it properly.

So it appears you can run overlapping segments if you load a route first containing those segments first. I was trying to see if and when bike theft alarm feature would be available on He also provided me with link to comment back to garmin and the link came up error Note quite gps for cycling accidents lawsuits generally with Garmin and my but this new feature would have been nice!

Most of the time we follow tracks, which I had uploaded to the devices. In the woods a turn-by-turn-navigation is not nessecary, agrmin just follow the displayed track. A beeping from the devices warns us when we are leaving the track.

Unfortunately on gpa you cannot disable routing function directly, but you have to disable the topo map, then start the treck, then enable the map again. This is quite annoying. On the Edge routing exerpeutic recumbent bike computer display fpr tracks can be disabled, so you start the track, follow garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance line on the map and everything is fine.

Oh, and it makes noise too. I like the new features, but n this day and age I am not buying a device that still uses micro-USB. Thanks for the write up. Can I finally choose the width and the color of the track line? When you have routing active and I shudder on the thought you get this nice domputer pink line. Not to be missed even on the most of convoluted screens with several different road markings. And you still have no clue in which direction your track is running which Wahoo very clever and unmistakably mountain bike computer gps via their chevron markings.

vs performance edge 810 computer gps garmin bike model base

However, there are some options crazy-deep down around removing clutter from the screen if you want. You can also turn off guide display text and such too if you want, as well as turn off re-calculation. Previous track will still be the blue, no way to tweak line size. I use it a lot to follow courses in the woods cyclometer bike computer the navigation on my has a habit of killing the battery with constant warnings about every single turn and twist in the road ahead.

You garmin map uploads is 2. Your previous answer did not clarify it, please help me. Question…does the support Physio TrueUp the way the does? Can you tell me is the newer models are as accurate and if it is possible to view fat calories burned? Hi I may have missed it but what are the relative size, external dimensions of the and and the weight? Many thanks — great review as always.

Did you notice the better resolution on the Edge compared to the Edge Is the display of the noticeably better for example in terms of map details than the ? The Garmin website says both the and have 2. Can we get the obligatory size shot where you line the various units next to each other? Unlike Strava heat maps is there a way for road cyclists to filter garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance MTB uploads from heat maps to avoid unexpected off road routing.

I wonder if it would be garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance for Garmin to update the software of the older units like the orso users of these units can benefit also instead of buying a new unit. Any word from Garmin about when the new firmware that will include the enhancements i.

Do you have a more specific date when Clever Training will start to ship the Edge ? It really just depends on Garmin shipping them out the door. Typically for new releases CT will pay the extra to get units overnighted from Garmin to them, and then turns them around same day. I know CT placed pretty significant pre-orders to hopefully be able to accommodate all initial demand. So when do we think the will be upgraded to include some of the missing features in the firmware update?

Trailforks etc…. Hi Ray, nice review. I was wondering if you pause your ride and shut down the orwill you be able to continue your ride after a lunch break when you restart the device? The unit will pick up where it left off when you wake it back up. You could also just lock the touchscreen, but unless you pause the activity the GPS would continue to track you walking around the coffee shop, pub, etc.

How well does the touch screen work with gloves? I currently have abut have been thinking about moving to the touch screen. All Versions: MTB dynamics no mention of Trailforks. Bundle Only: The and MTB bundles come with Trailforks ready to go in the base maps no Trailforks sign in needed.

I must say, it sounds a bit polar training computer that the data would already be built into the Garmin Basemap, but it requires a ConnectIQ app to somehow let you render those layers of the basemap that are pre-loaded.

This still leaves some concerns. They should realllllly clarify on their sales page and to their resellers these details as well, because the product details are kind of all over the place on different store-fronts.

So yeah, the wording is confusing by all parties. My guess is that this is how Garmin knows garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance much to pay Trailforks on a per-device basis. What is your opinion of the ? I do rides miles, mostly in the Northeast of the US. Thanks Bruce. Attached photo, fancy measuring thing, set to the two corners of the inset screen shadows made this a bit tough to show easily.

Both Edge and Edge are identical. I have an Edge and im disappointed by the screen. From your video, it seems like the screen is different thancan you confirm it?

I assume the calculate route option will avoid highways? Is there a way to have it not? It appears not. They do however work with 3rd party OSM maps. Does Garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance on the require an actual heart rate strap in addition to a power meteror will an optical HR strap like the Scosche or Tickr Fit work? Yet another great review, thank you, but my delema is that I currently have the edgeis it actually worth upgrading to the ?

Thanks in advance. Easy enough for me, though honestly it might depend on your mount. Hello, I want to buy a Garmin. Have no one now except Oregon Doing a road bikung, so the question is, spare some money and buy in a sale a Edge or buy a Edge with new features?

Thanks for reply. The Edge will get firmware updates and tweaks long after support for the ends. Also, the much faster processor in the should make it relevant longer as well. As always, YMMV.

computer vs performance model 810 gps garmin edge bike base

What has pushed me from Gps beacon bike to Wahoo recently is the day to day functionality of the baxe. Especially with myit could sometimes take multiple manual pushes and failed syncs to get a ride compkter via my iPhone, and the Wahoo just works.

I also loved the touch screen on roads but as soon as the full finger MTB gloves came out I was disappointed. How did the fare in this realm? Did it play nicely syncing rides etc? Also, re: And with Trailforks, is there any functionality for updates to the maps?

Description of Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling Computer - black

Thanks again for a great review. Is there a link that explains what is: Hmm, I may garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance be following. Just trying to decode it. On garmin website, when comparing the Edge vs Edge The only feature that the does not have vs the is the: Awesome review! Very detailed and objective.

I have a question to you or any other reader. Sorta like jumping off of a moving train at 2MPH. Do you know if the garmin would work with a Wahoo kickr? Latest gps in when reriding a route saved to the device. I may have missed it. Ive filled my up and have been forced to dig out my old So I stop pull out my phone and use trailforks Is the Gramin Trailforks baked in at a level to navigate with?

Garmin Edge bike computers: buyer’s guide to all the models

I used it for the trails of Sea Otter for navigation, which is an area that while Garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance roughly know where I am directionally, the trails helped me figure out which way to go. Is there anything you can vvs us about bbase upcoming Edge Plus? Now garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance the has a significantly faster processor, it puts me on the fence about buying a I like the form factor for nav.

The first priority is adding in all how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike features to the Edgewhich I suspect will take a number of months. When running the unit with GPS enabled and sensors enabled, does the battery drain indicate that it will actually give the claimed 20 hours? Real-world — how much do you miss the screen size from a when moving to ?

However, this is my assumption: I always ride with North pointing UP. Perfkrmance also put my important data fields that I want instant access to — into the Varia Vision power, heart rate. But they are rendered as thin lines and tend to blend in with hiking and non-biking trails.

Downloadable Evge Base-maps work great, but are usually missing old-school trails think national forests, paths less traveled. Those trails mostly perfomrance, however, in OSM maps, but again tend to blend in with hiking trails if in a crowded area. Would there be, in your opinion, any reason — from a touring cyclist perspective — to choose the Edge over the Edge Explore? The screen size is the same as my current touring plus fine for mebut I am looking garmih something a bit quicker and more reliable though.

The touring quits navigating in the middle of a tour a bit too often for my liking. Ray, have you tested the touch screen with a number of different gloves including non smartphone runtastic mountain bike gps biking gloves?

This may be the dealbreaker between going garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance the and for me, only really want the touch screen if it will genuinely make life easier navigation through menus and screens. Dude, SO love your blog! Stumbled upon it researching the new Garmin products thanks Google. FF to now as a ish perfofmance guy accomplished in career but a edgf flabby mind you…just a tad, lol.

Possibly the best review of a device I have come across. Hats off. Which links do we click to support you? Brilliant review as always.

performance computer gps base 810 vs edge bike garmin model

Ha Ray, How about the screen? I am not really sure if I need this or if this would provide any real advantage, in my conditions. I explain myself. I am getting all the metrix, including firstbeat calculations, with the fenix and GC.

I dont mind at all wearing my fenix during my rides and for that purpose I have bought a new set of different colored bands. If the watch broke tomorrow and were out of warranty, I would buy another right away; I am that much satisfied.

The high altitude acclimatization sounds good but I only go once a year to the mountains of Georgia for the 6gap event, so I do not see its use. Hi Ray thanks for the great review.

However I train almost exclusively with structured workouts, I am a trainig peaks premiun user and I use the Wahoo Elemnt bolt for these workouts. The structured training page of Garmin is painful, it is not possible to see the power on 3 seconds, it is not possible to see the cadence or the cadence range, also the bar graph of the exercise is missing, very useful to understand at what point there it is found when so many garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance repeated.

Do you know if Garmin intends to implement the structured training page? Or do you know if Trainingpeaks is planning bontrager bike computer node 1.1 develop a better appIQ to perform structured garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance I am happ how it works, there is enough info to follow the workout, reps total, reps to do, power goal, graph and other counters.

I have gone back and forth. Garmin and now Wahoo Bolt. Can I do this with the ?

Apr 29, - Here we present the best GPS bike computers on the market, based on Garmin Edge bike computers: buyer's guide to all the models. The best bike computers of Garmin Edge Plus. The best for performance-minded riders . fly by holding down any field on your screen and selecting another.‎Garmin Edge review · ‎Lezyne Super GPS review · ‎Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review.

Does it take an app to accomplish this other than Garmin Connect? Short version: On Garmin device you can use eddge mobile phone to download the file and then upload it to the Garmin using the app Connect… it will appear in Train Routes. Was first brought to my attention here: Do the profiles support individual odometers, and can you input new odometer readings?

I like to track the annual mileage on both my road and mountain bikes. To do that I now have a simple non-GPS computer mounted on each bike.

vs computer gps performance 810 bike edge base model garmin

To that I add either a Garmin watch for extra data or a Garmin when I need navigation. But maybe locking mounts will become a thing.

Imagine you take a cafe lock wireless bike computer reviews you, light easy. You stop at a cafe, gpss your bike. Now, the cafe lock is going to stop the opportunist, no need for the alarm there. So, are you going to leave your Garmin on the bike at this situation? I see this more useful for the outdoor cafe type setting where people are outside sitting at tables and your bike is perhaps meters from you.

Roughly in sight, but not watching garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance — no bike lock, just leaned up against the wall like everyone elses bike. If you see an alarm trigger and someone tries to go somewhere, you can bet that percormance your perfotmance will jump on their bikes and give garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance.

History has garmiin than proven that one out. It never ends well for the thief. Does it more or less look the same as the regarding various lighting situations? The known trade-off is that it looked fantastic under daylight with no need for the backlight.

Just curious if this darker looking bike computer ios might be a different screen-type or have more contrast performznce the dark.

Not a very good comparison but I only have access to MS Paint at the moment.

bike 810 vs performance edge model computer garmin gps base

XD The angles are a bit off and might skew the sizes a little, but I was curious what the screen looks like over that of the No idea why I apparently brain-farted on including the pics I took and some detail on it in this review. But identical. Wish they had done USB-C here. Hi Ray, Thanks for the fantastic review.

Garmin Edge 810 Performance Bundle Cycling Computer Unboxing

The Roam has a garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance nifty navigation features like back to start, get me started and back on track and retrace route. Are there any similar functions in the Edge ? Also should love to know the differences in the two head units even it comes to controlling the Kickr especially xplova x5 - gps bike computer using Zwift for example.

I just recently bought an Elemnt and the current navigational skills of the eddge have almost left me in tears. I definitely intend to upgrade but am now wondering which of the two new head units would work best for me. I assume that the new b Garmin will play nicely with these and not need any of their new sensors to fully find all of their metrics.

My wahoo speed and wahoo tickr x hr sensors recognize thanks. But I just really prefer the screen size of the for navigation purposes. It will be interesting to see how the MTB computee work out.

gps performance bike vs model garmin 810 computer edge base

Warning that xls has macros in it aka vba junk code. The only harm it will cause is saving you a couple hours thinking over what fields nase where.

base performance computer bike vs edge gps garmin 810 model

Me and my cyclingbuddy talked about the and and it is a difficult pick. Hi Ray, great article as always. Sorry for stating the obvious but is the screen size bigger than the ?

I am not keen however on garmin for cyclists size of my edge so hopefully I will get on with the new edge Cheers, Andy. Mosel preordered garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance using the CT link.

This is like the goldilocks Garmin for me — the is full-featured but a bit big, the was compact but slow. I swim, bike and run. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Most of the time. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus, you'll be more awesome.

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Garmin Edge Review | OutdoorGearLab

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No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too! Here's my favorite GoPro accessories I use daily. No kidding - I'm constantly using this lineup of action cam accessories in almost all the posts and videos you see. I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions.

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Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. Garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best!

computer base garmin 810 gps edge performance bike model vs

DC Rainmaker swim, bike, run, and general gear list. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? Search for: Skip to edve. Tweaked user interface, which might take some people a few rides to get used to or just myself Got all that? Course uploads class cycles bike computer Strava and Garmin, and syncing with Garmin Connect, are much quicker than with previous units too.

The is packed with features. It includes GPS and GLONASS satellite chips, a barometric altimeter, phone message compatibility, all the usual sensors including left and right pedal power recording from Vector pedals and compatibility with other power meters, Shimano Performannce integration, LiveTrack, Varia bike radar and light compatibility, training zone measuring, Functional Threshold Power monitoring, VO2 recording, and recovery time predictions. It even boasts a basemap although this can't be used to plot a route home.

Still, it gives a general idea of where you are. With all the features stashed inside, as well as that improved display and smaller, lighter design, you might expect battery life to take a hit. It has, compared with the previousbut the still offers up to 15 hours of life — long enough for a full day's ride and then some, even with the backlight working and scrolling through multiple pages.

Check out our garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance of the Garmin Edge here. The size of the screen means it's not at the same level as the in terms of navigation, but it might be enough for your needs. You get some excellent navigational features such as Round Trip Routing which allows the computer to create a route for you, giving options based on distance, climbing and intensity.

Maps have a clear layout making it easy to see exactly where you are going, and turn-by-turn prompts are simple to follow. After adding in a postcode, town or specific site, the will get you to the correct place without fuss. As smallest bike computer other Garmin units, you can customise the data you see on each page and set activity profiles, which means you can have different setups for different uses.

Garmin has also added GroupTrack, which allows you to track up to 50 riders they must have compatible Garmin computers and follow you on Garmin Connect within 10 miles of you.

If you get dropped or lost, you can easily see where others are. Bike computer premium apk download touchscreen works okay, but compared with button-controlled computers garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance the it seems a little sluggish, sometimes taking a second pefrormance react.

However, it worked just as well with touchscreen-enabled gloves and was still usable in the wet. It also shows notifications and information from your smartphone. Garmin is catching up with other bike computers in delivering 'incident detection', which means that a text message and location can be sent to a pre-determined contact number gps tracker for bike low price the event of a crash.

Recording is as good as anything we have seen from other GPS how to attach gps to bike. There can be a little loss when riding under cover trees and tunnels, for instanceand occasionally you can see an erratic twitch in your recorded route when riding between tall buildings.

Uploading from the is moedl through Bluetooth garkin your smartphone, which is quick and easy through the Garmin Connect app. From garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance you can either download the file to your desktop pperformance share it with other sites like Strava.

Battery life is around 15 hours, and there are also battery saver modes that can help to extend this, essentially turning off the display performahce still recording. If you want heart rate and speed and cadence sensors as well, it's currently cheaper to buy them separately than to buy a bundle that includes them. It's been superseded by the Edgeand has just about vanished from retailers, but there are plenty around second hand.

Unless you're planning to go somewhere incredibly remote, you'll probably find the OpenStreetMap-based mapping to be complete gps mountain bike tracker accurate.

The maps are good enough that you can plot yourself a route around an area you don't know just by using the screen. The maps lose a lot of detail as you zoom out because the screen resolution can't show you all the little roads on a wide view of an area, so a certain amount of zooming in and out is required if you're in unfamiliar territory. The Edge is capable of turn-by-turn navigation over a prescribed route, or of routing you to a location or a series of locations by itself.

There are myriad ways of making coomputer GPX file containing a ride you want to do; Garmin's own Connect portal will do it, as will any number of third-party websites. Once you have your file, you can connect your Garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance to your computer and download it.

Rather than the resistive screen of the the touchscreen works by sensing the pressure of your finger, not its electric signaturethe uses capacitive technology, like a smartphone the screen carries a charge and the natural conductive properties garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance your finger affect the screen's charge when you touch it.

Displaying the data is simple enough: Modeel Edge also has a low-power Bluetooth 4. This makes uploading rides simple via the Garmin Connect app. As soon as you save a ride it's automatically uploaded to Garmin Connect, and because Connect now plays nicely with Strava, from there it's automatically synced to Strava.

The Bluetooth tether to your phone also allows you to use Garmin's Live Tracking to broadcast your position to whoever you choose using the phone's data connection. It relies on a data signal being available, so if you're riding through somewhere with limited coverage, updates will be patchy.

base gps performance 810 model vs computer garmin edge bike

The Edge is also WiFi enabled. That means you can set it up on your home or work network, and as soon as you get back it can auto-sync your ride data that way instead. The screen backlight has the most obvious effect on battery life; if you have it always on at maximum brightness you'll not get anything like 10 hours out of it. Relatively new to the Edge series, and not to be confused with the Explore or Explorethe Edge Explore is a mapping GPS unit garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance riders who don't need all the training and fitness orientated features of the more expensive Edge units, but who do want a trek bike computer with cadence screen and map, and the ability to connect to heart rate monitors for basic fitness measurement.

You don't get the level of customisation of theor Plus; the unit assumes you have just one bike, for example, and there are just two customisable screens. You want a general cycling and navigation GPS without the power measurement and training bells and whistles of the more expensive Edge units.

The Explore is compatible with power meters, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, and so on. Unlike the Edgethe Explore offers incident detection via an integrated accelerometer. You want the navigational capacity of the Edge but can live without some of the performance features. It's been discontinued, replaced by the Edge Explore, but the Edge Explore is still available in a handful of places at a frankly stupid price.

This computer is aimed at touring and adventure riders. You still get bike-specific navigation, of course, along with GroupTrack see above when the Explore is paired with a compatible smartphone. The aim of road. This article has convinced me aldi solar wireless bike computer go for the The most annoying bug that quite a few owners have also reported was when you changes timezone.

If you paused the first ride afterwards, and the device went to sleep, you lost the ride, and it would take an age to startup again. Also sometimes the GPS would crash, not the device. To get it going again you had to stop the ride, save it, power off, and startup again. Tedious, and you get 2 rides not one. So I replaced garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance with a The biggest additional reason was that the can only handle 3 bikes… and who has only 3 bikes?

I recently bought Edge Explore. Well, while it works satisfactory, I would expect better performance from not the cheapest device. That is, every time you tap the screen while in navigating mode, it take at least one second to respond.

The routing is really slow. For a 50km ride, it takes garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance of minutes to calculate it. Once I calculate a route using, say and then ask the device to follow it, it still calculates something, and the calculation can easily take minutes for a km route. The most annoying thing is that it can happen in the heavy traffic while you are looking for the right turn, so you have to escape to the pavement with your bike and carry on with the device.

Garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance only is this more dangerous, but it also drains the battery pretty quickly. However, regardless the option you chose, the route will be much longer than with online planners, often involving major roads. Once I got stuck in a big traffic jam, which did not move at all for a few minutes. It took me a while to realize that this was actually a queue waiting for the ferry!

Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Admittedly this is an unhealthy and expensive obsession… Lots of sites will give you a huge table of features to compare, but like me your eyes probably glaze over after the fifteenth column.

The Garmin Edge range in one sentence each the Edge is a steal if you just want a bike computer that records GPS traces to look at later. Garmin Edge If all you want while riding your bike is conventional stuff like speed, garmin edge 810 gps bike computer base model vs performance, and time, then the Edge is all you need.

There are two main reasons you might want to spend more: In many ways the Edge looks like the real sweet spot of the range just now: Why would you spend more?

News:Apr 16, - Garmin's Edge range of GPS bike computers has seven models of Edge improves on the Edge if you'd like to easily choose between different [jump] you want to record external sensor data (such as heart rate or cadence) The basic Edge Touring is only a little more expensive than the Edge.

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