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The Edge® Plus is an advanced GPS bike computer for competing and navigation. With rider alerts, turn-by-turn directions or Strava Live rating‎: ‎IPX7.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

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plus garmin edge 520

Great for training and also has several navigation features - much more than thebut but not garmin edge 520 plus as much as the and Buttons, not touchscreen. Because price is lower than manufacturer's recommended price, we cannot display it. Please click here for current price. The extra weight is because of the storage space for maps. The difference is the equivalent of a grasshopper hitching a ride 5220 your handlebars!

Smart phone Connected features depends on garmin edge 520 plus a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, and you have to install the Garmin Connect mobile app egde your phone.

edge plus garmin 520

Preloaded with TrainingPeaks? No, but you can download it with Garmin's Connect IQ app. Trendline popularity routing - when mapping, Trendline uses the routes most popular garmin edge 520 plus cyclists, 5200 from Garmin's database. No, it cannot figure out how to get to places. However, you can upload a breadcrumbs course and then follow that.

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When doing that, you do get turn notifications, plus an alert if you go off course. It can guide you to locations using turn-by-turn directions and off-course alerts IF the location is a saved place, OR IF the location is found on Yelp. However, you can add gaemin navigation if you download polar unisex v650 gps cycling computer to the unit. Garmin Edge vs vs Garmin Garmin edge 520 plus Review.

Garmin Edge 25 Review. Yeah, identical there. Once you get into the Edge range so basically, not the Garmin edge 520 plusthe cycling dynamics stuff is identical on all of them and above.

520 garmin plus edge

Thx Ray. I sure wish Garmin would have a better manual that makes things as clear as you do. Your page on Open Street Maps and the was so clear.

Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles, select a profile, and select Navigation > Routing. Popularity Routing. Calculates routes based on the most popular.

I just got my plus, USA version. Or is there a way to get the Garmin maps for France either add or use them to replace the existing maps? Think MOD get the same as well. Over here in the UK the is cheaper than the plus. Is there any reason gps rateing to get the ?? I frequently use mine less so with the Edge Plus now, as I kinda like buttons. Ray, how does the handle rerouting?

Am I missing something? Perhaps something was delayed at the last moment. The Garmin apps unfortunately are not automatically made available to Plus users.

Should be up on the app store now. Let garmin edge 520 plus know if you have any issues. Chris—can you check if still limit of 4 CIQ fields? If this is what you garmin edge 520 plus about fields for IQ. Looks like I could fill 10 slots. Have been using the plus for about a week. Trying to sort out the POI or create-route-on-the-fly issue. Have tried RouteCourse app. I have the app on Bike spike gps Connect as well as separately on both my ipad and on the phone.

Is garmin edge 520 plus that you must use the web site to actually create a route. The app does not allow you to do this either on ipad or phone. Weird but workable.

520 garmin plus edge

So created routes and got them to show up on the plus. But garmin edge 520 plus selecting a route to download nothing happens. According to Markus at RouteCourse there was some sort of issue with the select button not working in some other setting. Thanks to the link above was finally able fdge get the Yelp app. Now tried Yelp and pluus get that to work, download routes on the device. The big limitation is that you can only navigate to places that show up on Yelp as possible points of interest.

RouteCourse shows promise if only could sort out the select button issue and get the routes to download. Select button only works to decline and not to accept. It bluetooth bicycle computer offline and osmand haves lot of possiblities for creating routes and poi garmin edge 520 plus. Strava routes works fine and seamless as far as loading routes. It comes already preloaded in Garmin Connect and there was no problem loading esge course on the GC is also supposed to automatically sync your rides to Strava, assuming you have set tarmin permissions regardless of where the route came from.

My rides are not syncing though. This is not an issue with the device as all my rides are showing up garmin edge 520 plus GC they are just not uploading.

I gone through all troubleshooting on Garmin FAQ website edeg and re-set permissions, etc. With routeCourse, cycle heart app had to be added using the GC app store. Routes are then created on the dynamicWatch website.

plus garmin edge 520

Easy lezyne bike computer customer support conflate garmin edge 520 plus and routeCourse.

The app on garmmin phone, which cannot be used for routing, garmin edge 520 plus dW. The app in GC also on my phone… is rC. Update on rC: There is a bike computer cadence cheap version of the rC app that fixes the select button issue. So now am able to create routes using using rC on the dW web site on my phone or ipad and have them show up on myload the course and ride.

I actually purchased the premium version, partly for additional features but mostly out of appreciation for the support at dW which has been very responsive. Another wdge dW feature-there is a plug-in for google chrome which garmun you to create routes in, apparently, any web-based route mapping platform and save it to pljs so that it shows up on your device. So on Ride with GPS I simply select the route, click the icon in the corner of chrome, and, assuming phone is BT garmin edge 520 plus to the device, it shows up on my device.

So, issue with syncing to Strava notwithstanding, there is never a need for me to connect my device to the computer. Thanks for your post.

edge 520 plus garmin

I love dwMaps. Glad to know it does!

plus 520 garmin edge

Why is there no word about the memory? Question about strava routes. It looks like there is a limit to 8 or 10 routes that you can select in the strava routes app. How does strava determines which routes?

Are this the last created routes?

edge 520 plus garmin

Or should you be able to select al your own and favourite routes? Do you know if the navigation garmin edge 520 plus you described has been fixed? Did you hear anything from Garmin regarding this subject? Yes — the navigation issue is still there…. The color screen is quite good though — one of the best color screen in a GPS. Much clearer than the Cyclo and probably much clearer than all the other touch screen models — maybe even the even?

Garmin Edge Plus Sensor Bundle Cycling Computer | MEC

I do like the turn prompts — the big white arrow pointing the turn prompts. Turnings are very obvious. However, as noted, re-routing still takes a hell of a garmin edge 520 plus time.

Mostly because that re-routing is instant like, sub-secondversus edye Edge Plus is…well…a while. Do you know if Garmin is about to do something about it?

Garmin Edge 520 Plus GPS Cycling Computer

It just simply points you in the direction of the course with a little arrow egde you get off-course. My wife and I picked up a pair of Edge Plus head units last weekend. They do not have Trailforks or Yelp installed natively, although this was easy enough to do through through Garmin Connect IQ app store.

So far, they seem to work well. Another thing that makes the Plus look like an after thought — the supplied garmi front mount is from the kit…. It puts the unit garmin edge 520 plus far away from the stem and rider. The shorter out front mount would have been ideal for the Plus. I wonder if the ? Maybe that what needs the extra length, and they figure if you have the mount you might buy the light. So I see several questions as to how much edbe the new Plus has, and nobody is answering.

Can anyone Ray? Edgf much storage space does the Plus garmin edge 520 plus How much storage do I need? Enough to store maps for the whole of Europe, gar,in well as space for activities. I edgs it. Sent me round in circles in my city.

Turned it off. Does the popularity routing data show on the map if you are not in navigation mode i. For example, if you are out on a meandering ride without a destination programmed, can you see that the next street over is more popular than the one you are on?

Popularity routing only works in Garmin connect. Question — If the guts of the Plus is the …. I mean can the route Garmin edge 520 plus Only garmin gps comparison chart 2016 the help of a smartphone you can create route TBT for the I think this is a quicker then the standalone plus route creation, when I read the reviews.

Rather, the data is baked into or technically, atop of the street data in the maps.

plus garmin edge 520

Would you think using the same technique for using open street maps you describe in using the regular would work on the plus? So you can copy over any OSM maps lezyne super gps on bike the unit and be able to use it. Garmin should have said on the tin that it re-routes in the Garmin Car-park…. Did someone already ask about the ? Just trying to understand how the garmin edge 520 plus expensive units do. So with everything that has been said about missing the second of back-to-back turns due to the caching and the generally poor re-routing, what actually happens when you go off course?

Does a spinning wheel come up and basically freeze the device? Does it still show your position on the map relative to the intended course, but maybe it just takes a while to tell you to turn onto 5th Ave to get back to your course? I think I could live with the latter, though it would obviously be nice for it to live up to the marketing insten bike computer actually tell me to turn back onto the course.

I went out for a mile ride earlier after spending about garmin edge 520 plus minutes setting up my data fields which I kept similar to my It is nice buy garmin bike gps 10 fields and having power, heart rate, and stuff like temperature so it is easy to find things to populate with. Super clear and easy to read. Updated to 2. My was a super trooper, got it in and its still going garmin edge 520 plus, even with battery life.

Can you pan the maps on the Plus i. That would be a major plus for me if it can. Do you have any experience using navigation on the plus in the Rotterdam region? Any other Dutch users of the plus that can tell me about their experience with navigation and potential problems with blank screens? Oh, and another question.

Do you personally use biking software Garmin rather than the Wahoo Elemnt bolt? As I like garmin edge 520 plus over a touch screen and have other Garmin devices one of which is the fenix 3 HRthe Edge seemed a logical choice. Navigation is THE reason to buy a new unit as the Fenix 3 only shows a map, but has no turn-by-turn navigation. Now in Portugal, i cant see the map… only created courses. How can i see the map to get turn by turn guidance???

Select the course. Select Ride. I the course. Where i can load the Europe or Portugal map?? Yeah, you need to add the maps to it. Here ya go: That did not work at all garmin edge 520 plus me no Navigation. But with the Physio TrueUp implementation and screen quality not to mention having cycling gps fitness tracker data fields Cs100 polar bike computer really am pleased with using both units.

Is it possible to make the US device fully equivalent to a Europe device? Many thanks for your response. Really garmin edge 520 plus if you download maps here: It would elevate the Plus to a real classic if it did.

plus 520 garmin edge

A picture I found of the bottom of the Plus looked like it had 4 small copper pins right in the center of the unit between gsrmin various logos but it evge have just been a trick of the light. Would have been really super nifty to be able to have the capability to run the Plus off the Garmin battery pack.

I have been garmin edge 520 plus for a month—it has been fairly solid so far.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus with Mapping: All The Details!

Thansk for the as always and for your guide to edgee maps on the edge. Could it be that only the pre-production units did this?

Garmin Edge Plus review - GPS Computers - Training - BikeRadar

Mine is european, using FW 2. I was wrong: No idea what I did wrong before, but when I tried again plks, it worked just fine! Great hands-on.

plus 520 garmin edge

Dear Ray, When you pous your full Plus review, garmin edge 520 plus comment on pairing issues. So very possibly a bad unit you received. I am proposing to buy a plus in Australia knowing that in 6 months we will be returning to the UK.

I use a and just leave it in map mode. With coupons and rebates comes out to the same price. Coming from an that has been great until I dropped it. Have never used mapping garmi no concern with that. Plan to use xert, so no go on the wahoo bolt. Both seem to have some bugs, but bion bike computer manual seem to have been addressed. Any suggestions?

I believe all touchscreen devices have an additional layer in their screens…. Wheel value 18 bike computer, since recently I have bought myself the Assioma duo pedals great discount via this page I started to think about replacing my Garmin Edgethat I had used for the last decade or so.

Well, just bike computer diameter i lost my old while Mountainbiking. So now time for a new device and maybe some of you can dege me decide: Garmin or plus? I usually put my route on the device and just follow the track on the map to find my way, so sdge point to point navigation.

What I want: Battery life garmin edge 520 plus 12 hours or more. Good display with good contrast. Of course integration of both pedals and heart rate sensor, but I guess that is not a problem with either.

What I plud with the The waypoints limitation and the need of buying garmin edge 520 plus maps, especially for mountainbiking What is your advice?

Thanks in advance. And dcrainmaker: Sensational site, thank you for that. I just purchased the and have used it for a few weeks. I find the touchscreen really aggravating. I am spending too much time trying to get edhe to respond to my swipes.

plus garmin edge 520

I am planning to return cycling gps device spain this week and buy the Plus instead.

I know you cannot answer this for me fully, but if the price difference is not really an issue, does it make sense to return the for a Plus? If using the OpenStreet maps source rather than built in mapall new mapping features work, except for heatmap. One of the big advantage of these garmin units — that is often unmentioned — is the ability to use OSM maps.

There is no other GPS brand that allows this except for Garmin. Magellan when they first introduced the cyclo touted the use of OSM maps — garmin edge 520 plus it was a misleading statement — purposely. Where Garmin falls is when it tries to put in so many features into the units and when the users try to use them all or in garmin edge 520 plus the unit then gets overwhelmed.

Excellent info as always!!!

plus garmin edge 520

I am wanting to get an Edge plus now but am moving to England from the US in about 6 months. Should I wait or will it be easy and cheap to edhe the maps I need once I am over there?

plus garmin edge 520

Or will the unit be useless or expensive to get use out of once Garmin edge 520 plus best mountain bike gps app ride log there?

Bought a US version myself and installed maps for riding in Thailand last gaemin. First, no need to rename the map-file or delete the previous one.

Simply add the new one to the folder, I gave it a descriptive title. Second, free storage multiple Gigabytes, so plenty of room for additional maps. Thanks, yeah, I need to add a new section of garmin edge 520 plus Edge Plus and other similiar internal-space positive units like the Edge and Edge Explore. Very tiny differences, but worthwhile noting.

Accessibility Links

New Beta Feature: Extended Display Mode. Garmiin Notifications: Responding to these should properly send through the expected application. Notifications that seemed stale or otherwise are not currently being displayed on the phone should no longer be shown on device. Notifications from garmin edge 520 plus and phone sources will be automatically dismissed when no longer relevant.

Turn Guidance: Fixed issue where turn prompts would not be displayed consistently while using Fixed issue where turn prompts would not garmin edge 520 plus until Varia Radar had no remaining active targets. Fixed issue where device will not power down properly.

Jul 29, - Here's a comparison of the Garmin Edge vs Plus GPS bike computers, including comparison charts to help you decide which is best.

Fixed potential crash when riding a segment against a someone with a garmin edge 520 plus long name. Garmin edge 520 plus issue garmin edge 520 plus pressing the OK button on a prompted route recalculation would not work. Added eBike icon to status bar page in the list of paired sensors.

Fixed discrepancy between wind displayed on the status par weather preview and the full weather page. Added additional information to the Copyright Information page. Fixed incorrect truncation of course points names on the course point list page and on the map. So the auto calculation worked first time out, but nothing has appeared in Connect. Any one how to get it to update correctly? If I bought the Plus in the U. Very informative piece as ever — thank you.

I ask specifically because the chipset in my is quite inferior to, say, that of the One of my biggest bugbears is the gradient is so slow to update — well, about 20 seconds behind.

Just confirming that the PLUS totally replaces the and that stock of the will eventually disappear? Interesting, I had assumed with the lack of firmware updates even though the only hardware difference from the plus is the amount of memory and not getting updated garmin edge 520 plus the latest CIQ that it was being retired.

Free maps from OpenStreetMaps work just fine, and years ago Ray published a howto that still works. Gps tag bike else having issues with sensor drop outs? Had it happen once a couple of months ago and then have had it happen on 2 of last 3 rides when the sensors will all drop and then be found again a second or garmin edge 520 plus later. Do you have a phone connected through BT perhaps? Try riding without this and see if the sensor drop-out go away.

Ugh—I really hope that is not the problem. I do have phone connected over BT and I really like having my phone connected for notifications and to upload the ride at the end. Hi, a couple of questions about Yelp on the Plus: Can I do a text search to find a business or place I know the name of?

520 garmin plus edge

Plu is it possible to choose where to search, e. Hi, I can answer that for my plus running Yelp version 1. You can do a text search but you have to know pretty much the exact name. I tried to search garmon Pizzeria Antonio. As I agrmin lazy and typing in letters is not quite easy i typed in Anton and hoped for the best. It lists some garmin edge 520 plus called Anton xy but not Antonio.

After typing in Antonio it found the Pizzeria which is 12 km away from me right now. You can not choose a different position or city. If you select a Category e.

I purchased a plus because we a going to Spain in a few weeks. I olus in the US so it came with US maps installed. I purchased the Europe maps from Garmin. They will not load on the unit, it says my unit is out of memory.

Is there a work around for this? I still have 11GB of space left. Everything seems to go smoothly but in the resulting. Also messes up the power graph. Gps bike glasses Garmin edge 520 plus and they say it is a Kickr Snap problem. I tried a workaround on fitfiletools. Do you garmkn a factory reset that loses all your data from the device?

It took Forever to finall get it to pair with my iPhone 7. My XT was seamless. Now getting both to work is another story. I finally had to delete the Garmin app and reconnect all my devices garmin edge 520 plus was pain. However, after finally getting it bicycle pedometer app sync I loaded a 45 mile route.

About 15 miles into the route the gzrmin by turn quit but the purple course map stayed, but all all blank que list. It was an out and back.

Then when I got closer to my POI my distance to plis point further away. When I finally arrived it said I had reached my point. Finally the speaker failed about a year ago and the GPS was just starting to get garmin edge 520 plus. I garmin edge 520 plus decided on the based on my lack of issues with Garmin and the fact that online discussion forums were starting to highlight problems with the Bolt too.

plus garmin edge 520

Overall, I am very impressed with this unit. The GPS capture is almost instant, whereas with the it could take a few minutes. The navigation looks good and the maps garmin edge 520 plus very accurate, but I haven't really used it as most of my rides so far have been local. I have not plu a way to zoom in and out of the maps on the fly; I would find this useful when riding on holiday, where I free gps tracking for bike to explore rather than preset a course.

However, using the menu zoom would still be OK to avoid getting lost. The device pairs easily with the Garmin sensors on my bikes and recognises the bike I am using rather than needing me to input a profile; this means that I don't get an odometer from each bike anymore, but I garmin edge 520 plus that separately for maintenance purposes anyway. The phone integration is good, I have not rdge the live track yet, but the best phone feature garmin edge 520 plus the automatic download of routes to Garmin Connect and therefore also Strava when the ride is saved.

A close second is gsrmin Connect IQ apps can be downloaded and modified on the phone. I do not need to physically pluus with the computer anymore. Can this product be used for hiking what gps for cycling

520 garmin plus edge

Hello there, thank you for your question. This item can indeed be used for hiking routes. Answered by: Compatibility with new SRAM power meter cranks? Is this computer for road cycling?

plus garmin edge 520

Hello, The Garmin Edge plus will come with: The Garmin Edge performance bundle you will garmin edge 520 plus Can you charge with a power pack whilst in use? Yes, rastreador gps para bike should work as I have a Garmin Edge Touring an older model and I have tried it myself and it does work so you can charge and use the device on the llus, which is handy! Hi, do Evans give a garmin edge 520 plus 2 year warranty, on the plus.

Hello, I can confirm Garmin offer 1 year manufacturers warranty, please see link below. How much memory does it have? How much memory does it have for maps, routes, and logs? Does it take an sdcard?

520 plus edge garmin

Edge models like this one does have the ability to add maps on the device itself as it has built in memory and not an SD Card. This device can 52 hold around ppus Tesco vouchers Hi, Would it be possible to sigma bc 23.16 sts triple wireless bike computer heart rate monitor this item using my Tesco vouchers?

It looks like a reduced price and I'm not sure if they can be used in this instance. I used my Tesco club vouchers garmin edge 520 plus part purchase. Need to convert using the club card boost arrangement. Click here for more details Delivery Standard UK delivery: Click here to see how we deliver your bike Next Day delivery: Before exporting your routes, try to limit the name to 15 characters or less as the remaining characters will get truncated.

For a more detailed example of how to get a route to your Edgesee Export Garmin edge 520 plus to Garmin Devices. When we create a TCX Course garmin edge 520 plus for a pre-planned route, we have to embed fake timestamps on each point, which is used for the virtual partner speed on the GPS unit.

If you load a TCX Course or a TCX History of an uploaded ride on the site a ride that you or someone else recorded and uploaded to our site you will get virtual partner speeds identical to the speeds actually ridden along the ride. Open in new window.

edge 520 plus garmin

News:Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles, select a profile, and select Navigation > Map. Orientation. Sets how the map is shown on the page. Auto Zoom.

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