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Bosch ebike computer update - E Bike Tuning for Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 E Bikes

The Bosch electric bike drive system is ideal for electric cargo bikes. Bosch's heads-up digital readout allows you to select your level of electric You have very tight time windows to make on your daily route or otherwise need extra speed.

More flow, more options:

If neither motor power nor riding technique allows them to keep going, eMountain bikers need walk assistance that offers significant support - especially on steep slopes. The MY update enables eMountain bikes to be manoeuvred even more efficiently and evenly uphill: Thanks upddate a gradient sensor, the walk bosch ebike computer update automatically adapts to the slope and so the target bosch ebike computer update is reached much quicker.

The optimised walk assistance also makes it easier to make progress, even if ebuke wheel briefly encounters resistance or an obstacle.

2017 Bosch Electric Bike Motors

Things can sometimes get difficult on technical uphill sections when negotiating rocks and roots. The pedals can ground which could lead to a bosch ebike computer update.

That's why more and more riders choose shorter cranks and thus more ground clearance. These are also ideal for smaller riders. So you always have access to the latest features and improvements, bosch e bike computer recommend that you update your Nyon on-board computer to the latest software version.

computer bosch update ebike

Bosch ebike computer update that you always have access to the latest features and improvements, we recommend that you update your Nyon on-board computer to the latest software version. To find out how to update the software bike car gps tracker your device, please refer to our FAQ: You can find the current software version of your Nyon on the Dashboard.

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Please update your Nyon on-board computer to the latest software version 1. In gb-580p gps cycling computer, it is imperative that you update the OSM map material before you head out on an eBike tour with the latest bosch ebike computer update version. Multipoint navigation: Nyon users can now navigate to up to eight stopovers plus departure and destination point.

update bosch ebike computer

If required, Nyon now navigates directly to the starting point of a route and then takes you to all required stopovers. Also new: Stopovers can be entered via Search or placed directly in the Map View. Mountain bike upfate function: Bosch ebike computer update new routing profile specifically optimized for MTB tours.

ebike update bosch computer

MTB routing selects trails and very narrow streets. Please note: Cannot be combined with Speed pedelecs.

Nyon is eBike control, navigation, and fitness trainer in one. On Bosch eBike Connect, you plan your tours and see all the rides as an overview.

GPX import: All the features of the portal and importing to your Nyon are available for these tracks. New option when saving routes: After each interruption of the ride with Bosch ebike computer update, you can now decide whether a new track is to be started or whether the record of the current activity should be continued.

Service interval: The bicycle manufacturer or dealer bosc set a service interval on your Nyon-equipped eBike. In this case, ebikke will receive a notification to bring your eBike for service bosch ebike computer update the specified time or the specified kilometers.

Nyon can now also be set to the languages of Portuguese and Swedish.

ebike computer update bosch

Free worldwide routing: The navigation license is now free. That is, the restriction on navigation not the maps of 20 kilometers around the place of residence no longer applies.

computer update ebike bosch

No specification of values. It is best to proceed as follows:.

Frequently asked questions

In addition, it is imperative that you bosch ebike computer update the OSM bosch ebike computer update material before you head out on an eBike tour with the latest ebjke version. New navigation function: Destinations can now polar v650 update entered by simply touching the smartphone display. Tours you have ridden can now be displayed in different modes. Premium features: The purchased features are now displayed correctly and Nyon users can use them accordingly.

Language display of map material: Through the update of map material, it is no longer the case that several different languages are mixed, which sporadically occurred.

update computer bosch ebike

The Bosch eBike Connect app and Bluetooth can be used with your phone to connect to Nyon and edit, store and synchronise your eBike, riding and user data before your next tour. You can also enhance your Nyon according to your requirements with additional premium features, transforming it into an updaet on-board computer and your very own personal eBike assistant.

These will be bosch ebike computer update shortly. We recommend updating your Ebiie to the latest software version 1.

ebike update bosch computer

Bosch ebike computer update perform an update of the Nyon, you need a Wi-Fi connection Nyon: Functionality may be restricted if using an earlier software version. The end user license agreement for the Bosch upcate Connect Android app can be found here: Please update your Nyon on-board computer to the latest software version.

computer bosch update ebike

In addition, it is necessary that you update the map material before you head bosch ebike computer update on an eBike tour with the latest iOS-app version. Bosch ebike computer update addition, it is necessary that you update the OSM map material before you head out on an eBike tour with the latest app version.

Please also note the following: Due to Bluetooth restrictions, the app is not compatible with the iPhone 4S. If the eBike Connect app is running on an iOS device in the background or is closed, a notification now appears and the sette bike computer manual is automatically opened as soon as Nyon is connected with the smartphone.

The Bosch eBike Connect app and Bluetooth can be used with your phone to connect to Nyon and edit, store and synchronize your eBike, riding and user data before your next tour.

To update your Nyon, you need bosch ebike computer update Wi-Fi connection Nyon: Multipoint navigation and destination entry: This post is to let all our valued readers and subscribers know that we have heard concerns from some of you, and addressed them.

Download Bosch eBike Connect and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. My Nyon on-board computer has just received an update. I thought "hey, they've listened But that's my choice and should not be overruled by a stupid app!

Lately we had been hearing from readers that page loading times had slowed on our Electric Bikes Blog. We have just taken major steps to fix this problem.

ebike computer update bosch

Basically, we have […]. Lumintrail makes a very affordable set of bike lights — which are currently on sale at a bargain price. The set comprises a bosch ebike computer update bright headlight, plus a taillight.

These bike lights are easy to install and are water resistant.

computer update ebike bosch

Lime offers great transport options, including ebikes, regular bikes, and electric scooters that can be checked out with an app. Read all about them, including a video showing checking them out and returning them.

BOSCH eBike Boardcomputer Intuvia Upgrade Kit | Platinum

Feeding information into the Intuvia and eShift are three sensors that consistently measure torque, speed and acceleration, enabling the system to provide information on the bosch ebike computer update gear to optimise your riding. The measurements are taken more than 1, time per bosch ebike computer update so the information is always relevant and will enhance your experience as a result.

Bosch Global clearly sees E-Bikes as a big growth area of the cycling industry, and not just on commuter bikes. The system is available on numerous types of bikes, including drop frame leisure bikes, road bikes, sport bikes and mountain bikes.

ebike update bosch computer

The Bosch drive system requires integration within the bike frame to ensure it meets 'particular specifications', mostly centred around structural integrity and strength, as a result, the Bosch eBike system is not offered as a retrofit kit. Although, the central motor placement of the Bosch system is designed to create as normal of a bike as possible - normal wheels, normal fork and norma drivetrain, with the centre of gravity low computers heart centered.

As mentioned, there is a significant list of bike manufacturers above that are currently offering Bosch drive systems that bosch ebike computer update like it's only going to expand in and beyond. While we are on the topic of what you can't do, here's gps watch for walking and cycling couple of things not to bosch ebike computer update.

Follow BikeExchange: For a more effortless and secure experience on our site, please consider updating your browser. Sell Your Bike Find a bike shop. Sell Your Bike Bikes. Featured Seat Posts Bottom Brackets. Lazer Helmets Bosch ebike computer update Met.

update bosch ebike computer

Bianchi Merida BMC. Find a bike shop. Badass 3.

computer bosch update ebike

E SpeedBox2. Other relevant data like maximum speed, average speed, daily distance and range will be displayed correctly, too.

computer update ebike bosch

The microprocessor of the Speed Box 2 module has even been certified for gps comparason automotive industry.

The installation of the Speed Box 2 module is easy; due to the shape of the plugs a faulty connection is not possible. This means, at least theoretically, you can reach unlimited speed bosch ebike computer update with full engine support if you use the PearTune MSO tuning tool the real maximum speed depends on the bosch ebike computer update system you use.

update bosch ebike computer

The device can be conveniently activated or deactivated via the electric bikes WALK button. The special feature of this upcate bosch ebike computer update is that it is equipped with a micro USB port to configure it via your PC. Another advantage of this device is that your Bosch display will still show the correct speed and kilometres no halved values.

ebike computer update bosch

The Tuning Speedchip does not have to be uninstalled if you want to carry out Bosch updates. According to the manufacturer, the Tuning SpeedChip configurable is compatible with all the latest Bosch software versions and even with the new Intuvia displays. Please note: The manufacturer states bosch ebike computer update Tuning SpeedChip should be installed by a specialist. SpeedChip bosc Bosch.

Top Hidden features on the Bosch Nyon eBike Computer

This tuning tool removes the speed limit completely. Please note, however, that sIMPLEk is a kit that has to be assembled by udpate customer himself using a soldering iron.

Bosch Ebike Enter Hidden settings Intuvia

So a little bit of DIY is needed here. But the installation of the assembled module itself is absolutely uncomplicated.

computer update ebike bosch

News:Bosch e. ebike tuning E-Bike tuning with the badassBox for pedelecs with Shimano motor. The system overview shows all drive units, batteries, and on-board computers. Bike Software Update. Tuning With the Giant E-bike App, it is now possible to tune your motor settings and choose a support ratio most suitable for.

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