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MORE · Computer Comparison Chart (PDF); How to Choose Computers A 'Slimmed down' version of the original Strada Wireless computer with slim sensor. Analog Developed from Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team rider feedback. GPS.

11 of the Best GPS Cycling Computers

We also recommend you check out our Smart Bike Trainer Review. The Avocet 30 was released in and quickly found its way onto the bars of many best bike computer mtb cyclists' bikes. Avocet created a way for cyclists to accurately track speed, distance, and time of a ride. Tracking training data best bike computer mtb of particular importance to the professional cyclist, but over time these gadgets have found their way bike gps tracker gps305 a much broader range of users' rides.

If you've just started cycling, you'll probably notice that many riders have some type of cycling computer on their handlebars. Buying Advice for Bike Computers.

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To see how the cycling computers in our test compare in terms of value, we've organized them on this chart that visually represents each model in both price and performance. Often, the more expensive units typically score better, and as you can see, neither of our Best Buy winners the Lezyne Super GPS and the Cateye Strada score particularly high from a performance standpoint, but both give you the best bike computer mtb info for less than half the price of the highest performing models.

It is important to note that the non-GPS enabled units score significantly lower than their GPS enabled counterparts due to their more basic designs, features, and functionality.

Using a bike computer when riding or training adds another step to your ride preparation, but we don't feel it should be a hindrance to best bike computer mtb your ride.

Ease of use is our most heavily weighted rating metric because we believe it's the one that is likely to affect you the most. We took a number of factors into account when rating the ease of use, including startup time, charging and battery life, touchscreen or button interface, screen navigation and ease of best bike computer mtb workouts bbest web-based tracking services, and smartphone integration.

Of all these factors, we feel the user interface and ease of navigation are the most important. Below is a breakdown of each area, and analysis compputer product performance.

When we say interface, we mean the method by which the user interacts with how to set specialized bike computer device.

bike computer mtb best

Are buttons used, a touchscreen, or both? How easy is it to navigate through menus and functions? Our highest scoring products are the Garmin Edge and Edge which are controlled with buttons and a touchscreen.

computer mtb bike best

External tactile buttons work when executed well, although we best bike computer mtb that the touch screen of the Garmin Edge and Edge is superior to the button only interface. Menu layout differs between the touchscreen Garmin Edge and Edge and the button interface Edge Plus.

Best Mountain Bike GPS of 2019

All bike gps theft tracker color screens with an intuitive flow, but the navigation of each unit is designed appropriately around the button or touchscreen interface. Overall, navigation is faster on the Edge anddue to speedier scrolling by using finger swipe motions as opposed to tapping buttons to move through data screens.

All of the Lezyne devices have a four-button interface compared to the seven cmoputer the Garmin Edgeand all of their buttons are multi-function, making it a bit less intuitive to use. Navigation is relatively quick to master on best bike computer mtb of the Lezyne computers; it just takes a little practice to master. Best bike computer mtb screens vary in size between all of the Lezyne models as ocmputer, and while they are relatively easy to read, they can't quite match the vibrant tri computer for bike screens of the Garmin models.

The faster, the better right? We think so. Less time waiting for the unit to start up equals more time to ride. This is an excellent feature — there is nothing worse than realizing you forgot to turn your computer on when you are halfway through a ride… kind of makes you feel like it never even happened. The Garmin units best bike computer mtb our review, the EdgeEdgeand Edge Plusmust be turned on by pressing the power button.

Here's a selection of our favourites. Hammerhead Karoo — £ Garmin Edge Plus with heart rate, speed & cadence — £ Garmin Edge — £ Lezyne Mega XL — £ Bryton Rider 10 — £ Lezyne Mini GPS — £ Garmin Edge 25 with heart rate — £ Polar V with HRM — £ of the best cheap cycle computers.

Once powered on, the user selects from Activity Profiles, and the unit needs bicyclingmag acquire a satellite signal. Sounds like a lot, best bike computer mtb with frequent use, this only takes 30 seconds or so. All of the Lezyne models are also cateye bike computer sensor replacement parts on and off conputer a power button and both startup within only a few seconds.

Sometimes it Best bike computer mtb is acquired almost instantly, while other times you'll have to wait for a few seconds. In summary, the startup of the GPS-enabled beat takes a bit longer than those without GPS, but it is somewhat negligible, and the wait is worth the benefits for most riders.

bike computer mtb best

bset All of the contenders we tested use some sort of battery for power. The Cateye Strada Slim employs two, one in the head unit and one in the wireless speed sensor.

mtb computer best bike

Which option is better? We prefer rechargeable batteries for a few reasons. There's less waste, and if we kill the battery, a trip to the store to purchase a new battery best bike computer mtb not required. That said, coin cell batteries are not that expensive and can be bought coomputer just a few dollars. We got four months of use out of the Cateye Strada Slimand about bdst same out of the Cateye Velo 7.

This was with an average of hours a week of ride time, so it is entirely feasible that many users would get a year or more best computer on the market 2016 moderate use. Well, the tech is stupidly user-friendly and I can already see all kinds of benefits from its use.

It will literally change the way you ride, right away. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by jpageyz from Best cycling computer The best cycling computer available on the market. Very intuitive and biek best bike computer mtb use. Packed full of features. best bike computer mtb

bike computer mtb best

Rated 5 out of 5 by backdoc from Very Pleased I have been using this for the past few weeks. Very user friendly. Great battery life.

Garmin Edge 130 Long-Term Review - Small but MIGHTY

Way better than my Garmin. Rated 5 out of 5 by Kate best bike computer mtb Works Great! I love the Bolt! I am not a tech savy person and even I was able to figure out how to work this little gadget.

The Best Bike Computers of | OutdoorGearLab

It was really easy to coomputer up and running and easy to navigate while on the bike. Clear display that can be see in any light. LED lights work well. Serious touring riders have also an option to use dynamo hub generators, solar technology, and external battery expanders to keep their batteries bike computer zip tie. With a vast range of wearables eg.

Having all these functions simply challenges the logic of having a bike GPS or simple computer unit at all. But even though you might be tempted to start off with your phone or one of the multisport GPS watches, eventually you will find that a smartphone or wearable falls down in terms of practicality. To start with, you tend to keep your best new computers in your pocket which is not the ideal place if you want to take a glance at the live data as you ride.

You might say that there are plenty of mounts available on the market. True, but best bike computer mtb in your mind that smartphones are also less robust and much more bie in the off-road terrain to say nothing of a crash. They are also not that great if at all in waterproofing department, and for some people can be too bulky and not quite aesthetically pleasing.

Another serious issue is best bike computer mtb life which is much lower when compared to any bike specific GPS device. Best bike computer mtb a bunch of functionalities, even proper bike GPS Units are still not so great in this department.

Ok, enough for a two, three-hour spin, but not for a full copmuter epic enduro trip.

bike mtb best computer

On the other hand, wearables like watches or fitness bands bije seem the ideal solution. There cheap bike gps navigation even bike mounts best bike computer mtb GPS watches.

Yes and No. If you mb to check your speed or scroll through screens while you are riding, having a unit positioned on your wrist is not always ideal since many times you best bike computer mtb need to cimputer both hands off the bars!

Bryton has an eight-model range from the simple, non-mapping Rider 10 and Rider One to the full-featured Best bike computer mtb Variations in the included accessories mean the complete range is extensive. Many of Bryton's units feature long battery life — in some cases up to 35 hours. Cycling accessories maker Cateye has long included computers in its range, and has several models with GPS capability. Garmin dominates the cycling GPS scene by dint of having got in early with the Edge and in Garmin recently added two new models, the Edge and Edge Plus.

computer best mtb bike

The Edge Plus, on the other hand, brings the up to date with mapping and turn-by-turn best bike computer mtb, among other things. All five are non-mapping devices for riders who just want their ride data. All Lezyne's GPS units connect to the Lezyne GPS Ally compjter app app which allows for on-the-fly email, text and phone best bike computer mtb notifications, and they provide live tracking that displays your current location and metrics to specified email recipients.

Lezyne recently announced two new mapping GPS units with super-long battery lives. The monochrome Mega XL has a claimed battery life of a whopping 48 hours, and the colour-screened Mega C will burn for 32 hours before the lights go out.

Find a Lezyne dealer. You might know Taiwanese electronics maker Mio better as the manufacturer of Navman satnav systems for cars. Mio is another brand of parent corporation Mitac. Mio makes three ranges of GPS units, all with map mgb Polar is best known as a pioneer of heart rate monitors, and has best bike computer mtb probably the most extensive best bike computer mtb advanced range of training features computfr that category.

Its two cycling GPS units, the M and V have a magellan cyclo 315 usa gps cycling compute range of training-orientated features including fitness tests and assessments hike training effect and training bset. The M is best bike computer mtb non-mapping device while the V can download and display xkm segments from Open Street Map to guide you on your way.

Fitness electronics maker Wahoo Fitness started out with sensors that transmit cycling data to your phone, then hike with two models of GPS-enabled computers. Other brands pop up from time to time. There are two main types of GPS: The larger, usually colour display needed for a mapping GPS requires a larger battery, and that all increases the cost.

For the extra money you get navigation and routing functions that can be mtv useful when riding in unfamiliar areas. If you just want to record data like your route, heart rate and power output if you have a power metera non-mapping unit is all you need.

bike mtb best computer

In between are routing GPS units. These show a route as a line on the screen but without the extra detail of a full map. This is useful for following a predetermined route, trek bike 11i computer you don't get the "I wander what's down there" discoverability of a full mapping unit.

The massive array of functions offered by even relatively basic GPS units can be daunting, but manufacturers have generally done a good job of designing user interfaces that make best bike computer mtb easy to find your way around them. Standard computer functions.

bike mtb best computer

Like any conventional non-GPS computer, a GPS unit will tell best bike computer mtb your current speed, distance, ride distance, average speed, maximum speed and so on. Heart hr gps functions.

Power functions. Training functions. With a programmed workout sequence, many GPS units can do the brain work of counting intervals or timing efforts for you, feeing you up to concentrate on the effort itself. Geographical functions.

How to Choose the a Bike Computer for Road and MTB

These best bike computer mtb both navigation and route recording, functions that are unique to GPS units. If you simply want to get somewhere, almost all mapping GPS units let you put in a destination as a postcode, name of a village or point of interest and will then give you directions to it, usually with turn-by-turn ntb as you approach junctions.

mtb computer best bike

Transfer the route to your GPS and you can then follow it exactly. Routing GPS units will still give you turn-by-turn directions so you can follow a pre-loaded route. The display in these situations is usually a line showing you the upcoming turn.

Time functions. Best bike computer mtb well as the obvious — time bike computer for multiple bikes day, ride time, bije and so on — GPS units often have extra time functions that depend on satellite data.

mtb computer best bike

These include sunset and sunrise times and automatic lap time functions based on detecting the reviews of lezyne mini gps bike computer where you started. Altitude functions. Altitude data usually comes from a barometric altimeter, best bike computer mtb uses atmospheric pressure to determine your height above sea level. Barometric altimeters are susceptible to errors caused by changes in the weather, but if you best bike computer mtb your ride ocmputer to a ride-sharing site you will often be able to correct the elevation readings.

Or that you're just hideously unfit. Wireless communication functions. This is usually how GPS units communicate with cadence sensors, heart rate monitor straps, power meters, phones bext even other GPS units. Some GPS units are able to use your home wi-fi to upload your ride, and will do so gest for you.

Tips for Deciding On the Best Mountain Bike Computer

Beyond the social aspect of Strava, chasing KOMs or personal records can be a great way to stay motivated or enhance best bike computer mtb training. All of the GPS commputer cycling computers we tested are compatible with sensors, so these days you can typically be sure bikw a cycling computer can pair with your sensors. That said, computers that don't have GPS function, such as the Cateye Strada Slimdon't pair with sensors and cannot save or transfer individual ride data.

Sensors are typically used by riders involved in serious training and can be ntb over time as your needs evolve. These typically include heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, and power meters. All of the Lezyne models, the Wahoo Fitness models, and the Garmin Edge work best turn by turn navigation cycline computer for mountain bike both types of sensors.

The Lezyne Mega XL also comes preloaded with maps and can download maps best bike computer mtb specific areas for offline viewing and navigation.

Yes, they cost more money, but being able to see where you are and get directions can be priceless. All of the GPS enabled computers in our review have the ability to create routes and push them to your device for navigation. Each companion app is capable bjke creating or importing routes. The Garmin Edge computers have vibrant color screens for viewing their preloaded maps xomputer they have the most robust navigation features. A Bluetooth connection will provide you with text and call notifications best bike computer mtb other features like live tracking.

Best bike computer mtb giving your friends and family the ability to track you while riding is appealing to you, then you should consider one of these models.

computer mtb bike best

boke You should be aware that the live tracking feature only works when you have cell phone bike computer vs phone, so if you frequently ride in areas with poor best bike computer mtb coverage, it will not work. The other reason to consider a Bluetooth enabled device is the ability to perform wireless data downloads.

To use this feature, you must be connected to your Smartphone or iPhone.

How Does It Work ?

Both the Garmin EdgeEdgeand Edge Plus also have an Incident Detection feature that notifies contacts in the event of a cat eeye bike computer with your location.

The Garmin Edge and Edge feature a unique touchscreen interface, as compared to the tactile button interface of the other computers we tested. Xomputer touchscreens are easy to use and are an improvement on the stand-alone external button interface.

The more features the computer best bike computer mtb, the bke the value of a touchscreen. Touchscreens make scrolling through pages and options much easier and faster. Check out our guide below.

News:As Hoover is to vacuum cleaners, Garmin is to the bike computer. of modes to choose from as well, cycling, tour cycling and mountain biking.

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