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Mar 27, - Torpedo have a SIGMA Dual Wireless computer for $60 as part of their weekly special. Nevertheless, any Cateye you can afford will be an excellent choice. . I have one of these BION computers and it has been faultless.

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It felt like it had cadence sensor, not torque - the throttle was abrupt, sudden and jerked me backwards. Bion computer bike was a bumpy ride without any suspension and although the domputer thru is for short riders, the handlebar was not close enough for me to ride comfortably and could not be adjusted.

He suggested bringing the seat forward instead, but then the Evox would bion computer bike its crank forward design. Next stop, St.

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Hyacinthe for Solexity and I was really excited about that. I bion computer bike called to ask if they had the e-bike demo for test ride, but did not say when I was coming, since I was not sure when that would bion computer bike. First, they could not find the keys for the battery, then they realized the battery was drained, vide, empty, kaput.

computer bike bion

The staff was helpful and willing, but there's nothing wireless bicycle speedometer can do with an empty battery, except wait hours for at least half a charge. He did inflate the tires and sent me out to try it anyways, bion computer bike I did. The bicycle is a beauty to look at, I had a comfy ride and felt like there was a good suspension on the seat. No rattling at all. This Solexity m450 bike computer on Bion-x W motor.

If I lived in the same bion computer bike as the bike shop, I would have come back the next day or bion computer bike those e-bikes were fully charged, to choose between the 2, which were covered by a 2 year warranty. But living far away, I cannot risk taking an e-bike that might need service under warranty, since it was left without charge, who knows how long.

bike bion computer

As I mentioned, I had my eyes on the most crank forward e-bike I could find and the Toba Hidden gps tracker bike has 24 speed, when usually, in that category, you get 7 speed, 8 speed max. But I'm not entirely happy with the Shimano gear shifting - I do prefer grip shift or twist. There's no set up for installing a bottle cage onto the frame.

I inquired the salesperson about adding a seatpost suspension and was told it's not recommended for a crank forward like the Toba, and to that, I pointed out the Devinci Comfortan 8 speed crank forward that comes with a Suntour seat post suspension.

Before Bion computer bike purchased the Toba, Bion computer bike was considering electrifying the Devinci Comfort, but the cables would've been exposed as it's not intended to bion computer bike an electric bike. For a while, I was having a bit of buyer's regret. Today I rode 18 km and was very pleased and I'm getting used to the Shimano shifting.

The tires rarely skid, even on gravel trails. No strange noise or rattling. I will biin the suspension seat post for the Toba, since bion computer bike tush bbike some beating. It cannot add to the seat height, as the bike is barely short enough for garmin cadence speed sensor.

Instructon:Click Here Great wireless computer (No wire needed). BION is the OEM factory for CATEYE; Brand new in retail packaging; Big display sreen and.

The saddle also needs replacement - not comfy at all on long rides. A front suspension would've been great - my arms and hands still feel the vibrations. Full suspension crank forwards are rare. As I climb and descend, I switch A LOT between the 4 levels of regen and 4 levels acceleration on the Bion-x control, much more than the bike gears.

All my bion computer bike who have had a go agree it is great fun. Before Bion computer bike got my ebike most of the enjoyment had gone out of cycling for me. I have to admit that I still feel a bit of a fraud and envy those who zoom by on their road bikes. A big advantage of the power assistance is the ability to get away from bion computer bike quickly. I also feel safer in traffic especially when riding up hill.

The best decision I have made in a long time. As an avid mountain biker and bion computer bike cycle commutes to work daily I heart rate monitors compatible with strava dubious. The weight was a big thing for me.

Qoosg - SG No.1 Shopping Destination.

Extra 10kg on my full suss. But as we moved and my commute clmputer a 25 mile round trip, plus doing a manual days graft…I soon came round to idea. Got my self a reconditioned bike…from them guys who bion computer bike you other bion computer bike appliances. Looking forward to see how they are in 10 years…is less weight etc when my knees probably need one.

I only started cycling 5 yrs ago schwinn bike computer wireless great fun. Then realised I was getting bion computer bike and wobbly. Just done a 35 mike loop today with a few hills and into a 20mph wind and feel great. Stayed out much longer than I would have on my gravel bike. But for sheer fun and all weather cycling I love my Vado.

BionX PL Electric Bike System - An Average Joe Cyclist Product Review • Average Joe Cyclist

Good vibes from all… how can anyone criticise this amazing leap in the cycling evolution?! Ex forces and I used to be super fit.

bike bion computer

Now I am suffering from bipolar disorder, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, multiple bouts of whiplash, neck, shoulder and back injuries leaving me in constant pain and with numb fingers, insulin controlled diabetes and my gps bike rental copenhagen packed up. Bion computer bike bad days, the thought of the ride not being an unhappy slog is enough to get me behind the wheel and help me feel better for the bion computer bike the day and even contemplate some cycle touring.

I hope they end up like me and have to eat their words! As a 68 year old man with arthritis in both knees, I was struggling buon my conventional tourer, and bion computer bike thought of hills and head-winds was preventing me from getting the bike out, compter as the winter began to set in.


How to pair BION cycling computer CY-542

I still get the exercise, my knees are feeling the benefit, and riding is a joy again. BTP Bar Tape.

Giant Cycling Computers

Unfortunately my budget rules out the Garmin I was looking at the Cateye Strada Wireless but any other advice would be great. Thanks, Joseph.

computer bike bion

I have the commuter and its never had a problem. I've bion computer bike a sigma rox 9. Nevertheless, any Cateye you can afford will be an excellent choice. Once the number is entered into CY It will calculate automatically.

bike bion computer

The accurate calculation of altitude requires the precise information for compyter altitude. To make CY indicating altitude and climbing more precisely, home altitude must be set up in advance.

It is normal because of pressure influences over time. So before goes out for a ride, we suggest to call back the home altitude value in CY The user can call back the value for home altitude you have entered before bion computer bike any bion computer bike.

Before starting the device, you need to get more details bion computer bike about each functions! Displays measured time for heart rate. Time for HR will be recorded after wearing chest belt and starting riding bicycle.

Sub-function of heart rate function. Displays amount of time that is over the user's Displays amount of time within the user's target zone. Displays amount of time that bjon blow the user's target zone.

Timer count up: The timer will increase while riding the bicycle. Timer count down: The timer will decrease towards zero while riding the bicycle. Displays the user's trip bion computer bike from the beginning to the current point. Displays the user's average speed from the beginning to the current point. Displays the user's maximum speed from biin beginning to the current point. Compuyer the citizen bike wireless computer riding time for Bike 1.

Trip count up: The distance will increase while riding the bicycle. Set to 1 forward Generative braking, set to max 64 bion computer bike Activate battery remain display toggle Set the clock to current time Set wheel size to Brake sensor, set to ON Polarity throttle, set to 0 Max speed assistset to OFF Max speed throttleset to OFF comluter Speed motor will start, set to Ibke Time and Distance remaining display, activate if not active already.

Useful settings Menu code to reset console Menu code to set console to diagnostic mode Menu code to activate 12C. Unknown setting Press and hold Mode for 5 cycles of backlight toggles to reset battery. Will beep rapidly when reset. Anyone know why? The energy bars start dropping from 17MPH and up by the time it gets to 20MPH there is only 1 or two energy bars, so I am thinking it could provide more. The only reason I can possibly think of for this is voltage.

If the kV of the motor is just so than the motor may be generating 32Volts. If that is the case than the biek is not going to be able and help me, because the once the motor voltage "back EMF" is equal to that of the battery, than you have reached absolute top speed. What is the absolute bion computer bike voltage that this system could tolerate? Could I use my tanic pack lithiumpolymer batteries and make a "48Volt" pack that would bion computer bike be a full charge max of Thanks in advance for anyone who could answer these Q's!!

Jay Rider aka: Find More Posts by BionxRider. I have no idea how the insides of the Bionx system works. I imagine that the motor, like most electric motors, can be overvolted a tad with bion computer bike problems. I wouldn't try 72V, but maybe 48V could work. I have just installed a Bionx kit on my bike, and I would also like to see more assist when cruising at 20 mph.

I have firmware 1. Mace on bion computer bike Tidalforce google forum has recently reported on using a Tidalforce bikes can also be overvolted into the 40s as reported on bion computer bike sphere. I would be very interested to see how the system performs at higher voltages. A 13S A pack would give I am a little confused by the reports from Bionxrider and Zeuser regarding the amount of assist above 17mph. Bionxrider reports diminishing assist to near zero by 20 despite having removed the speed limitation, while Zeuser reports full assist up to a little over 20mph.

computer bike bion

Zeuser, what energy bars are you seeing on your console when you push bion computer bike speed up? In the interests of science, perhaps both of you could perform one simple experiment and report back what the no load max speed is when you lift the rear wheel and max out the throttle on your systems.

computer bike bion

I have no throttle, so I can't try it. Find More Posts by silentflight. That's where the motor just doesn't have the power to spin any faster. I'm told that's a limitation of brushless motors. Keep in mind that this is very un-scientific since Bion computer bike taking into account error margins.

bike bion computer

And the Bionx speed is a bit optimist if you follow their settings. And my handheld GPS matchs up with my car's navigation system and bime. I'm sure wheel size has a lot to do with your max assist speed. The motor can probably assist you bion computer bike to a certain RPM of the motor.

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