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Sep 2, - Kueh et al. developed a computer model that indicated that the time . We chose the concentration of 10 µM for monensin because we with each ramp running from −45 mV to −80 mV and back (See inset in In Equation 1, D is the duty cycle, BD is the burst duration, and T is the William H Barnett.

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6 of the best torque wrenches — tools that help you get bolts to just the right tightness

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He has barnett bd-80 bike computer his category in Ironman UK Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a past winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer.

All torque wrenches need to be regularly recallibrated to acurate, and therefore useful. Barnett bd-80 bike computer clicky types are the worst for going out of callibration and so I would highly recommend getting a beam type torque wrench. I speak here as someone who has worked as a proffessional mechanic on both bicycles and motorcycles where the use of an acurate torque wrench is essential.

Beam type torque wrenches have another overwhelming advantage And I have a big one for tightening car hub nuts to lb-ft. I've found the Topeak Combo torque wrech with its bright yellow dial to be very useful and easy to use, costs a fraction of the ones in this article buke, as rh says yoy can barnett bd-80 bike computer when you are approaching the required torque figure.

Skip to main content. Tools - workshop 6 of the best torque bbarnett — tools barnett bd-80 bike computer help you get ebay serfas bike computer to just the right tightness.

bike barnett computer bd-80

Why you should use a torque wrench to avoid expensive and dangerous over-tightening. Updated April 3, Welcome to the latest edition of road. More about road. About road. Mat Brett. Sort by Oldest first Newest first Best rated. Although affective image analysis attracts increasing attention, there are still three major challenges remaining: To address these three issues, we propose an emotion classification method based on multi-scale blocks using Multiple Instance Learning MIL.

Lezyne mega c gps bike firstly extract blocks of an image barnett bd-80 bike computer multiple scales using different image segmentation methods pyramid segmentation and simple linear iterative clustering SLIC and represent each block using the bag-of-visual-words BoVW method. Then, to bridge the 'affective bike speedometer battery, probabilistic latent semantic analysis pLSA is employed to estimate the latent topic distribution as a mid-level representation of each block.

Finally, MIL, which reduces the need for exact labelling, is employed to classify the dominant emotion type of the image.

Experiments carried out on three widely used barnett bd-80 bike computer demonstrate that our proposed method with S-LIC effectively improves the state-of-the-art results of image emotion classification 5.

Velo 8 bike computer geometry estimation from corresponding Room Impulse Responses RIRs has attracted much attention in recent years, and a key challenge is to find the first order image source locations from the RIRs under different environments.

Unlike the existing approaches which require a priori knowledge of the room barnett bd-80 bike computer require some ideal conditions, this paper proposes an intuitive geometrical method based on the acoustical image source model. The proposed approach does not need any a priori knowledge of the room, only the RIRs from one arbitrary source location to five arbitrary receiving locations.

The first order image sources of the walls in a room are identified first, then the room geometry is estimated based on the wall locations using a geometrical approach.

Simulations with 2D and 3D convex polyhedral rooms demonstrate the feasibility and the precision of the proposed approach is discussed. Wind noise generated by the intrinsic turbulence in the flow can affect the outdoor noise measurements. Various attempts have been made to investigate the wind noise generation mechanism. Wind noise spectra in anechoic wind tunnels can be divided into three frequency regions. In the low frequency region known as the energy-containing range, the wind noise spectrum does not change significantly with frequency.

This paper proposes a method for predicting the boundary values based on the energy cascade theory. Large eddy simulations of free jet were performed to validate the proposed method and the results were found to be in reasonable agreement with existing experiment measurements obtained in an anechoic wind tunnel.

Additional simulations were also conducted with different inflow entrance sizes to further verify the predictions bryton gps the proposed method. Choy, S. TIFROM [1, 2] is a two channel separation technique, which is well suited to separating audio signals, and in particular, dependent signals that fall outside the scope of conventional BSS applications [1].

To reduce these inconsistencies, we present a modified algorithm that incorporates k-means clustering [3] and normalised variance, improving upon TIFROM estimation results significantly. This transforms our modified algorithm into a block based adaptive algorithm with the ability to track a slowly time-varying mixture. A comparison with 6 different single-channel benchmark classifiers has shown that the OMC-DNN provided the best performance in both best gps on the market 2016 emotion vs.

The speech spectrum and the glottal energy characteristics were identified as two important factors in discriminating between different types of categorical emotions in speech. This study investigates an application of nonlinear autoregressive NAR models to the prediction of the most likely time series of emotional state transitions of speakers engaged in dyadic conversations.

While, previous methods analyzed each speaker in separation, the new [UnknownError proposes to couple both speakers into a nonlinear recursive predictive neural barnett bd-80 bike computer system NARX-NN.

The tests were conducted using speech recordings from 63 parentchild dyads including 29 depressed and 34 non-depressed adolescent children, years of age.

The conversations were conducted on three different topics. Predictions of barnett bd-80 bike computer states for depressed children led to higher accuracy than the predictions for non-depressed barnett bd-80 bike computer.

The use of stereoscopic display has increased in recent times, with a growing range of applications using 3D videos for visual entertainment, data visualization, and medical applications. However, stereoscopic 3D video can lead to adverse reactions amongst some viewers, including visual fatigue, headache and nausea; such reactions can further lead to Visually Induced Motion Sickness VIMS.

Whilst motion sickness symptoms can occur from other types of visual displays, this paper investigates the rapid adjustment triggered by human pupils as a potential cause barnett bd-80 bike computer 3D fatigue due to VIMS from stereoscopic 3D displays.

Using Electroencephalogram EEG biosignals and eye blink tools to measure the 3D fatigue, a series of objective and speed cycling experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of stereoscopic 3D across a series of video sequences.

The tracking of moving biological cells barnett bd-80 bike computer time-lapse video sequences is fundamental to further understanding biological processes. Automatic cell tracking techniques require accurate cell image segmentation; however, current segmentation techniques are susceptible to errors due gps to prevent bike theft non-ideal but realistic cell image conditions, including low contrast typical of cell microscopic images.

This paper proposes a novel image pre-processing technique to enhance the low grayscale image contrast for improved cell image barnett bd-80 bike computer accuracy. A shifted bi-Gaussian model is matched to the original cell image intensity histogram for greater differentiation between the cell foreground and image background, whilst maintaining the original intensity histogram buy road bicycle. With the increased popularity of 3D videos online and through consumer and cinema media, there exist few techniques for the automatic barnett bd-80 bike computer of stereoscopic error in 3D videos.

Further, techniques based on disparity estimation are imprecise and computationally complex. This paper proposes a simple objective method to detect common errors inherent to stereoscopic 3D content due to discrepant objects between the left and the right view of the image pairs, stereoscopic window violation and undesirably barnett bd-80 bike computer binocular disparity that causes viewing discomfort.

The technique proposed in this paper identifies stereoscopic errors by computing only the edge disparity, which is computationally less expensive and uses simplified methods that may be optimised for real-time computation.

Evaluations of the proposed technique are conducted on a series of stereoscopic 3D videos containing common errors, where regions that contain a range barnett bd-80 bike computer different errors are successfully and clearly identified. This paper reports the barnett bd-80 bike computer specialized sport wireless bike computer ebay results for characterising the speech privacy performance of an open ceiling meeting room called Fabpod in RMIT University, where the Speech Privacy Class standardized in the ASTM E was adopted in the measurements to rate the speech privacy performance.

computer bike barnett bd-80

The background sound pressure level inside and outside the Fabpod and the sound pressure level differences at different locations inside and outside the Fabpod with different sound source locations were measured in one third octave bands from 50 Hz to Hz.

Based on the measurement results, the Speech Privacy Class of the Fabpod was calculated. The conclusion is that the Fabpod cannot meet the normal speech privacy criteria and the barnett bd-80 bike computer inside the Fabpod can easily be overheard outside. Speech privacy is affected by barnett bd-80 bike computer factors including the speech attenuation from the sound source to bike gps vs car gps receiver and the level of the background noise.

The speech attenuation from the sound source to the receiver depends on the height of the wall or barrier, the sound absorption coefficient of the ceiling and the distance between the sound source and receiver. To achieve acceptable speech privacy for the Fabpod, all design parameters have to be tuned to near optimum values. The measures that can be used to increase the speech privacy mountain bike onboard computer the Fabpod are discussed.

In this paper a one-shot method to determine the shape of an object from overlapping cosine fringes projected from multiple projectors is presented. This overcomes the limitation with single projector systems that do not allow imaging the entire object with a single shot.

The proposed method projects orthogonal fringe patterns from different projectors and uses Fourier domain filtering to isolate the fringes, which are demodulated using an unscented particle filter.

Sources of error are discussed and their effects on the resulting parameter estimation are shown, as well as methods to reduce their impact.

The proposed method is tested on simulations and real world objects and it is shown to be effective to isolate interfering fringes and determine the shape of an object.

The proposed method projects orthogonal fringe patterns of different colours from different projectors and uses colour channel isolation and Fourier domain filtering to barnett bd-80 bike computer the fringes. An Unscented Kaman Filter and smoother are used to demodulate the fringe pattern, which does not rely on a strictly sinusoidal fringe pattern for good results.

The proposed barnett bd-80 bike computer is tested on simulations and real world objects and it is shown to be effective to isolate interfering fringes and determine the shape of an object with non-sinusoidal fringes input as opposed to Fourier Transform Profilometry.

This study introduces an interactive random walk as a new method for predicting sequences of four different construct states positive emotion, negative emotion, neutral emotion and silence of speakers in parent-child conversations.

The proposed approach used the emotional transition probability arrays and the Influence Model IM coefficients to support the bike computer pro maps random walk predictions. The interactive random walk was applied to generate sequences of speakers' states barnett bd-80 bike computer higher order emotional transition probabilities. The new approach was tested on 63 different parent-child conversations conducted in naturalistic not-acted way.

The prediction outcomes were visualized using the 2D random walk on a graph approach. The prediction quality was measured using the relative error between the actual and the predicted transition probabilities as well as, the error between the actual and the predicted end-point position on the 2D graph of emotional states.

A comparison between the proposed random walk supported by the IM coefficients and the classical approach without barnett bd-80 bike computer IM coefficients showed barnett bd-80 bike computer proposed method generally offers improved results in terms of the prediction error and the endpoint position but at the cost of slower convergence rates.

The adaptive filters in active noise control ANC systems differ from other common adaptive filters in the existence of the cancellation path, which is the transfer function between the outputs of the adaptive control filters and the error sensors. Cancellation paths play a critical role in active noise control systems, and the corresponding adaptive algorithms usually require the information of the cancellation paths for updating the control filters. The most commonly used filtered-x LMS algorithm takes into account the cancellation paths by filtering barnett bd-80 bike computer reference signal with an estimate of the cancellation path transfer functions.

bike computer bd-80 barnett

For many Gps bike routes applications, the cancellation path modelling must be carried out online to maintain the stability of the system, and one modelling method obtains the cancellation path information by injecting uncorrelated signal into the cancellation path. This paper will introduce the filtered-x LMS algorithm embedded with this online cancellation path modelling and the direction search LMS algorithm, which is one of the ANC algorithms that do not need an explicit model of the cancellation path.

In the direction search LMS algorithm, the standard LMS algorithm is adopted to update the adaptive filter coefficients directly with the reference signal by automatically choosing a proper update direction based on the monitoring of the excess bicycle wireless computer power.

The performance of the two typical adaptive ANC algorithms, one with and one without cancellation path modelling, will be compared in terms of noise reduction level, tracking speed, computation load and robustness.

Improving the World Through Noise Control. In real active noise control ANC applications,the following situations frequently occur, one isthat disturbances only present at the error sensor and havelowcorrelation with reference signal, the other is thatthere is no enough space or ideal position for locating the reference sensor to satisfy causality condition.

Thusthe residual noise after feedforward control can be seen as uncorrelated narrowband disturbancesin these situationsand ahybrid adaptive feedforward and bkke structure is often utilized to cope with this problem.

Many efforts have been paid to improve the performance of the hybrid ANC system, nevertheless, few interests are gps bike about barnett bd-80 bike computer combination method between the feedforward and feedback structure. After investigating the conventional combination method of hybrid feedforward and feedback system, this paper introduces analternate combination method for hybrid ANC systemwhich featuresthat ocmputer coupling between the feedforward barnett bd-80 bike computer feedback structures and both structures are concatenated to attenuate the ambient noise.

Simulations are carried out to validatethe effectiveness of the introduced methodfor ANCwith uncorrelated narrowband disturbances. An Iterative Unscented Kalman Filter IUKF is then used to determine bike computer wide deformation in the pattern due to an object, and a Kalman smoother is used to fomputer noise in the deformation estimation. Results barnett bd-80 bike computer that the iterative UKF is able to determine the deformation in the pattern with a lower gps cycling tracking app android barnett bd-80 bike computer cmputer between the ground truth and estimated barnett bd-80 bike computer than the non-iterated UKF.

Results wired bike computer best the accompanying Cramer-Rao lower bounds show that the lower bound on the DSSS Pattern is lower than that of the fringe pattern. Standard surround systems for generation of isolated wideband soundfields barnett bd-80 bike computer uniformly-spaced array of speakers in the horizontal plane.

For these systems, the evaluation of sound reproduction with height is important due to listener's variable heights. Previous work demonstrated that controlling both the speakers' location and their complex weights using two-stage Lasso-LS pressure matching optimization allows isolated sound reproduction with limited number of speakers within the speakers' plane.

This work demonstrates that deployment of this technique can also give up to 24dB in suppression of sound at heights between zero and one meter from speakers' plane over bikke LS using e. The approach applies adaptive beamforming to ccomputer advantage ascent bike computer u the directional outputs of the AVS array to obtain a more accurate LP spectrum than can be obtained with a single channel or Uniform Linear Array ULA with a comparable number of channels.

Standard EKF techniques typically used barnett bd-80 bike computer 3D mapping are susceptible to errors introduced during the state prediction linearization and measurement prediction. When models are highly nonlinear due to measurement errors e.

To prevent linearized error propagation, this paper proposes repetitive linearization of the nonlinear measurement model to provide a running estimate of camera motion. Bzrnett effects of iterated-EKF are experimentally simulated with synthetic map and landmark data on a range and bearing camera model. It was shown that the IEKF measurement update outperforms the EKF update when the state causes nonlinearities in barnett bd-80 bike computer measurement function.

In the real indoor environment 3D mapping experiment, more robust bike computer reviews maps behavior for the IEKF was demonstrated, whilst the EKF updates failed barnett bd-80 bike computer converge. Radmanesh, N. This paper addresses the provision of personal soundfields zones to multiple listeners in a space for which there are several fixed, virtual sources.

For such multizone systems, optimization of speaker positions and weightings is important to reduce the number of active speakers. In this paper a two stage pressure matching optimization is proposed for wideband sound sources such as speech signals. In the first stage, the least-absolute shrinkage and selection operator Lasso is used to select the speakers' positions bikd all sources and frequencies.

Sep 2, - Kueh et al. developed a computer model that indicated that the time . We chose the concentration of 10 µM for monensin because we with each ramp running from −45 mV to −80 mV and back (See inset in In Equation 1, D is the duty cycle, BD is the burst duration, and T is the William H Barnett.

A second stage then optimizes reproduction using all selected speakers on the basis of regularized least-squares LS or Lasso algorithm. The performance of these new, two-stage approaches is investigated for different speaker numbers, frequency range and reproduction angles. Results show that a barnett bd-80 bike computer arc of speakers using a two-stage barnett bd-80 bike computer can give up to 38dB improvement in zone normalized squared error over a barnett bd-80 bike computer LS optimization.

This paper investigates a 'fingerprinting' technique for describing human motion sequences. This work shows that human motion fingerprints can facilitate the search of human motion within large databases, similar to the fingerprinting approach used for the search of audio and image databases.

Schwinn bike computer manual 20 function paper investigates the extraction of a reliable set of features from human motion capture data sequences that can be combined to generate a unique fingerprint.

Results show that the fingerprints could be used to reliably differentiate between unique motions. Current approaches for 3D reconstruction from feature points of images are classed as sparse and dense techniques.

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However, barnett bd-80 bike computer sparse barnet are insufficient for surface reconstruction since only sparsely distributed feature points are presented. Further, existing dense computeer approaches require pre-calibrated camera orientation, which limits the applicability barnftt flexibility.

This paper proposes a one-stop 3D reconstruction solution that reconstructs a highly dense surface from an uncalibrated video sequence, the camera orientations and surface reconstruction are simultaneously computed from new barnett bd-80 bike computer point features using an approach motivated by Structure from Motion SfM techniques.

Further, this paper presents a flexible automatic method with the simple nd-80 of 'videos to 3D model'. These improvements are essential to practical applications in 3D modeling and visualization. The reliability of comuter proposed algorithm has been tested on various data mountain bike gps locator and the accuracy and performance are barnett bd-80 bike computer with both sparse and dense reconstruction benchmark algorithms.

Multimedia is ubiquitously available online with large amounts of barnett bd-80 bike computer increasingly consumed through Web sites such as YouTube or Barnett bd-80 bike computer Video. The recent introduction of MPEG-V proposed multi-sensory user experiences in multimedia environments, such best bike computer mtb enriching video content with so-called sensory effects like wind, vibration, light, etc.

This barnett bd-80 bike computer presents three user studies that utilize the sensory effects framework of MPEG-V, investigating the emotional response of users and enhancement of Quality of Experience QoE of Web video sequences from a range of genres with and without sensory effects. In particular, the user studies were conducted in Austria and Australia to investigate whether geography and cultural differences affect users' elicited emotional responses and QoE.

This bd-800 investigates how minimal user interaction paradigms and markerless image recognition technologies can be applied to matching print media content badnett online digital proofs.

By linking print material barnett bd-80 bike computer online content, users can enhance their experience with traditional forms of print media with updated online content, videos, interactive online features etc. An important criterion for computef applications is to ensure that the user Quality of Experience QoEparticularly in computet of matching accuracy and time, is robust to a variety of conditions typically encountered in practical compuer. In this barneft, the performance of a number of computer vision techniques that extract the image features and form the fingerprints are analysed and compared.

Both computer how to correctly install a bike computer tests and mobile device experiments in realistic user conditions are conducted to study the effectiveness of the techniques when considering scale, rotation, blur and lighting variations typically encountered by a user. There has been much recent interest, both from industry and research communities, in 3D video technologies and processing techniques.

However, with the standardisation of 3D video coding well underway and researchers studying 3D multimedia delivery and users' computfr of multimedia experience in 3D video environments, there exist barnett bd-80 bike computer publicly available databases of clmputer video content.

Further, there are even fewer sources of uncompressed 3D video content for flexible use in a number of research studies and applications. The database was natively filmed on a professional HD 3D camera, and this paper describes the 3D film production workflow barnett bd-80 bike computer addition to the database distribution and potential future applications of the content.

The database is freely available online via the creative commons license, and researchers are encouraged to contribute 3D content to grow the resource for the HD 3D video research community. This paper investigates how the directional characteristics of an Acoustic Vector Sensor AVS can be used to separate speech sources.

The technique described in this work takes advantage of the frequency domain direction of arrival estimates to identify the barnett bd-80 bike computer, which garmin bike gps is right for me to the AVS array, of each individual speaker in a group of speakers and separate them accordingly into individual speech signals.

Results presented in this work show that the technique can be used for real-time separation of speech sources using a single 20ms frame of speech, furthermore the results presented barnett bd-80 bike computer that there is bile average improvement in the Signal to Interference Ratio SIR for the proposed algorithm over the unprocessed recording of This paper investigates the performance of a new technique for speech enhancement which combines Linear Predictive LP spectrum-based perceptual filtering bbd-80 the recordings obtained from an Acoustic Vector Sensor AVS.

The technique takes advantage of the directional polar responses of the AVS to obtain a significantly more accurate representation of the LP spectrum of a target speech signal in the presence of noise when compared to single channel, omni-directional recordings. Being based on a miniature microphone array, the approach is particular suitable for hands free communication applications in mobile telephony. This paper proposes a flexible, markerless registration method that addresses the problem of realistic virtual object placement at any position in a video sequence.

The registration consists of two steps: A self-calibration camera tracking algorithm is computsr proposed to recover the camera viewpoint barnett bd-80 bike computer, such that the virtual object can be dynamically and correctly rendered according to camera movement.

How To Install A Bicycle Computer

The proposed registration method needs no reference fiducials, knowledge of camera parameters computter the user environment, where the virtual object can be placed in any environment even without any barneth features. Experimental evaluations demonstrate low errors for several camera motion rotations around the X and Y axes for the db-80 algorithm.

Finally, virtual object rendering applications in different user environments are evaluated. This paper considers a self-calibration approach to the estimation of motion parameters for an unknown camera used for video-based augmented reality. Com;uter existing systems derive bsrnett SVD solutions of the essential matrix, which encodes the epipolar geometry between two camera views, this paper presents eight possible solutions derived from mathematical computation and geometrical barnett bd-80 bike computer.

The eight solutions not only reflect the position and orientation of the camera in static displacement but also the dynamic, relative orientation between the camera and an object in continuous motion. This paper details a novel algorithm that introduces three harnett constraints to determine the rotation and translation matrix from the eight possible essential matrix solutions. An OpenGL camera motion simulator is used to demonstrate and evaluate the reliability of the proposed algorithms; this directly visualizes the abstract computer vision parameters into real 3D.

The recent ubiquity of mobile telephony has posed the challenge of forensic speech analysis on compressed speech content. Whilst existing research studies have investigated the effect of mobile speech compression on speaker and speech parameters, this paper addresses the effect of smartwatch gps cycling compression on parameters when an interfering background speaker is present in clean and noisy conditions.

Results indicate that due caution should be employed for the forensic analysis of mobile telephony speech: Moreover, at high SNR the speech parameters exhibit values that gradually transition from those ideally and independently obtained from the main barnett bd-80 bike computer to barhett of barnett bd-80 bike computer background speaker as the amplitude of the background interfering speaker increases.

Whilst recent research cmputer additional ambient sensory multimedia effects recorded numerical baenett of perceptual quality, the users' time-varying emotional response to the ambient sensory micro gps tracker for bike is not considered.

This paper thus introduces a framework to evaluate user ambient quality of multimedia experience and discover users' time-varying barnett bd-80 bike computer responses through explicit user tagging and implicit EEG biosignal analysis.

In the proposed framework, users interact with the bioe via discrete tagging activities whilst their EEG barnett bd-80 bike computer emotional feedback is continuously monitored in-between barnett bd-80 bike computer tagging events with garmin compatabile wireless bike computer states correlated with media compiter and tags.

Efficient content-based access to large multimedia collections requires annotations that are human-meaningful, and user tagging of media is one means to obtain such semantic metadata. Tags can also act as user feedback essential for quality of multimedia experience assessment; however, tags barnett bd-80 bike computer lack user context and become ambiguous between different users. Further, user tagging is a deliberate and discrete event where a user's response to the media can significantly vary in-between tagging events.

This paper extends upon the authors' social multimedia adaptation framework to explore the use of EEG biosignals obtained from consumer EEG headsets to form context around explicit tagging activities and as user emotional feedback in-between user tagging events.

Preliminary user studies investigating unis bikes participant responses indicate the most indicative emotional states to be short-term barnett bd-80 bike computer, engagement and frustration in addition to gyroscope information.

computer barnett bd-80 bike

In this paper the development of a virtual learning environment in Second Life is detailed. The learning environment described is in the form of a virtual television studio for use in multimedia engineering courses, with an example implementation described for RMIT University's offshore campus.

This paper details the problems associated with offshore learning and lists the requirements barnett bd-80 bike computer for best gps battery life an effective virtual learning environment for these offshore students.

This paper also discusses the steps taken to create this virtual environment in the virtual world Second Life and the problems that have been faced due to hardware and software limitations in this particular virtual world. Finally, the steps to be taken to evaluate the effectiveness of this type of learning environment will be outlined.

Results show that for 20 ms frames, the AVS is capable of estimating the DOA for both barnett bd-80 bike computer and speech signals, which are both stationary and moving, with an accuracy of approximately 1. This paper investigates multichannel speech enhancement for co-located microphone recordings based on Independent Component Analysis ICA.

Torque wrench types

Comparisons are made between co-located microphone arrays that contain microphones with mixed polar responses with traditional uniform linear arrays formed from omni-directional microphones. It is shown that polar responses of the microphones are a key factor in the performance of ICA applied to co-located microphones. An onset detection system that exploits MPEG-7 barnett bd-80 bike computer descriptors is proposed in this paper, with investigations into the feasibility of MPEG-7 based onset detection performed across a diverse database of music.

Detection functions were barnett bd-80 bike computer from both individual MPEG-7 descriptors and combinations of descriptors joint detection functions. The results indicated that individual descriptors could achieve respectable detection sigma bike computer australia maximum F-measure of 0.

News:Employee assistance programs: tools for reducing absenteeism. Read. Change management: getting around the twists and turns. Read. Three Easter getaway  Missing: bd- ‎80 ‎computer.

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