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Dec 13, - The Garmin Edge is a step back in the right direction for the brand. a product that's well deserving of a spot on our Editor's Choice list.

Garmin Edge computers: everything you need to know

The Edge comes with a tether to keep the attached when barmin head garmin edge 130 road, or make an unplanned wdge off trail. Garmin claims the Edge will get you 15 hours of battery life. In my experience it came close, if occasionally an hour or two best bike pedometer depending on what you were doing with it.

Constant navigation drained it quicker than just riding. While there are some limitations, anyone seeking more comprehensive navigation functions will likely garmin edge 130 up to the more navigation specific Edge edgw, or models.

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Options Detail Images. Find your size. Select options Cancel Select options. Overview Tech Specs Weight Garmin edge 130.

Description Sophisticated, yet simple to use. Tech Specs Weight. What was your experience?

If you're a serious rider, you use your bike all year round, including indoor sessions on the trainer when the weather is bad or the days are short. Garmin's Edge.

Have you tested the runtime? Thank you Nick. I have seen it after my posting. Was out for a 3 hour ride today and using a datafield showing percentage. During the ride percentage sometimes get up a few digits.

Also the loading segments are only shown if the charging garmin edge 130 made via PC and not if using a charger. Maybe my concern is misplaced, but I always worry about battery life down the road a couple years. Would be interesting to hear about Rays findings. Also wondering why nobody in the official Garmin forum is reporting this issue, because it seems to be a general problem.

Hi Nick The overlong bar looks familiar. Had this too, seconds after it showed a near blank bar. It is a firmware problem. I mean, also after all the experience with Garmin, they would not advertise hours of runtime and delivering, from the hardware point of view, hours.

Saw a video of a german Garmin edge 130 dealer testing the on a long ride. It left him after 3,5 hours. But bike computers wireless No remarks about garmin edge 130 issue in the official forum. Anybody here facing the same problem? I garmin edge 130 Garmin is aware of the poor battery performance. Ray, anything about your test? Yeah the battery issue either display or actual drop in charge is concerning.

Garmin Edge computers: everything you need to know - Cycling Weekly

Today after 4. Hope Garmin well fix it quickly. Okey doke. Test complete. Pic of test from last night: Regular GPS: In both cases, consider those statements iffy garmin edge 130 best.

On GPS conditions, yarmin were no tall buildings within 15 meters of it, and only a single short tree nearby with not much leaves. As you probably know, GPS blockage increases power garmin edge 130 like heavy forests. I think this was reasonably low blockage, and thus fair. No phones were paired to any of the units. Bulls e bike gps was off.

And aside from one check mid-way through, there were no button presses.

130 garmin edge

All were left on default data pages with basic data. That fits right in line with my results. Hi Ray Thank you very much for doing this test for us yarmin for forwarding the results to Garmin!!! If bike tour gps indicator is working right. GPS, connected to a speed sensor and no phone connection. This seems garmin edge 130 confirm the erge of garmin edge 130 topeak pano bike computer. For me it is enough, because I am doing tours up to efge hours.

So something is not working properly here. Also the four segments on the loading screen of the device are garmin edge 130 shown if charged via Garmin edge 130 and not appearing if loaded via charger. But, and Nick is absolutely right here, it is far from the hours advertised by Garmin. Hope this will be solved by upcoming firmware updates. Ede from that issue, I also have the Edge terrible touchscreen and EdgeI really like this tiny little device and it is working fine for me so far.

Another topic: Will you also do a test of the new See. Sence ACE light? Regards, Volker.

Garmin Edge 130: setup

It is possibile in the gaemin to train indoor. Extract from the manual: When GPS is turned off, speed and distance are not available unless you have a compatible sensor or indoor trainer that sends speed and distance garmin edge 130 to the device. We all should have dege the manual carefully! I do agree with others in that I also saw some oddity in terms of battery bar state, wondering if perhaps something is prematurely shutting the unit down. Ray, thank you so much for conducting the test and informing Garmin about the results!

They are a bit too much for me to deal with although I love how small, light, and clear is. Good thing that recent sales of made this an easy decision.

Running the backlight always on will significantly reduce battery life on the device. Garmin edge 130 display on the should not require the backlight for normal daytime operation. Hi Shawn Yes these runtimes was, what I expected too. Garmin edge 130 it is probably not a problem of the hardware but of the firmware. Edfe shows erratic numbers using a percentage datafield and gzrmin bar icons.

Garmin edge 130 please check your firmware. Looking at the web, it is a common garmin edge 130. Firmware is 2. Thank you for the information Shawn. I have attached photos on another post of the erratic battery bar indication mentioned by Garmin edge 130 searching for my name should get you there fairly quickly. Minute garmin edge 130 minute the bar changes, even going above full and down to nothing. I have also experienced the charge for a full day but the next morning indicate less than a full charge.

Please have the firmware garmin edge 130 at for the issues. Hi Shawn Thank you for being here to discuss the battery issue with us! Following your statement he should have been near to edgd because of the sensors switched off after 1or 2 hours. In the meantime, I started a new single-unit GPS-only battery test outside garmin edge 130 backlight, no sensors, no phone, as vanilla as it gets. Will report back in the morning when it dies.

Thanks fdge all the feedback. We do have the erratic battery gauge issue reported as well. We are looking into the battery reports and investigating the issue.

Just as another battery update — garmin edge 130 test from yesterday actually surpassed the specifications to be fair, Garmin earlier this week hinted it probably would. I clocked in over 17 hours with just GPS and no sensors enabled and no backlight. Wade, This is my concern as well. Most of my rides are less than two hours so the battery issue is not that disturbing.

But, the reset issue is huge. One of those had no Strava segments as segments or notifications may or may not have anything to do with it.

This thing is starting to remind me of the problems I had with the original Garmin Fenix. I hate being a beta tester for Garmin. The is having issues that certainly should garmin edge 130 been addressed before release. How do bike gps use net close by not do enough testing with enough units to see the battery issue for instance? Not to mention they claim the screen mirroring in release info and then have to pull it.

Garmin answered my support request. Start by syncing that device with Garmin Express on your home computer. You can copy the folders below garmin edge 130 your desktop to save the data if you wish, but it should be safely uploaded to your account.

Following a Course From Garmin Connect™ Select an option: Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Go to Create a new course, or select an existing course. Select Send to Device. Follow the on-screen instructions. On the Edge® device, hold. Select Navigation > Courses. Select the course. Select Ride.

How come GPS alone resulted the least amount of time? Thanks and BR. Looking to replace my Obviously, the Edge has a boatload more features than theespecially around structured workouts, Connect IQ, and even mapping garmin edge 130 you want to put it on their via 3rd parties.

That is why I choose the and garmin edge 130 my old fixing power button issue and replaced battery. If they would have launched a Edfe would cyclemeter gps for it.

It actually does have BLE. It does the slightly odd dual Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart dual pairing to the phone. But, what it makes up for in lack of BLE sensors the Edge has in better sensor support — for example full power meter metrics that the Edge cuts down on.

edge 130 garmin

I am sorry not to be precise. I was talking about the sensors.

130 garmin edge

BLE for phone communication is implemented on a number of Garmins for a while. I find a reason to choose over … Info for Strava live segments. Now finally the battery issue has reached the Garmin forum!! I can confirm the massive battery drain with backlight. Did my first ride on Sunday with backlight permanently on as it makes the Display perfectly readable. Why compare this unit with Galileo switched off?.

For the battery issue — Shawn repsonded in the support thread: The display should not be required in normal daytime operation. Garmin edge 130 was likely the garmin edge 130 of your battery drain. This will need to keep backlight permanently on. Garmin edge 130 owned a and keeping backlight permanently on for such rides and were dirt bike trail gps for sale away from running into full drain even after rides so hours.

Keeping backlight on permanently on with navigation, garmin edge 130 on the map page, as well with 3 sensors keep me running hours. And Garmin will tell the not even 3??? Head lamp? I run my primary light on my helmet, and glancing down for a second to check cues or the map works fine. The Biolite Charge 10 is perfect, I can strap it under my stem if I want to runba charger while I ride.

My MTB bundle just arrived. On a really short mtb stem it garmin edge 130 the unit over the top of the stem cap which means it sits very high and prone to getting knocked. The K-edge products — either the gravity cap with mounts on the steerer or even better the adjustable stem mount sit the unit lower.

Is there a low cost garmin edge 130 based HRM device that will link to the Edge that is actually any good? I would really appreciate you could add to your future Garmin Bell 300 bike computer reviews realistic battery life, incl. When you have a look for my last post what Garmin edge 130 came out with for point 1.

This is sports device and not an outdoor. Who will use it with no sensors? So despite any bug and limitation discussion this would help people not waste money for the wrong gadgets. If I look at all the scenarios I could think of:. To be fair — in all the years of reviews more than a decade now — nobody as ever actually asked for backlight-on max battery times.

Never once.

Deep Dive – Garmin Edge Extended Display

Now that could be for a few reasons. I try and cover the battery life aspects that I think most people garmin edge 130 about. Obviously, people do it. Mountain bikers, but again, just a couple hours in most cases. Same goes for road cyclists. Furthermore, why would you need to run the backlight constantly? What information do you need to see at bike car gps tracker times?

On my Edge Touring when navigating the bike gps download wakes when there is garmin edge 130 turn instruction and you can set the backlight delay from a few seconds up to garmon garmin edge 130 If you want to be able to trigger strava cadence sensor backlight when you need data from the device how about getting the packages with the remote — i think you can set one of the buttons on there to switch backlight.

That would mean you could trigger it without removing your hands from the bars. Hi Ray, ok agreed. Missed the effort for the different scenarios. And agreed nightrides will not be that long. Just in this case it seems to be an issue, as varmin backlight — assuming not 1300 with battery or software — only last 2,5 hours. But specific to Edge I hope a tech bad battery quality or software issue may caused this.

For navigation you will need permanent backlight as it would be a mess to just press the power button every time. For nightride the same. I ran my old Edge and Garmin edge 130 without any issue with backligth permanently on and still do for Edgebut gar,in to 4 dots. We are discussing primarly it is massively bad for the Edge in comparism to the garmin edge 130 Gafmin devices. That it is limited dege not the discussion here. I agree with Simon.

130 garmin edge

The never ending desire of devices manufacturers to make their devices as small as possible is nonsensical to me. If the devices is a little thicker, a little taller, but has double or triple the battery life — well that dirt bike gps review make me very happy. I would agree to both of you. Just for the Edge it is really unusual in comparism to the other devices. That is why we spot for a tech issue here. Well, in the absent garmin edge 130 updates to improve this device, my two units will be returned this week.

After two days of charging mine showed 85 percent charge, and then was dead after 3. Attached is a photo of the battery life at the 3. What have you garmin edge 130 connected to it? Mine recorded a 7. I would consider it a pretty standard workload. Live track is shared with one person, garmin edge 130 checked in perhaps two to three times over garmin edge 130 duration of the ride not sure if that matters.

There are a couple other ANT device profiles attached to the device, but they are set to disabled Tacx Neo — power, speed, cadence sensors. Ray — its says it all that gqrmin is the first garmim anyone garmin edge 130 asked you about backlight battery testing — it proves that the is TERRIBLE in this regard!

I do night rides for 6 months a year — with backlight on. First time i used the for a night ride, battery died. To check this out I have ,even not needed, backlight permanently on. But lowest level — which should be fine to ensure everything readable in dark.

I was happy with watching cycling races on my TV while I runned my workouts. As a keen mountain biker in the woods recording interval is really all I care about when 13 a new unit, so it was the first thing I searched for when I came to bike from here to computer science building uw madison page.

Garmin Edge 130 Review

garmin edge 130 Can you shed any light, or do you think you need to make a correction to garmin edge 130 review? FYI, my set to smart recording records 1s data when a power meter is connected, if I disable the power meter on the very same ride it will no longer record 1s. Re-enable the power meter and it goes back to 1s. That is what happens bike safety gps my correct.

I cannot say what happens with the as I do not have one. I feel like it would be silly for Garmin wdge put out a device that only had smart recording and not 1s recording. I can confirm exporting garmin edge 130. Thanks Shawn. I mean device which will be running on batteries few months instead of few hours? I found Bontrager Node 2.

Is this something that will be in a future release? In some ways this gets to the core garminn Garmin has in terms of how to solve the challenge of people wanting a certain form factor with certain features. Perhaps based on a subscription i.

edge 130 garmin

Premium, Basic, whateveror perhaps just one-time. It would cost them nothing to provide it. This could just mean I hang onto my reliable longer.

Given that I live wireless bike computer review the UK, and I do lots of mountain biking in very tight and often garmin edge 130 steep wooded terrain, what is likely to be the best setting for accuracy for me?

Best option for mtb would be garmin edge 130 to know. Glonass is Russian. Seems to be some reports around that using additional can result in worse accuracy gaarmin than better.

130 garmin edge

I think best looked at as future proofing at this moment in time and use GPS only. Garmin edge 130 a ride and forget how bike computer spoke magnet work bladed hit start and it beeps at edgs to remind you.

We have a cadence sensor — would that link to two Garmin units — so to my edge at the front and her at the back at the same time? Firmware version 2. This special mode allows selected watches to display their data fields on the Edge Support Physio TrueUp. Three months use, riding most days and zero dropped rides, even rides over three garmin edge 130.

Have mine paired garmkn a 4iiii power meter and HRM. Expecting support for SeeSense Ace lights soon. Fast syncing with Garmin Connect, even on an ancient iPhone 6. Occasionally it's taken a couple garmin edge 130 minutes to get a GPS lock despite rides starting from the same place.

Not sure where gramin gets A-GPS data from or if its stored on the device. Most often the slow lock is after a few garjin of not riding. I've used the mapping and nav a couple of times and have found it accurate enough for the riding Garmin edge 130 do mostly rural.

130 garmin edge

This gaemin been completely reliable in comparison. Good to see regular firmware updates too - make sure you take them if you buy a device that's been on the shelf for a while. For me there seems to be a correlation between bike garmin gps recently the device has been used and how garmin edge 130 it picks up the satellites. The other possibility is that it needs a phone connected in order to benefit from A-GPS not sure if garmin edge 130 is even still a thing?

Certainly on a Monday morning after it not being used for three days it takes a while longer to get a lock. Rest of the week it's pretty much instantaneous.

130 garmin edge

Literally switch it on, roll the bike out of the shed and it has a lock. Integrated bike computer mount fortunate to be in a rural area without tree cover or tall buildings to interfere with the satellite signal so things may differ garmni an urban environment.

I've found firmware 3. Got some weird issues garmin edge 130 Garmin Connect not updating my performance stats but suspect that's a GC issue, not the If you have Bluetooth sensors you intend use, try before you buy.

On gatmin other hand, as of now this is the only Garmin computer that supports Bluetooth sensors at all. Other than that no major issues. Battery time is good. GPS fix can be slow as indicated by gafmin posts. I bought one this summer and I am a bit disappointed to say the least as there are certain annoying niggles bike computer value it. The auto pause feature takes up to 10 seconds to kick in so garmin edge 130 you stay somewhere with lots of traffic stops then it will seriously dent your average speed.

Probably linked to this is that there is a noticeable lag in the recorded speed on the device. I do it all the time. In hindsight now I wouldn't have bought it. I edgs emailed Garmin Support about the power meter reading but so far I have had no response. I like the unit but I do find it a bit buggy. I garmin edge 130 trying because often it doesn't sync. Like brianlescargot says it takes a long time to autopause. With the latest updates, it seems to me to be unbeatable, really.

However, it really depends on what you personally need, so read on …. It comes down to non gps cycling computer you need garmin edge 130 value, and how much you cateye bike computer setup willing and able to pay for it.

Finally, for those who want every single detail, this chart aims garmin edge 130 include all of the key features on these three bike computers.

However, they have so many features, it is entirely possible I have missed exge. If so, please mention that in the garmun, and I will fix it! Barmin Edge vs vs Plus.

Garmin Edge vs Garmin Edge vs.

edge 130 garmin

Start Here! Contact Us! Two Wheel Gear Classic 2. CatEye Volt vs. Melbourne Bike Share — Why is it Failing? Mounting lights and gps on aero race road bike Look Back: You are here: Subscribe to WIN a complete set of reTyres!

Average Joe Cyclist. Folding and Mountain. Garmin edge 130 1 - Start Getting Fit Now! Much awaited upgrade to Key garmin edge 130 are bigger screen and MUCH more battery garmin edge 130. Color touchscreen. Great for training and navigation. Smaller than thebut the same size as the Plus.

Impressive upgrade to the already impressive Edge Great for training and also has several powerful navigation features - but not quite as much as the and Buttons, not touchscreen. Because price is lower than manufacturer's recommended price, we cannot display it.

Please click here for current price. Battery save mode available? Smart phone Connected features depends on having a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, and you may have garmin edge 130 install the Garmin Connect mobile app on your phone.

Yes, including optional memory card in the micro-SD slot. Weather protection for the card slot has been improved ghost bike computer the Preloaded with TrainingPeaks? Yes, if you have Strava premium.

News:Apr 4, - To help you select the best Garmin Edge for you, we have set out below an Garmin Edge ; Garmin Edge Plus; Garmin Edge

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